Eon (Illustration) Entry: Prabath Wijayantha


i didn’t know bryce could do architecture that well.You absolutely must do a
tutorial .Some comments,you subcompositions all have a dominant element
eg the explosion ,how do you plan to mesh them together and keep the picture balanced?


Hey guys,THANKS! for the comments,Hmm!A tutorial,Ill see what I can do.As for the rest of the image(i.e. except the architecture),its going to be a huge matte painting,which means the cluods,the explosion & the atmospheric elements will be done in PS 7 like with the textures of the buildings & colours.

Cheers & Good luck to all!



Heres the final composition of the architecture minus the miniature pieces like small buildings,evacuating ships,monuments etc.Then its “bomb`s away”.

Cheers & good luck to all!


I really like the feel of the colours, weight from the solid structures and depth in this illustration with the focal point being the engraved head. My only question is i don’t get the feeling of evacuation but instead stillness. Maybe there is a reason for this. Keep up the good work!


calm and beautifull mood, great work on composition and scale. i am not 100% sure what part of the book this is supposed to be but the piece itself is really beautifull. keep up the great work :slight_smile:


Very good work! Only thing that bothers me is the slight mirrored feel.

Good sense of scale.


Hellow people,here`s the latest additions to the piece.As the titile states the Death begins here & marks the catastrophic nuclear war at its tumultuos climax.This is a rough composite & requires much “polishing” & some additional elements of the civilization.As usual all crits are welcome.

Cheers & Good luck to all.



this looks great!! i haven’t read the whole thing but i think the death happened on earth, and that building or ship looks too futuristic, but still looks fantastic!


its looking good up until the initial color pass stage. After that it has lost the sense of scale, which reduce the impact of the death.


Hey everyone,just finished making some adjustments to help the overall scale.If it needs anything feel free to point it out guys.



this is a very interesting concept you are developing here… I have one question which I didn’t see nayon mentioning in the previous posts. What is it with the face? Not that it’s bad I am just curious… cool models and texturing.



Really good WIP, looking forward to seeing more of the city you had in the Bryce model. Good job on the model btw, right now your work is more 3D than 2D but we shall see by the end.

Did you paint the ships or model?


Very nice comp!Good luck to you!:thumbsup:


Hi guys,looks like I owe you guys a lot of explanation.Well lets cover one point at a time;First of all the mirrored touch is due to the fact that the buildings are metal.As for the early composition of the piece,everything apart from the main cube were planned as filler material so that part of the architecture got replaced by the corresponding cubes & here I shall apologise if I have disappointed fans of that comp.Although parts of that formation will ultimately be added for emphasis on the theme of "civilization".On the other hand Im more & more tempted to matte paint the whole filler architecture.So keep your fingers crossed,but I hope you guys will come to like it.I also admit,it looks more 3D & yes, the ships are 3D.They are really old models I did in Max 5.And finally,about the face:It was done purely for sentimental reasons.I`m really thrilled at how you guys have responded to this piece & I thank you guys that much for that.Keep all crits,questions & suggestions coming,I really appreciate it.

Cheers & Good luck to everyone participating.



wooow … you did it … :eek:
keep up man …
great job …
cheers …:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Hey folks,I made some modifications in the tiny details & colour contrast.This is pretty much the final composition of the shot.Only the elements like atmospheric effects & filler materials remain to be added.Till then let me know what you guys think.

Cheers to all you guys!


p.s.I was thinking about adding multiple blast lasers in the distant background.Let me know what you guys think about it.







simply awesome!



good luck to you!


Hey Prabath,
Nice work so far. I am just wondering about some of your compositional choices. I really liked your early model:

This seemed more epic than the current framing of the shot. I would also watch that everything isn’t dead center. It seems a little static with everything pointing to the center of the frame. You might consider widening your composition for more of a 1 : 2.35 ratio to build that epic feeling. That would also give you room to offset the composition so your main building isn’t dead center. I would start by aligning your hero building to the lower right or left 3rd of the frame. Keep up the great work man!



Hey folks I made some changes to the composition of the shot.Tim;thanks for your fabulous suggestions.I have much to work from here to fill in the gaps.let`s here what you guys think about this.

Cheers & good luck!


Beautiful colors and details in this piece. Nice work so far! I don’t think your recent compositional change works very well just yet. You’ve shifted the building over, but haven’t changed the perspective of the piece to really accomodate the added sections. The perspective is still the old persepctive just moved to the right. If you’re really serious about wanting to move the “hero building,” as tim called it, over to the right, you might want to consider rerenderring the whole thing with the camera moved over too so that the perspective is correct. It’s a lot of work, admittedly, but just shifting it all over right isn’t working yet: You spent too much time making the center of the former composition the focus to eliminate that focus that easily. Good luck with it!