Eon (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Holy c#@&!! The final comp is magnificent. What a wonderful evolution this project has taken. The zooming out and placing the child in there is shear brilliance! The only thing you need (rule wise) is the Eon titeling to make it look like a movie poster and you have done a stupendous job of providing perfect areas for it.
I’d love to give some crits to make it bettr but right now I’m still trying to get my jaw off the floor.

Great job and Good Luck!!!


really?, which rule is this?..im in trouble (not for the first time i might add)


Congratulations. You’ve crossed the finish line with a strong, poetic image. I enjoyed the words you put with it too. It was a wonderful analogy of mankind. Yes, longing for happiness but at the same time driven towards ‘progress’. Sometimes one works against the other. Will we ever learn? I think we might.

Best of luck to you, and I hope to see you and your work in another challenge


You nailed it on the spot. I am a big fan of the colors.


yay you rocked it all the way and produced some kick ass eyecandy mate! congrats on a thunderfinish! absolutely stunning and breathtaking work! :love:
now all my best wishes on the final mate, crossfingers and i hope to meet you there in time as well ^^
gotta run got a piece to finish!!! :scream: :argh: :wip:


great painting!!


I love the particles!!


i love it. enough siad.


Realy cool job man! It looks incredible, love lightning effects so much:)


OMG! :eek:

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wow, this is one of my favorites. Really clear, strong piece.
excellent mate.
good luck!


thanx a million Alwyn! :bounce: :love: glad to c u here! :smiley:

good luck to u too! :thumbsup:


no worries :slight_smile: if i hadn’t been having p.c. troubles thoughout this challenge i would have been stalking this thread from the start !

you rock!


AHHHHH!!! finally get to see the whole picture! that’s quite a beautiful image Neville; the colors effects etc. You should be very proud. Great job!

and good luck my friend.


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good luck to u too mate! :thumbsup:


I was expecting something good and incredible - thank you for not disappointing me!
I start loving your peace when I saw your update with the boy… The insight of it, the sense of loneliness and fear… A child on the doorstep of the unknown future… We all are like that boy, even though we like (or choose) to believe that we are in control of our future, our lives, our planet…

Beautiful work, Neville. And beautiful thinking behind it.

Good luck!:slight_smile:


Yep, that’s sweet. Looks great Neville, fantastic job!


My bad sorry. I could have sworn the Illustration section was to be a movie poster but after re-reading the instructions I find that its not needed. Which is great news because it would have distracted form this great work.
I was thinking that if you had to add ‘Eon’ in there then the concept and lighting in the center was the perfect area to add it. Happily I was wrong and you don’t have to spoil it!


I had no idea how much this would rock! no crit from me, the whole thing looks awesome man, great job!:thumbsup:


woooweeee! :bounce:

happy as always to c u all! :love:

musi ~ im so very glad u saw it the way i did :love: the sad thing is … its a fact … we’re all going thru some pain in some way or the other … at the same time … we tend to hide those feelings and live the day as it is … thanx a million buddy for all what u said! god bless ya!

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