Eon (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Hey Neville!

Don’t know what to say about your scene that was not already said:) … Personally I like it very much, it’s all in there to make it very intense and emotional piece, great work:thumbsup: !
Not only congratulations from me for your finished scene, but also a big thanks for being such a great challenger, charing your tutorials, for much helpful comments and last but not least for spreading your good mood everywhere!:applause:

Good luck for the voting Neville!



If you don’t want this to happen, you shouldn’t have made it so brethtaking! :scream: A very cool image with an unexpected concept twist. Many congrats, dude and thanks for the encouragements that you have given me and the others during the contest! Good luck!


hey buddies! :love: :bounce:

daWinky ~ yo Sabrina! :love: very very happy to c u dear! thanx a million for all what u said! :love: each n every one of us has smthin to fear … love and cherish … how we deal with them and who are with us to deal with them counts a lot … as i mentioned b4 …

this challenge gave me smthin very profound … friends! … :love:

cheers to u dear! :beer: have fun! :bounce: n god bless ya! :love:

black_hand_77 ~ hey buddy! great to c u here! thanx a lot for ur comments mate! all of u have helped a lot along the way! :love: we are all one! cheers to u mate! :beer: take care!


great work man!!! i like the detail and color combination! im speechless…:thumbsup:


Just lovely! Phantastic work!


thanx a million chandro & artvandeley! :love: :bounce: :scream: great to c u both here! :smiley:

cheers to buddies! :beer: n good luck as always! :thumbsup:


Very good one Powerfull lighting and composition Nice done!

Good luck to you!



thanx a million Adrian! :love: :):bounce:

wishin u da very best for this challenge! :thumbsup:

god bless ya mate!


I follow your work all time, and always you left me speechless :eek: ofcourse my poor english is dont be able to explane my congratulation to you about that master work :shrug: I love:love: your style.:applause: :thumbsup:


Your final looks briliant,well done.


thanx a lot for all what u said my friend! :love:

wat meant a lot to me was the fact that u said everything from within!
for that … language … strong or weak … won’t stand a chance against words from the heart!

very happy to c u! dont be afraid to say smthin because ur english is poor … dont ever think like that … there are many many people who will just love to c u drop by rather than pay attention to ur vocabulary … ’ the heart rules the mind ’ … :love:

god bless u with everything that’s good and kind! take care!

SONIC-X ~ good to c u buddy!:bounce: thanx a million! :bounce:


There are just a few works where you can see some deep. Your is one for sure. I love the mystery behind it and this soft fantasy feel. Really my congratulations :slight_smile:
good luck!


OK, nothing but woow.

This makes souch an impact on me, beautyfull execution, I really like this one.

nwiz25_ best of luck in judging, but you are way above luck with such piece.
holding my thumb :thumbsup: s.


thanx a million Artur & Damir! :bounce:

what u both saw in my work made me very happy :love: means a lot to me! :love:

each one of us is filled with emotions … we’re not devoid of it … we’re just afraid to express it … thats the kind of painting that will never dry up, it always live inside of us …

thanx again ma friends! :love: good luck to the both of u! :thumbsup:

god bless!


love the way this has progressed from the concept sketch! great job man, best of luck with the judging :thumbsup: :deal:


Your final image is simply stunning… I love every single element in it… you managed to portrait great emotion in it… Good luck with the challenge…


Wonderful work!
I hope you’ll have the luck that I haven’t had. :smiley:


Hi Neville,

CONGRATS man! you stunned me with your final image!:eek:…It’s really awesome!!!


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Hi Neville

Stunning image, so sharp and emotional. Excellencio!



Great image! It´s very clean and I can really see this as a movieposter. I like how you hide details in shadows.
Well done!