Eon (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Hey, I’m back and your image touched a chord in my soul!
My congratulations for your achievement! Spectacular! :slight_smile:


I never expected your final image to look like that.:eek:
I was expecting excellence, but all my expectations have been exceeded by far…
Brilliant work.:buttrock:

I hope you all the best of luck.:thumbsup:


HOLY GINGLE!!! is a lot…that i dont jump here…due to eon’s trailer challenge i have few time to write here around but…GOSH! is a surprise to find your latest entry and see that is so splendid!! The sense on space…the integration between so different elements…wow…is so well done! great palette too…:thumbsup: ya rock man!


perfect artwork my friend!! with various levels of concepts and meaning, i love it, it gives me a sense of epic and peace


Wow, super! Already final.))) Beautiful work! :thumbsup:


thanks for nice word:) just got so much behind, that would not make any sence to continue,
I like very much what you’re doing with this, take care,:thumbsup:


hey buddies! :bounce:

chaitanyak ~
thanx a lot dude! it was very tough at first, but somehow i managed to work out something :slight_smile:

icedeyes ~
thanx a bunch man! emotion was the main aspect … i wanted to do more … instead i ended up with only a handful of elements …
we only have five fingers on each hand … but they do so much

ukitel ~ hey bro! m very happy to c here! … from the very beginning u encouraged me to go forward … my work is not just created my me … but by everyone! im very thankful for that!

idyeaah ~ thanx a million my friend!

Demitsuri ~ very good to c u here dude! thanx a whole bunch!

Norberg ~ my thanx to u mate! im just waiting for ur update as well! knockout!

Manzieri ~ thanx a for all what u said bro! :love: very happy to kno how u felt about it!

DanBird ~ hey Daniel! very glad to c u! thanx a million for ur kind words!
as for my work … it was risk i was willing to take … i didnt expect my work to reach this level … but all of u help me do that! god bless ya buddy!

OZ ~ hehehe … OZ ma man! :buttrock: great to c ya here! thanx a lot for ur encouragement buddy! im patiently waiting to c ur final trailer! rock on dude! good luck to u! :thumbsup:

bandro ~ hey dude! thanx for dropping by again! im very happy u like my work! god bless u!

ArsXC ~ thanx mate! i really love ur work as well! :love: very well detailed!

Korline ~ hey bro! i thank u again for dropping by! especially at the early stages of my work progress … believe me … i wudnt have been able to go ahead without any of ur support :cry: ( i kno i’ve mentioned this quite too many times :blush: … but its da truth :love: )

thanx again everyone!

wishing u all the very best of luck! :thumbsup:

god bless!


wow.absolutely beautiful image!i love th atmosphere so much.congratulations!:bounce: :thumbsup:


hey xric7! thanx a million buddy! :love: :bounce: good to c u here!

take care dude! god bless!


looks pretty cool and tells a story. Well done! I would take the lens flare off though.


thanx a lot Ranath for dropping by :bounce:

hehe :p… well … actually … each and every element in my work has its place … if one piece of the puzzle goes amiss … it’ll never be the same … thats why for more colour … for more dramatic feel … the lens flare had to be there …

thanx again Ranath for ur comments!

good luck to u! :thumbsup:

cheers mate! :beer:


hey Neville !
great image dude ! good luck :thumbsup:


Congratulations on a beautiful finish. I hope you’re now relaxing with that satisfied feeling of accomplishment.


hey buddies! :bounce:

AndreiSzasz ~ thanx a lot man! wishing u the best of luck as well! :thumbsup:

ChuckWadey ~ Chuck my friend! very happy to c u here! yup yup! :bounce: nowadays i sleep a lil early … :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe … but all this a very great experience! im very grateful!
thanx again buddy! good luck as always! :thumbsup:


Hi there !

Followed your link thru Michael See Zheng’s EON.
This is just great ! I liked a lot the way you composed it !
It’s very expressive !
Will you add the title of the book now ?

It’s a powerful image you did here ! Congratulations !



dudeee this is perhaps one of the things me has seen coming out of ur imaginative head…gr8 work n gr8 colors… man for a minute i thought it was david from the movie AI… dude am wishin u all the best for the challenge… gr8 work keep it up… n CHEERS!!!


hey!! :scream:

Djampa ~ thanx a lot dude for all what u said! feels great! :stuck_out_tongue:

Vivudude ~ Vivu! :love: :scream: im very very happy to c u here man! means a lot to me!
hehehe … gees … now that u mentioned it … it does kinda look like him :eek: …
good grief … on the contrary … i had to search a lot for a silhouette … n i found just one . then too .low res version … a good reference was what i wanted … n i think it paid off … only thing was … i had to be very careful with the light that was in front of him, otherwise the entire look would’ve been a disaster :eek:
thanx again for dropping by dude! god bless ya!


It’s gorgeous Neville, congrats on your excellent finish!!

I need to stop posting now and get crankin’ on my piece… GAH!


Hey buddy,wonderful way to reach the finish line.I dig the colours & the feel of the image.
All the best to you.



You’ve got my vote! This is beautiful!