Eon (Illustration) Entry: Radu Bogdan Boeru


Worked a little bit on the gate opening. Added some areas of blur and fine noise (for unsharping some details and integrating some blur effects), tempered the contrast in some parts, and here it is. This week-end I’ll go final.


Even the deadline for this contest was extremely generous, I still had to work on this image against time. Thanks God & Apple for I’ve finished on time!

Technical data.
Final timing: around 300 hours. Used applications: Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2, Freehand MX, Corel Paiter IX, 3DSMax 8. Scale: 100cm x 75cm at 200 dpi RGB and A3 at 300 dpi RGB.

Description & concept.
Not only a masterpiece of Sci-Fi literature, Greg Bear’s EON novel is one of the most complex books I’ve ever read. Extraordinary landscape described under both physical and metaphysical planes, amazing characters swarming inside a future projection of Earth itself linked with a breathtaking epic story are only parts that prove the greatness of this novel. Above that a lot of points of interest for an illustrator to lay eyes and tools on. After reading EON, I tried to clear my mind and focus on what scene remained more powerful in my memory. And that scene was by far the gate opening scene, that I tried to illustrate the best I could.
Due to the complexity of the scene and to the rich narrative atmosphere, I pursued my goal by designing the characters and landscape separately, one by one, for better re-creating the variety of life forms described in this chapter. In that way I came out with 9 different characters, adapted after the book’s description, that I integrated in a large background. In my composition I tried to capture the moment of the gate opening in a real-life manner. Following this goal, I created a motion balance between the characters, grouping them around a portcullis activation device for the clavicle element, and also making them take part in separate actions, involving small groups of characters. This way, we have the Ry-Oyu - Patricia - Yates group directly activating the device (with Ry-Oyu holding the clavicle, Patricia carefully looking at the process and Yates assisting Ry-Oyu by performing a chant), the 1st frant and the black elephantine 4 legged creature performing an action together for sustaining the process, the Talsit and the armored aquatic creature with dreads looking close to the device and also sustaining the process using other alien tools, and finally the second frant entering the scene from the left side (giving that way an open aspect to the image, and letting the possibility to be guessed that many other characters are around those already present). This arrangement I think gives the composition a slice-of-life dynamic aspect, increasing the viewer’s interest for a careful observation of the scene’s action, environment, participants and details.
I negotiated (with myself) the previous stages’ sharp aspect of my composition, after listening to a lot of good suggestions coming from other participants, and I decided that I should combine both sharp and blurred parts, carefully choosing how to develop the perspective planes to create a unique atmosphere and also preserve most of my details. Saying that, I truly hope I succeeded in finalizing a powerful image worthy enough to illustrate a scene from such a masterpiece work of Sci-Fi literature.

I wish to present my gratitude and thanks to all of you who has supported me with critics, suggestions, good advices and also good wishes during the contest. For that I wish all of you good luck and make computer graphics the most advanced art form that ever existed. And I want to thank Greg Bear for his genius and imagination.

All the best wishes,


Bravo mestere!! Foarte faina imagine.La mine asa cum ai zis si tu…
is probleme cu lumina…

Nu le am prea bine cu compozitia.



Hey Radu,

Congratulations, it’s a very nice and very unusual image!
You have got that special Radu-style :scream: ! I hope to see some more of it in the future.

Very well done :thumbsup: !


I tried to do my best in applying some very good suggestions and ideas that were given to me by other members and in the meanwhile preserving that “Radu-style” :)) you’ve mentioned. I hope I have succeded in doin’ this. Thank you and good luck now and in tomorrow’s other contests as well!:thumbsup:


Nice work man …I like all characters!:slight_smile:


Cum se face cu FTP-ul man…?


I did my best. Hope it will be widely enjoyed.:shrug:


Daca ai Mac, descarca un freeware client de ftp cum ar fi Cyberduck care este super ok. Daca ai PC cauta un client de ftp (nu direct in internet explorer pen ca da erori si merge ca melcul). Easy ftp tin minte ca era un freeware, insa nu prea le am cu pisiurile. Mai merge Windows commander parca. Apoi te duci pe rubrica UPLOAD FINAL IMAGE si te loghezi. Dupa care iti da adresa serverului, login name si password, apoi iti da un nume de arhiva zip. Tu salvezi imaginea ta in format tiff necomprimat (nu lzw, nu path-uri, nu canale suplimentare in afara de RGB, nu compresie zip si nu layere, deci plain tiff de PC la 300 dpi), o iei cu Winzip pe pc sau Stuffit pe Mac si ii faci arhiva .zip pe care o redenumesti cu numele dat in rubrica de upload. Daca imaginea ta se numeste Alexandria.tiff sa zicem, zip-ul se va numi (numerele sunt copy-pasted din rubrica aia) 1234_5678.zip, cum scrie acolo. In clientul de ftp ales te loghezi folosind datele lor si uploadezi zip-ul tau. Mie mi-a luat pentru un zip de 25 megi cca 100 de minute, deci cam asa. Bafta!


congratulations on your finish, you chose a difficult scene to illustrate and pulled it off beautifully :slight_smile:


I like how you blended 3d with 2d :slight_smile: a good scene, congrats :slight_smile:

Eu as recomanda smartftp :slight_smile:


Totally awesome, Radu. such a cool final, totally a step above the previous image you posted, and its all in the colour work, its warm and creamy, your creatures look very alive and real, especially the creature bottom left… A second round of congratulations!!..I have about 6 favourites, this is one of em^^.



And direct thanks to those who had recently taken a peek on my final: Spire, Musi, Limbiu, Ivy00, Suirebit and LightSovereign. Many thanks and good luck now, then and tomorrow.

Before I do something stupid, I want to ask you guys a question. When I try to activate my portfollio option I keep receiving the log on fields over and over. From my modest knowledge on the internet I think it happens because my log in name is written with underscores: black_hand_77, and they only permit hyphens. So, should I change my name into black-hand-77? :eek:


congratulations mate! yipeeeeeeeee! :scream: ur work is finally complete! :scream::applause::smiley: very creative and original! very good use of colours dude! me likes very much! :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck to u mate! :thumbsup: take care!


I feel really good seeing so many people congratulating me for the work I have done it makes me wanna start it over and over again:bounce:. What can I say? It’s good to be part of such cool comunity. Thank you!:thumbsup:


Yea, it would do this if there is an unrecognised symbol or a space from memory. I had the same issue, my name had the same underscore at one stage, so had to get rid of it…it was fine afterwards!


congrats on your great final man, told you before, the set the mood and the fantastic characterdesign make your piece a hammer. great to have been doing this along with you and best of luck on the final judgments. hope to see ya next challenge and keep on rocking!:beer::buttrock:


Congratulation again,and good luck!!
See ya!


A long run finally done. Of course I will see ya at the next challenges. I just began to feel the thrills. Love ya and good luck, dudes!:thumbsup: Time for advertising …again.


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