Eon (Illustration) Entry: Paul Nikos Heib Vosniadis


I like your idea a lot. It reminds me of the part in the book where Patricia was opening a gate to another universe. I like the composition, I just hope there’s enough room on the bottom to illustrate your idea!!

Good luck, and full speed ahead!!


Oh, that’s a work flow! You are very systematic on this!

I wander what you will come up with…:slight_smile:

Looking forward to new updates, very curious!:arteest:



Hi LostPen,

So I came to reply your post. I saw you have some interesting things going on here. I like your study of the painting meanings very much, what you called The Main three category compilation visualization. This is so important for an illustration and sometimes a lot of artists would forget about, including myself. So I think you have a very good start, the way how you think and work is absolutely right. Then you gathered some photo references and use them to start your concepts. I hope you didn’t get too influenced by these photos, they could help but the major thing should still be your concepts. Your latest update looks promising, I like the angled compostion and the color you chose, very magical looking! I hope you could get further, and finish it. Just like what you left in my thread, “Show us some milestones and some more work, so we can give you more feedback”.


hey dude! very vivid concept i must say! going thru ur post … ur very observant! n thats smthin really amazing :bounce: paying attention to all details and recreating a new concept altogether! very very cool indeed!

waiting for ur next updates! :bounce:

good luck mate! :thumbsup:


here is a different render of the alien like building i am importing into my composition.

thanks to all for their comments by the way


the same render without textures


the same render without textures


the same render without textures


just another perspective again to figure out the main comp.



this is it

i am working on the textures the coloring and the font right now

would love if any suggestions would apear.

thanks in advance yours

lost pen


This is it …

right now i am trying to figure out what kind of finishing touches it should have …

any kind of comments are very much needed…

yours Lostpen


OK here i really need help mates
which one should i use



hmm well I am not gonna be a lot of help here , ha ha

Ok I like the blue on the alien structure, I don’t like as much red and outer glow as you have on the second image of the alien structure, but then again in the previous post you made I liked the more subtle red and white on the alien structure.

I do like the reflective lake , upside down kind of thing you have going on in the second one


I like A. Its color is more interesting and fills with fantasy.


A from me too.
It looks richer, and I like the lower right corner better - it fits better into the composition.


This is one image of the final changes i made to this illustration

thanks for your tips

i integrated them into my compotition

tell me if you like it …

your lostpen


Finally the last piece of work


congratulations dude! u finally reached the finishing line! yay! :scream::bounce::applause:
very very colourful composition! wishing u the very best of luck! :thumbsup:


hey lost pen. great stuff I’m definitely blinded with curiousity and intrigue.


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