Eon (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Very nice!! i like the planet…its very well done…good luck!

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oh man! :eek:

[color=Red]daWinky : [/color]its really great seeing u here girl! me still workin on the finishing touches n then … its the final reveal … :open_mouth:

[color=Orange]Thaldir : [/color]thanx a lot man! im so very happy that u saw the ‘actual element’ … it means a lot to me … cheers to u mate!

Conkrys : hey ma bro! feels great to c ur comment! hows ur lil princess?? :love: shes amazing man! its been quite a while buddy … very happy to c u again :bounce: …
me will be posting the final image pretty soon … will give ya a holler as soon as its done … thanx dude! god bless!

OKMER : hey buddy! :scream: wow! good to c u too man! these last stages are very intense! i just wanna finish it soon :cry: m scared bro … i wish there was a way we both cud down a couple of beers :beer: n be done with it :grin: LOL

[color=DeepSkyBlue]TheFirstAngel : [/color]Sacha ma man! :buttrock: great to c ya buddy! well … u got a die hard fan … n thats me … seeing ur work … mindblowing as always! hehe … even ma buddies back here are like … wooooooooooowooooooooooo :eek: hehehe
u’ll c the final work as soon as possible … just a few finishing touches … n then …
final showdown :open_mouth: … hehe … cheers to ya buddy! take care!

mdavid : thanx a lot buddy! still more to go … feels like forever :cry:

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god bless ya all!


You are gooooood! I went through your thread - all that experimentation you did, all that detail you went through - great peace of work :thumbsup:!
And I just LOVE your “getting personal” update :love:! That just my kind of thing! I can imagine the whole thing together!

Good work I say!



Hey! tac,tac, anybody out here? where´s your final piece? heheh



I’m with Gonzalo, where the fianl update at man? Stop with the suspemnce and let us see some MORE, lol.

All jokes aside, it’s a beautiful calm piece. It’s unique and stands out of the pack. Best of luck mate.


Motion thirded! Come on, man, update!:bounce:


Musi ~ thanx a lot buddy for ur all wat u said! i’ll be updating my work tonite … my final piece! keep watch dude! cheers! :beer:

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Thaldir ~ hey dude! yup yup … the moment is at hand … my last update! :eek: …

thanx again buddies for all ur contribution! this has been an exhilarating joyride! :scream:
good luck to each and every one of u! :bounce: :thumbsup:


Life teaches us many things … or so it seems… but, what about the unseen future? We are left to either wait, drift or work our way through like moles in a dark tunnel and experience hardships along the way without making a sound, in fact…on the contrary…who can hear us screaming from deep within our souls?

No one can… That’s life… isn’t it?!

Our parents have high expectations of us graduating college with flying colors; make it big in the real world, but sadly, we tend to forget what they taught us, we neglect all our responsibilities, we steer away from what’s good and fruitful, before we know it ; we find ourselves plummeting into a world filled with unimaginable pain and suffering ; drugs … Alcohol … murder. Living in criminal shadows… all become us. That’s where we end up being torn between two realms… our dreams and reality… both can give us a taste of heaven and hell.

It’s how we deal with it as they say.

In a different universe, we feel afraid and angry the same time, when mom and dad end up in an argument, challenging us to keep our mouth shut, hold back our tears and walk quietly back to our rooms and wake up the next morning to start a brand new day.

Mankind is still fast asleep, not knowing what will happen next. He holds his teddy for comfort and companionship, he has no clue of about the future. Confusion, fear, depression, lonliness ;
all become his close friends. He has no place to go, everything is happening so fast, unexpectedly catching him by surprise!

A blinding light, a new unknown… in all its vivid glory render him motionless, What lies beyond his wildest imagination, he dares to explore.

We are all caught between fighting our own battles or running away from them. Are we prepared for the inevitable? Are really that strong to bear all the consequences? or are we forced to see the very end before our eyes?

I tried my level best to capture all this in my work, having not read the book, it was very difficult to bind the elements with the concept that I thought about. Even the colors were carefully chosen to blend the entire scene seamlessly; I specifically used blue, purple and green for a cooling effect but kept the red, orange, yellow for the blazing asteroid taking the ultimate plunge! But on the emotional level, I concentrated more on the little boy; innocent yet filled with sadness, a spitting image of ourselves challenged by all that’s dark and discerning.

How we long for happiness and tranquility, a world without war, selfishness, greed, lust for power!
Its beyond our reach, we can only create a little paradise in our hearts serving as the ultimate sanctuary for self fulfillment.

This is where we live…
Our own world within the world that we die for, still loved and cared for by a divine order.

I guess that’s just about it…
this challenge taught me so much!
I met a lot of talented people out here; and i thank each and every soul for commenting and viewing my progress right from the very start!
Day by day all of you have helped me come up with something very special and personal.
I made a lot of cool friends who made me laugh and remember them by their individuality and closeness!

My best wishes to everyone!

God bless all the eon entrants with his love and care!


:scream: :bowdown: :bowdown: :drool: :drool: :thumbsup:

Worth the wait, I’d say! (faints).

Seriously, Neville, I’m speechless. God bless, friend and good luck!


thank u Tiziano! from the bottom of my heart … if it werent for any of u … i wudnt’ve been able to complete this entry … all ur encouragement picked me up and helped me go further :love:

i thank u again my friend! :love: god bless u too!

wishing u the very best of luck buddy!:thumbsup: :beer:


Great picture :bowdown:

One downside i can think of is. That im not sure how it fits to the book. Anyway.
Really like the colors and the overall sharpness and space you have created.

Maybe the planet surface could have been slightly darker hue. Burns my eye, but its cool to look at :beer:


thanx a million buddy! :bounce:

i agree with u wholeheartedly … as i never read the book before … it was a risk i was willing to take … i was and i stil am very scared about everything …

hehe … oops … sorry about that … but somehow everything had to match … if the planet was dimmed … all the impact will be lost … earth had to be given more importance … thats y the bright layer of atmospheric light :slight_smile:

thanx again buddy! wishing u the very best for the challenge! :thumbsup:

god bless!


YabadabadooooBro,ho,ho,ho!!!What do you want me to say,han?Something like, hun,no I don’t like this or i don’t like that???..:surprised:curious:

Sorry not possible for me!!!
Because this is just awesome amazingly stunning mate!!!:bowdown:
Absolutly all my congrats on the way you’ve crossed that finish.(Hey,isnt’ that wonderful mate,??..your first night since october, that your brains will have some rest,ha,ha):arteest:zzzzzz!!!

Love the story you wrote there too!Very motivating and positive!

One more time my congrats and may ze forzz be wizz you always,Mr.Nwiz-ard!!!


REMKO! u ma real bro til the end! :love: :bounce: :bounce: u came a long way with me!

n i thank u with my soul! coz u stuck by me no matter what! ur encouragement helpd me a great deal buddy :scream:

hehehehe yup yup . me gonna get some good sleep now … ma mama screaming like nuts … neville ! wat u doin up so late?! :blush: hehehhehehehe :wink:

thanx again Remko! u helpd me a lot … may ze forzz be wizz you too ma bro!
god bless u with da best! :love:



I’ll make this short and to the point. Simply Stuning !!


Very beautiful and I love the tilt of the earth. Congratulations on your excellent finish :slight_smile:


Bravo Neville! very well-done!!I wish you all the good luck to the challenge. I´m sure you´ll win a beautiful prize hehe:arteest: :beer:


Congrats on finishing Neville! Nice work - Definitely has a bold, epic science-fiction cinematic feel to it. It looks like a movie poster for a Steven Spielberg film! (but I’m glad you didn’t add a logo or anything like that.) Beautiful job…



That is damned gorgeous work, neville. Its clean the planet is beautifully rendered…powerfull and you hadn’t even read the book. stunned mate :D.

Congratulations on a beautifull piece which stands on its own two feet ^^.



Man is it a treat for sore eyes!!! Neville my friend… you did it!:wink:
It is excellent… I’ve been waiting for this. You have put alot of effort in this and you have laboured much. People who have been watching your progress and your replies can definetly say that this piece is… GENUINE! A genuine piece of your character… and that is a great thing my friend! Love the message.

Best of luck to you!
God bless ya and keep ya!

You buddy from Greece,:wavey: