Eon (Illustration) Entry: Radu Bogdan Boeru


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Latest Update: Final Image: The Gate Opening Scene FINAL


I finally finished the Eon Book. What a challenge. The book is purely breath-taking and the more I read the more unconvinced I was about what chapter is suitable for me to illustrate.
I had to decide (that’s why I didn’t post any sketch till now). And here I am with a sketch about the Gate opening by 7 races of aliens under the close observation of the earthlings, Tough book, tough challenge. Good luck to you all! I am sure that I’m gonna need it!


Here is a basically coloured sketch of my composition with some explanations. Suggestions, please!


A Frant. Please comment! 10x (anticipatelly).


Here are some fresh sketches for the double inverted U’s creature (dinosaur shape elephantine figure :)) ) and for the 8 limbs alien: 4 top-front, 2 front-back and of course 2 humanoid (or not!) birdie legs. His frog-face makes him look more friendly, don’t you think?


Cool, use your imagination and create original and cool people:D :thumbsup:


10x 4 ur best wishes. Hope I’l penetrate into Greg Bear’s mind and extract (in time) what I need from there :)). I chose a very difficult scene but I found it very challenging. Good luck!


Well done, I really like the style you use for drawing these concepts. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work.


Trying to fill the blanks about the undescribed seventh race. I think this would be it. The cilyndrical “cape” will finally be a sort of X-Ray field, depicting the alien’s internal organs and his body transparency. Will see about that, though! :slight_smile:


10x friend. I actually draw poorly these days. More computer less talent I guess. It will come to me till the Eon Challenge’s end, hopfully with some extra time :). Right now my heads explodes with boosting alien figures. All I really try to do is creating some original characters, avoiding the Sci-fi clichees (H.R. Giger, Lucas Arts, etc.) but I find it really hard. I’ll change their forms many many times (hopefully not too many) until I’ll come with the right ones. Composition sketch too.

You have an interesting (and unusually chosen) concept for EON. Good beginning sketch. Let’s see more next days, Ok? Good luck! May the 4ce b with u!


These are some really great images of alien creatures, Black_Hand! I like the side view of the Frant: Really interesting with the chin jutting down like that. And the elephantine one is really bizarre - in a good way! (Although it looks like all legs - i like the smaller sketch next to it that gives it more of a feeling of havign a body in there somewhere.)

As for your composition, i think you should feel free to experiment with it, especially the size/scale of the gate. You mentioned possibly wide-screening your image, but another way you could go is to stretch it way upwards, making the gate a lot taller too. It will be interesting to see what you come up with. Good luck!



10x for ur oppinions and suggestions about my attempts. I’ll consider changing the composition too. A more suitable perspective with a wider angle upon the gate. May our frans win the contest! :slight_smile:


Here’s a sketch of Patricia, as I’ve seen her. Surely, in my composition, just a hint of her head behind a large glass helmet will be seen.


I decided that the gate should be positioned at a safe distance from the crowd that opens it, so here is my gate, a few meters away, antigravitationaly suspended and linked to the action platform by a bridge with energy conducts. Also I realised that my human brain is still inferior the Greg Bear’s brilliancy in seeing into the future, so I decided that the 4 elephantine inverted U’s legs should wear a head and resemble more with an eathly creature (the one that eats ants, I guess). :slight_smile:

The sketch for the gate bears some surrealistic atmosphere, descended from my wish not to be inspired by previous sources as “The Stargate” or so. It is actually part of a gigantic multi-functional metalic head.


It took me about three days of duplicating, layering, blurring and reconstructing some of my photos combined with different effects to finish my first 9 set of alien skins structures for 3D & 2 D use. Around 2 Gb of hard work and headakes. Hope you like them!


I chose a different angle (more spectacular, I guess) for my Gate Opening scene, so here are some renders with my space construction.


This is the 1st step texturing and FX for my portal. Next I’ll have to add some details over the rough 3D construction and some new FX and ambiental lights.


It is a nice idea and great desing, my compliments


Thanks, pal! I still have mountains to climb :), but I guess I’ll overpass them. I saw your storyboard and it looks really good. Cool trailer idea, though very difficult to make, I guess. I wish you good luck and more great ideas for this and future contests. Ciao!


Here are some lightning samples that will be applied onto the bridge course and the gate, sugesting the waves of energy flowing through the conducts toward the gate and the electrostatic charge.