Eon (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Hey buddy!!!Me too can’t wait to see the piece as whole!!
Merry xmas and a happy yew near for you and all the ones you love mate!!


Wow! Amazing! I like the FX you did especially those dust clouds and the bluewish midst…


hello:) thx for wishing:) sorry for late…I wish you a lot of happiness and that you wish:)
Happy New Year:)

btw. Great update i love this effect of depth and atmosphere:) great work!
Good Luck!!! :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=walrus]Bouboul - i believe the reason the lower corner is so distracting is because this isn’t the whole composition you’re looking at here, just a small chunk of it on the right side. When you see the whole composition together, the light (from an entire planet) makes a lot more sense and holds the piece together more.[QUOTE=walrus]

Aaaaaa ! Heheheheh soryy sorry ! Silly me ! Okay okay, in this case forget about what I said nwiz… hehehehe… excellent work my friend, keep it coming !
Walrus thanks for the precision dood :wink:


nice work man, looks great:thumbsup:


Still one of my fav’s and getting better all the time!!!


So when do we get to see the whole composition? Lets have it, man!


Hi there! it´s coming along great. Waiting for the final result!:thumbsup:


Wow!!! This is really coming along! I love the lighting and the details in the moon so far. Great work!


It’s looking superb. Definitely no crits from me (I wish I could be a bit helpful). Good luck taking it to the finish


oh my GOD! :eek:

very happy to c u all here! n a blessed new year to everyone! :love: bounce:

bouboul : hehe … mike said it all :grin: a new update will be posted soon :wink:

Silverwing : thanx mate! :bounce:

walrus : hey bro! good to c u again! :grin: me very amazed seeing ur work as well!

targus : thanx dude!

OKMER : hey bro! hehe :bounce: nearing completion! :eek: stay tuned ma man!

bluepen : hey buddy! thanx a million! good to c u! :grin:

Greatto : dude! good to c u man! everything is in a rush! final elements will be added soon!

SNoWs : thanx mate!

aurora : hey buddy! very happy to c ya! final days … yikes! :eek:

ChuckWadey : hehe :stuck_out_tongue: will be ready soon …stay tuned bro :slight_smile:

GonzaloGolpe : thanx bro! me too wanna finish this real soon! :cry:

NathanielWest : thanx a lot dude! still a lot to do :frowning: … keep watch!

Mdavid : hey buddy! thanx a million man! all ur comments / encouragement help in every way possible! thanx again mate!

wow! again! its so very nice seeing u all here! helps me go go go!

god bless ya all!



Nwiz35, looking really nice my man. Lovely colours and designs. Keep going!A few more odds 'n sods and you’re done!
Happy new year.


hey people! things are heating up real quick!

tensions on the rise!

im getting scared :frowning:

sighhhhh … well … heres my update … near finalisation …

everytime i get closer to the end …

emotions felt …

cheers to u all!


hey Mark! happy new year mate!

thanx a lot! … yup yup … a lil more to go … final showdown at hand! :eek: yikes!

cheers to u mate! :beer:

take care!


Hey Neville,

I’m amazed to discover your latest update, so pleasant:thumbsup: … this is just the personal and emotional touch your scene still needed:) , great work and I’m curious now to discover your final image!



Very, very emotional, not to mention that what I’ve seen of your piece up to now has blown me away. Can’t wait for your final image!


Hey Buddy!

Man this stuff is comming along great! :applause::applause:Ilike it how you’re keeping us in suspense and not giving us the whole picture upfront:D. Man keep it up… cause I have a great feeling for this!!! excellent job!


Yes bro, indeed alot of suspense here you made,ha,ha!!!Excellent how you’ve brought some more emotion in with this kid,excellent stuff!!!One of my fav’s!
Keep m coming,and may ze forzzz be nwiz you!


awesome, cant wait to see the whole piece together, you really painted everything on such a perfect level, light and details materly in place and the mood is brilliant and lovely.
love the emotional aspect you now have added, great work mate, keep on rocking and do me a fav ^^ lol, i’d die to see the whole image in a post soon, cant wait to see how things look together :slight_smile: keep on rocking!


I agree with the others. The new update looks brilliant. I love that back-lit effect too