Eon (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


thanx again Marley!! very happy to c u again! :bounce:
on the other hand … me missin everyone buddy! :cry: … hope to c u all once again! …

do take care my friend!

god bless ya! :love:


Next time dude!cheer up and see you on the XXI, I hope,hehe:thumbsup:


hehe :stuck_out_tongue: hey bro! very happy to c ya! :love: :scream:

yup yup count me in … im there for da next challenge :stuck_out_tongue: :thumbsup::scream:

very anxious to c u all! :cry: :love:

god bless ya bro! take care!


Hey buddy, thanks a bunch again for your entusiasm you shared with us all!!

Along with Mareks work i still like your pic the most. Very impressive and so well executed.

Take care, bro, see you around.


YOOOO BROOOO!!!For me you’re the absolute winner, your good soul,your love, your work,your art, your sharing, your words, your support, your YOU!!!I’m watching towards being along your side again in the next challenge!!!
Love to you and your family Neville!!!


ditto !
and see you next time man :slight_smile: thanks for all your words.


A bit dissapointed that you’re not among the winners. But still big respect and congratulations on your work! you did your best, your work is known as one of the best here, so your time will come :slight_smile: perhaps in the next challenge! keep th egood work up.


yea, crowd favourites, oft differ from judge favourites, never mind mate…it seems you have earnt respect from your peers, that is just as rewarding i should suspect ^^. Ths pieces was certainly unique…

see you next time mate.



Hey Neville,

Keep up the great work and I will see you in the next 2d challenge, just dont make a 2d novice like me look bad okay .


I like your combination of highlights, colors, and dimension, especially the way the light rays flow past the little dude watching.

I also like your tutorial, this gives me ideas for better using Photoshop.

Great work


dude… i have seen u work on this man… it took a lot to complete it… dosent matter if u didnt win… its just that, workin in this challenge has given u lot of ideas n lot of friends… also it has give u immense pleasure in doin it… i know that it was hard work man… trust me its one of the best pics i have seen u make man…:buttrock::applause::smiley:



artvandeley ~ thanx a million bro! i’m very happy that we all got a chance to work together and bring out the best in each other! something that is bound to be treasured forever! :love:

OKMER ~ yo bro! me surely there for the next challenge! can’t wait to c u guys once again! missin u all like crazy! :cry: thanx a heap for all what u said bro! :love: feels great!

ur support, kindness, faith and most of all ur utmost love really gave me a lift to go forward! m ever grateful my friend! god bless u and ur family with all his love and affection! cheers bro! :beer:

Neubius ~ hehehehe thanx a lot mate! me looking forward to the next challenge as well … it’ll be one big family reunion!

arturro ~ thanx bro! each and everyones contribution for this challenge was surely extraordinary! i’m very glad that we got to kno one another and best of all … enjoy it to the fullest! keep rockin bro! take care!

LightSovereign ~ yo Marley! thanx a lot mate! :stuck_out_tongue: looking forward to seeing u all again! this challenge gave us all the best of friends and time well spent! god bless ya buddy!

mmoir ~ hehehehehe :stuck_out_tongue: no ways bro! in fact me gonna help ya all the way! u can count on that for sure! u rock bro! god bless ya always!

DNDplus3 ~ thanx a lot buddy! feels really great to kno my tutorials helped ya! i’ll surely work on some new ones in contribution to the next challenge! stay tuned for more buddy! keep rockin!

n last but surely not the least!

vivudude ~ manku! :love: thanx for everything dude! u stuck by me thick and thin :cry: i’ll never forget a friend/bro like u … hehehe (obviously ur pretty hard to forget too! :p) i’m very happy that u love my work for what it is … theres so much in my head to create more … its gonna take a while … but surely … u kno it pretty well … u’ll be the first to c it all! take care dude! wishing the very best for u and ur family! cheers! :beer:


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This thread has been automatically closed as it remained inactive for 12 months. If you wish to continue the discussion, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum.