Eon (Illustration) Entry: paul b castillo


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just starting out here. not really sure what i’m going to do in the end but at least this is a start


Paul, nice start. Of all the entries I think you’re the only one to understand the geometery of the chambers!


Looks a bit familiar.


honestly, never saw that link before, thanks though.


Nice work so far, BC!

Given the story that all of the Challenge entrants are working from, complete with cylindrical chambers with the light-source going down the center, I think you’ll find a lot of people capturing similar kinds of shots. Doesn’t mean anyone’s ripping off anything from Todd Lockwood, even though he illustrated a similar story. If we’re ripping off from anyone, it’s Greg Bear… and everyone has permission for that! :slight_smile:


Well said. given that most people haven’t read the book and are all going from a 1 paragraph description on each world I would say that I’m suprised to see so many different takes on the idea.


agree with walrus, the invasionscene is quiet much described exactly that way and i done a very simular type of shot as well in my thumbnails wich means nothing, the book describes it that way :slight_smile: nice sketch BP_C, keep it up :slight_smile:


:eek: holy moly! :eek:

the perspective depth u created here is just outstanding mate! cant wait to c this one in full colour :stuck_out_tongue:

free falling! hehehe

cheers mate! n good luck for da challenge! >:D<


First thing I thought of when I saw it was scene from I Robot where will smith jumps in beam. Sorry but it came into mind in about a sec.


Thats a cool concept ,keep going dude.


very nice sketch man. i love it


One constructive comment that I would point out is the dimensions of the cylinder: As someone pointed out on the oh-so-helpful Book Discussion thread, the cylinders are approximately 50km diameter and 30km deep. So each chamber is roughly the proportions of… I don’t know, a can of tuna? A roll of Duct Tape? A double-tall petri-dish? You’ve depicted a much deeper chamber, and you might want to consider balancing the proportions a bit more towards the text. But of course this is only a first sketch… many more to go! :slight_smile:



I feel like a little bit of air is missing,maybe open up the canvas a bit more to bring in the HUGE feeling.
Nice sketch and start!
HAve fun!!!


yep , i agree with you on that one…when i drew it i was thinkin’ the same thing.
i’ve got another couple of ideas brewing in my head that i need to put down to paper.
thanks for the comments and critiques , all are always welcome and wanted.

good luck to all


okay, changing gears here. i’ve decided to ditch the previous idea, and i’m going to try to do something with the vtol from the book.


ok, i’m tired now.

just a colour blocking for now.
still trying to nail down what i’m doing for the wall and whatnot.


Really nice colors here, nice concept. Good luck :slight_smile:


Hey this looks great Paul!
Love that ship, and really great perspective in the environment! :thumbsup:

Good luck to you!


Nice perspective and color!:thumbsup: