Eon (Illustration) Entry: Prabath Wijayantha


Hey Prabath … Great … I have no crite … Just great … :thumbsup:
cheers dude .


Hey everyone Im in the middle of making the "making of " article & suddenly I realised how little I knew.So if anyones got a tip or two please share.In the mean time all the best to evryone competeing in this challenge.



Fantastic. Great :)…
Really like this scene, but its only explosion, I mean before you had the ray hitting the ground i think it was bit better,
Good luck in Judge :slight_smile:


Hey… A very nice final image you have there… I am still working on mine… No crits except being too bright in some places (maybe)… As for the making of, I would say, just explain your pipeline… What you did first, second and so on… Challenges and problems tha occured always make up for a good read… Good luck


hey dude! :scream:

wow! :eek: i mean :eek: wow! the colours, the look, intensity! awesome!

theres just one thing missing … chaos … add lots n lots of ships dude … some exploding … crashing … that wil complete it i guess :slight_smile: … give it a go mate … ur work is freaked out sensational! :eek:

good luck ma friend! god bless! :thumbsup:


Hey dear fellows,thanks for the wonderful ideas.Although I wont be coming back to the image till later.But Ill fiddle around.As for the exaggerated brightness did I mention Im a dork for “in-your-face” lighting?And as for the chaos I always like to assume everyone made it safely,at least except those who didn`t see it coming.

Here`s to you guys1



hey dude…saw yur final stuf…it’s ammeeeezzzzziiiiinnngggggg…good luck…but one thing i would like to cc…here i can see only blast…not else much…may be am wrong but this is what i feel…any way u r my winneerrrr…good luck…:thumbsup:


It has come along very well. I would agree with my buddy nwiz25 with the chaos. The book describes it as total chaos. I also find the left building too symetrical… mirrored? But that is up to you… I think technichaly it’s great. Good job and good luck!


Hey Prabath, just saw your message, you’ve got a good entry. Dynamic action, nice colors and a neat sci-fi design. The most impressive thing about the work is that you’re not even entitled to your own computer…? I’m not sure how you do it in this respect.

Crits for the image: there is some loss of depth. The image obviously has depth because of the perspective you’ve set up already, but something isn’t right. Adding the roads was a very nice touch. You should consider adding something in there which casts a visible shadow in the actual image too. Shadows cast by visible objects add a lot of depth. Also adding some human figures in the image somehow might enhance the scale of things but this is difficult to do at this stage because of the heavy textures you’ve got all over the place. One idea is to add some type of a flat shaded landing strip on the main building with something easily recognizable to the average human for scale.

Also consider other options for depth such as adding some bluring (dof effects) and reducing color intensity in the far away areas - which will be doubly difficult considering your brightest and most intense colors are far away due to the explosion right now… still, something might be possible with some tweaking.

The explosion is good but I have trouble understanding if it’s exploding now or if it is sustained heavy fire because of the billowing clouds above. An explosion of fire has little to no smoke until the fire fades, at this point the smoke smothers the flames and the flames get weaker because of the lack of oxygen in the area… Think of the nuclear mushroom, there is a bright ball of light - then a transition to smoke which rises out like a mushroom where the light had been earlier. The fires on the ground are residual and dying in intensity as air and materials to burn become consumed. Subsequent snapshots of the explosion are overwhelmed by smoke. The only way to keep a sustained bright burning fire which produces massive smoke is by providing it with more fuel - like the oil well fires in the movie Jarhead.

Also - the floating things in the air - without reading the story I can’t tell if those are airships or broken fragments of a tower which just exploded and were thrown outwards by the explosion. No ideas how to correct this w/o blowing up the resolution on the image and making the details clearer. Someone suggested you add a airship closer to the viewer for details/perspective which might help a lot if done correctly.

Don’t be in a rush to submit, I haven’t participated so I’m not sure when the deadline is but I thought the challenge ends in Jan sometime? You can try to throw together a few more sketches, not even related to this scene to beef up your entry.

I also think you should consider your workflow in the future. Make sure you do a few sketches early on with angles/objects and ask for opinions on which one others like best for composition before comitting to building the 3D stuff. In your case because of lack of computer it was impossible to go back later and render in a different angle so the first stage of this project was especially critical in this sense. That’s just a lesson learned I guess, sometimes we have to screw up to see our mistakes, i think you understand this part well.

Mad props for working w/o a computer. Lots of talent and motivation demonstrated in this thread. Good luck bro!


1st thing that strikes me is that there is no depth to the image everything appears on one level of existance within your world. it just lacks atmosphere. try to make the buildings in the back less saturated and with more haze infront of them. maybe also seperate the dark dirty smoke of the explotion from the sky which is a nice blue and pink.

the other thing is the scale. i cant find anything that would help me identify the massiveness of the ships/structures… i mean its obvious its big but there is nothing to place a comparison against. would be nice if you worked that in there somehow.

i hope that helps you buddy. :slight_smile:


hey mate! wishing u and ur family a very merry christmas! :bounce: :love:

cheers! :beer:


very nice work. only thought i have is trough lack of real foreground, all seems happening in the midground and the composition lacks a bit of depht. maybe ading a bit of haze could solve the midground backgroundseparation, and adding a few nearer spaceships the lack of foreground.
hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hey all thanks for all your input & HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone as well.Unfotunately I was unable to get back to the image cause Ive been recovering from viral flu thats been spreading all over here for the last few months.Its like suspended animation,I hardly get a chance to leave my bed room.It seams Ill have to stay this way well in to the new year.Anyways GOOD LUCK to all whos been along with me for the ride.



get well soon… The challenge can wait… take care…


Hey everyone,just wanna wish all you guys a grand new year.Im still smarting from the fever and I wont be able to get back till the next couple of weeks.Untill then heres to you guys.This challenge has been a truely wonderful journey,but without the outstanding support you guys have given me it wouldnt have been half as good.So a special thanks to you guys & all the best with your chasllenge work.

Cheers & all the best to everyone!


the smoke and explosion effects are rendered nicely :slight_smile: good luck!!

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impressive image man, one of the best i`ve seen


Thanks brandro & HFix for your comments.I just got a friend to sneak in her laptop while she came to see me decomissioned with flu.So I`m taking this time to thank everyone who notices my post & thinks its got something.Thanks to everyone for their support & all the best in their respective work.



It looks extremely destructive and it also generate a fine piece of cloud effects overall structure. Well focused, well ballanced, well colorized. It’s G.O.O.D! Keep your hands, eyes and mind steady and ready! Good luck!



Hey Radu thanks for the complements.I saw your piece too & it`s shaping up great.All the best to you as well.

Cheers! :wip: