Eon (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Nice work! so far. can’t wait to see the finish product… Good luck!


Hey Neville! Long time no post(me)! How’s it going buddy? The piece is comming along wonderfully! no comments just dropped by to encourage and support! Keep going man… it’s gona be awesome!!!


Ei! man press POST REPLY you quoted to my reply and goes to my email. :shrug:


WOW! :eek: so happy to c u guys! :bounce:

hey Tiberius! :P thanx man! 
but to be very honest  .. i've no idea where im going .. i havent read the book at all ... its out of sheer imagination that im workin on this concept ... in the end i hope things work out .. :|

thanx a heap Raffy! good to c ya dude! n hey! no no no … dont take it back! … me need all the luck i can get! hehehehehehehhehe :smiley:

thanx Roderic! :> really need all da luck! … theres still lots to do … :frowning:

Hey bro! man! am i happy to c ya o wat! :bounce: :love: god bless ya man for da encouragement n support! i’ve been very tired lately … lots of work at home … cooking … cleaning … washin da clothes … ( family out of town … so me alone at home :cry: ) sometimes i take day off … for 3 days havent been to work … :expressionless: … n now monday i’ve to resume! … waaahhhhhhhhhh! … but darn it! feels good seeing my buddies! :love: thanx again chum!


:stuck_out_tongue: post reply … ? … goes to ur email … me confused … :cry:


Heyy this is my buddy nwiz25 ! :wink:
Excellent work homey, I know this my first post here lol, but I was observing you from the beginning and your last picture amazed me so here I am lol, I looove your ships !
Keep it up mate waiting for your next update.
Cheers my friend !


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I looked your challenge entry from the begining and can say alot, that you have great visual fx skills.
Your last entry: Great and massive architecture structure with glow light, look wonderful. this flyieng spaceship design very well, but its a bit monotonous. I meant if you’ll add some more ships with other design… (to get more variety)

Good Luck Mate…


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  hey Nabil! thanx a million buddy! great to c ya! :bounce: yep me workin on a few changes, plus lots n lots of new additions!
  love ur concepts too! very very intriguing and full of life! 
  thanx again dude! cheers! :beer: n god bless!

i think i now understood everything! silly ol me! so its like … whenever any member replies or posts a comment in a thread… other members who are subcribed to that thread will receive an e-mail … right … ?? … i hope i got it … :cry:

hehe … well … good luck to u guys for da challenge :thumbsup: god bless!

hey Timur! thanx a heap buddy! very happy to c u! :bounce: yep! … u have a point! :wink: me get on to it right away! i felt there was smthin amiss … like its incomplete … i kno now what it is :stuck_out_tongue:
again to mention … feels good seeing all ur comments! … :love:

thanx again for ur help Timur! cheers to u! n good luck as always!


Hey, NWiz, just dropping by to say Hi. Things are looking great here, no crits from me. i love the fact that you’re being so clear and open about your process - especially loved the tips about using the path tool to render your windows in the towers. Anyhow, great work so far, keep it coming!



heyyyyyyy! Mike! :stuck_out_tongue: thanx a lot bro! :love: very very glad to c ya! :stuck_out_tongue: :bounce:
man! sure helps me move forward seeing u guys here!

as for my work, i really like to be descriptive … never kno who needs help … hehe

ur concepts rock dude! i even saw ur portfolio! freakin amazing! oozing with creativity and talent! :eek:

thanx again buddy! god bless ya!

cheers! :beer:


Its looking very atmospheric at the moment and very futuristic nice concepts!

my entry:



thanx a heap David! :love: :bounce: good to c ya! :stuck_out_tongue:

my next update will have more ships …

stay tuned!

cheers buddy! :beer:

good luck as always! :thumbsup:


Hey I love this one; A Big favorite! looks like youre almost finished man …Im so jealous, lol:)


hehehehe … thanx a lot Nathan! :bouce: :love:

but m far from finished … :eek: … theres still so much to do … :frowning:

lets c wat happens :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

thanx again buddy! :love: take care!


Side by Side comparisons So that you know who is doing

what in the illustration category of the eon challenge only.

Classifier followed by artists.

: Strong/Beautiful Foreground Potraits with EON elements in the background.

Movie Posters theme.

Characters in dramatic poses.

Characters have detailed skin,muscle and skeletal structures.

Marco Alejandro Castelan Morales

John Streider

Radu Bogdan Boeru

Tiberius Viris

Sacha angel diener

Niklas Frostgard

Michael van den bosch

sandra bott

michael dashow

nabil hamadi

alwyn talbot

timur kiryashov

damir g martin

Nathan L Bachelder

Daniel lu visi

Maurizio Manzieri

dale thomas

ego lataire

rune rask

guo jian

hugo araujo

: massive architectures,detailed cityscapes,plasma tubes,huge eon elements viewed in the distance in the style of grand space opera with miniscule,faceless,diminutive men ,women and all terrain machines reacting and responding to the environment.

Tiberius Virius

remko troost

tolgahan gungor

torsten wolber

nathaniel west

ramy badie

bryce smith

martin nielsen

emrah elmasli

mauricio alvarado kladt

prabath wijayantha

maciej frolow

nilesh ambekar

constantinos krystallis

greg kaperski

adrian fekete


marcin j. nikiforuk

james nelms

maurizio manzieri

jarek sznytzer

Derek wilson

Nazirull Safry Paijo

Daniel justin bird

dale thomas

erik linden

rune rask

david freeman

ori arad

markus graf

ali jalali

raffy encarnacion

alex kelly

: air ,sea atmosperics featuring natural elements of islands,skies blend into a grand sense of scale.Includes Tree elements.Gaia oriented.Mountain views and Spectacular chamber vistas. Sky atmospherics

adrian baluta

gonzalo golpe

gunilla elam

jonathan colvin

guo jian

oscar jostedt

brian Slayton

: party scene with the character interacting and gossiping

Parties gathered at gate opening

Radu Bogdan Boeru


: wonderful sense of humor even black humor and caricature

Torsten Wolber

per trystad

mark david

: action packed conflict with eon elements in the backdrop and lots of machines,ships,cities and soldiers

thierry schiel

paul hume

: entire cities,planetary bodies,asteroids,weather systems,gates,singularities,flawships and space vehicles in awe inspiring perspectives with large scale explosions.Ships have beautiful designs.Space Atmospherics.

Dmitri G Michniouk

sacha angel

neville de souza

prabath wijayantha

greg kaperski

mona eriksson

attilla kurt

vladimir davidenko

paul b castillo

juha kamarainen

mauricio alvarado kladt

joel carlo

shawn andrews

matt benya

Derek Wilson

blaz porenta

oscar jostedt

pavel elagin

: detailed explanatory tutorials

sacha angel

matt benya


hey wow! :eek:

very cool & informative classification! :eek:

thanx a lot buddy!

cheers! :beer:


Wow! I’ve just finished going through your thread (so far) and it’s brilliant. You’re creating a really beautiful image. Excellent stuff. Thanks for the really detailed updates and how-to information too. That is always interesting to see