Eon (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


hahahahahahahahahaha! :scream: oh my god! i cant help laughing!:scream: hehehehehehehehehehe

damn! i wish u guys were here with me in india! we’d go out to a sizzler restaurant and have some really good time! :scream: hehehehe

cheers to u all mates! have a blast! ( not literally! :scream::smiley: )


Hey Neville,

your earth is getting better and better:) , very moody scenery with your structures at the horizon:thumbsup: …curious to discover the next steps now…




thanx a heap dear! :stuck_out_tongue: :bounce:

right now changes suggested by 2 more members are being implemented … u’ll get to see it all … :wink:

cheers! :beer:


hey buddies! sorry about the reverse WIP thing goin on … wasn’t feelin too well lately, that’s why i just thought i’d post the new earth composition first and then the summary screenshots …

( before i go any further, i decided to break down the elements bit by bit and composite all of them in photoshop for final editing )

so now … moving on, here’s the image rendered in max …


right! … here’s the cloud map rendered separately


and finally here’s the blue sheet
(haze … atmosphere … im so confused :frowning: )

that will cover the earth … making the continents more faded out and distant …
i hope :S

am i making sense here … ? :expressionless:


this is how i arranged my layers and re-used the cloud maps and blue haze maps to get the desired effect …

Levels was mostly used for the duplicated cloud maps to ‘tighten’ the white areas in order to make the clouds look a little sharp and more bright … but in small areas …

as for the blue haze thing … i partially erased a portion of the duplicated layer so that it doesnt block all the details …

you get the idea … :slight_smile:


alright! :slight_smile: Constantinos suggested that i add more details for the sky … this is the layer arrangement …

for this process … it was sort of like … recycling … :wink: hehehehe … cutting and pasting pieces of sky from the left and pasting it onto the right … hand painting details n all …

( in fact … more details are likely to be added later )


next … got down to it as soon as i could and ended up with this …


heres the high resolution image …

Constantinos . ma man! thanx again for your help! god bless!



well … more changes on the way … as you all can see moving on with each structure … also … i reduced their size drastically … somehow everything looked soooo enormous … i wanted to add some distance … coz more elements will be added soon …

cheers to u all! :beer:


awesome closeup, cant wait to see more :slight_smile: love the brillince of your work, and the ill manic cool light fx. keep on rocking mate! :beer::buttrock::wip:


Thanks for posting the PS layers. It’s a great peek at your process. I’m still confused where you’re going with your image, but as long as you are showing the details of how its getting done, its interesting.

However, if I am reading your picture right, you seem to be doing a conceptual interpretation. If so, make a strong statement.


Heyyyyyyy! good to c u guys! :smiley: :love:

Sacha : dude! thanx a lot for ur comments! its really somethin when i c u here! :bounce:

Ernest : thanx a heap for the advice! :love:me really need it buddy! im very happy that my process helps … feels damn good! :stuck_out_tongue:

yup … its a composition of elements that i want to show in this concept … still theres a vague idea about it all … but im clinging onto them with all my life … hehe …

thanx again u guys! seeing everyone here really helps me a lot along the way!

take care n god bless!


hey guys! >:D< heres another addition to the concept …

me got to thank Bryce ( Beelow )
for his suggestion :slight_smile: really helped a lot!

for start … heres the layering stage … i used the default planet map that comes along with max … used spherize filter in photoshop and lots of greyscale copies of the map to give that brightness and contrast with color dodge layer blending mode …

for now just the layers . :slight_smile:


ok … here are the layer styles settings for the planet map …

please keep in mind that if you ever plan to use a different coloured planet in ur concepts … do the needful and change the drop shadow colour so that it corresponds with planet’s overall shade … whether its green … blue … red … etc …

sigh…moving on … :expressionless:


here it guys … hope it looks good … :s

thanx again Bryce for your suggestion! :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers mates! :stuck_out_tongue:

… more to go … :frowning:


Looking really good… :applause:
I’m very tired from work, so I will comment more on it later. :smiley:


hehehe … thanx a bunch Daniel! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

yep buddy … me tired too … :frowning: … came home a lil late from work … so very sleepy … zzzzzzzz …

thanx again dude! :scream:

get some rest … c u soon!:wavey:

cheers! :beer:


Abolutely love the etheral almost eternal look you are working towards. Would love to see more of that whispy, particle filler jet again that you moved way over to the right.