Eon (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Every update on this is just phenomenal. I really just can’t wait to see where you go with this, I am extremely excited about how the final image will turn out on this one :smiley:


Wow, the tail of the meteor looks beautiful!


thanx a million John and Ramy! really happy to c ya both! :):bounce::scream:

things r really heating up rite now :eek: :S … hehehehehe … i’ve finally worked out smthin … hope it all goes well :eek:

cheers! :beer: good luck to u both! :thumbsup:

woooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo! :bounce:


Very nice tutorial.Do you have some angst against the planet earth?That seems to
be some sort of doomsday comet!:slight_smile:


:bounce: hey kmyow! thanx a bunch! :bounce: m really happy u liked da tutorial n all … in one way i update my work … n d other i make sure it helps everyone else … :love:
hehehehehe … no ways buddy :eek: nothin against mother earth :love: … trying my best to gather everything … lot of new additions will be seen in my next update … i hope it turns out well … :eek:

thanx again for ur comment! wishing u da very best of luck! :thumbsup:

cheeeeers! :beer:


hey guys … i’m back … lot of workload, i’m trying to find time to complete the structures bit by bit … that’s why the delay … :frowning:

ok … i’ve now started working on the main building … as you can see, i’ve used the dodge tool to shade the areas where i want to add lights … but, before i did that … i duplicated the structure and gave it a dark blue tone which is not that visible … as mentioned earlier the dodge tool will do the trick of brightening up :slight_smile:


using the pen tool … and clicking the button for ’ paths ’ not shape layers …
i create multiple paths on the structure itself …
this will help me get the lights to move along the path easily …


here are the settings for the creating those lights … please keep in mind that … the shorter the paths become … lesser will be the scattering value … otherwise you won’t have many many lights along the path …

in other words … experiment to your hearts content to get the desired look! :slight_smile:


ok … i’ve created a couple of path layers as shown … next …
> i keep the brush tool on … (making sure that i’m using the new brush preset)
> select the desired path layer
> finally click the
’ stroke path with brush ’ button …


here it is … :slight_smile:

for the light layer … i changed the blending mode to colour dodge …
i then used the burn tool to darken some of the lights … this gave me more variation … i didnt want all the lights to be totally lit up … just a few … :slight_smile:

this technique i’ll be using for all the structures …

so many left … :frowning:

im gonna go crazy … :S


Hey neville,

great man! I like it ! :slight_smile: wishing u and ur family a very happy diwali and joyous and prosperous new year!


still not liking those clouds that seems to up way high. the planet earths clouds are way far low. You should consider removing that on pass of clouds and sky out. It doesn’t make any sense. Good luck your moving along!:thumbsup:


Yop Nwiz,great how you share your technics:thumbsup:
feel like this will be huge!


hey! good to c u guys! :bounce: thanx a million buddies for your comments! :love:

Nilesh : great to c ya dude! my best wishes to u again … :stuck_out_tongue:

Bryce : hey man! :slight_smile: hehehe … well … actually … there is smthin i didnt mention earlier … those clouds aint for planet earth … they’re for another world … thats why i’ve created da structures … the entire concept is more of a composition of many things …
the final element (not sure of it yet) will be added in the end … wen my work is complete … as of now, so much is left of the structures … will have to finish it … thanx a bunch for ur suggestions … :stuck_out_tongue:

Remko : hey buddy! :bounce: very happy to c ya man! >:D< … me really glad u like em techniques … :stuck_out_tongue: … love to help! wishing u da very best dude! take care! god bless!

guys! … GOOD LUCK! :thumbsup: to u all for da challenge! cheers buddies! :beer:


It is indeed solemn, and silence image.
when shader of the earth was seen,
first, i thought you used photograph material.
wonderful shader technique.
i must study that too.:thumbsup:



thanx a million Azulblue! :bounce: >:D< really gets me goin when all of u comment :love:

hehehe…no photographic material … just good ol’ sweet sweet 3dsmax and darling photoshop :love: … they really make a good pair :smiley:

thanx again buddy! cheers!:beer: n good luck as always! :thumbsup:


Oh ok! Maybe work something out to give the idea that there are 2 planets so you wont confuse the viewers. Good luck again with it!:thumbsup:


hehe … yep buddy! … had that idea too! :bounce: planets must be there! … theres so many things that r not disclosed yet … i need to be sure of it … thats y its taking a long time to carefully add the elements little by little …

but for sure! things r gonna come about :wink:

thanx Bryce! good luck as always! :thumbsup: cheers! :beer:


Hey Neville,

still not sure where you’re going with your concept, but certainly you’ve made some nice updates:) , very pleasant look and you keep me curious to see more:thumbsup: . And very kind again to share all your techniques…




thanx a million Sabrina! very glad to c ya! … hehe … i guess everything is in suspense … :stuck_out_tongue:
im pretty scared myself … :eek: … i hope things turn out well though … :eek: …

as for my techniques … im very grateful and happy u all appreciate it … not only i want everyone to know what im doing … but also … how im doing it … that way … u never kno who needs help and when … :slight_smile:

i’ve seen ur work too … n boy! was i zapped! … :eek:

thanx again dear! cheers! :beer: n good luck! :thumbsup: