Eon (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


told you before and officially again. not only a great aretist but simply the good soul of this challenge. thanks for all the love you put in this and spreaded to the artists working in here, you simply rock! best wishes and best luck my friend, and hope to see ya next chalenge again! keep on rocking!


Thanks for your posts and stopping in!

Really cool image you have, I really like everything about it. Especially color wise,
as im a nut for a good color pallete. Good luck with the voting!



Neville this is surely one of the best entries in this challenge! It’s really poetic and gives such a calm feeling… looks like a dream. Congratulations and good luck for all your things!


definatly on my to 5 list man. its outstanding.


beautiful finish, congrats!


still my favorite :slight_smile:
best o luck dude, it’s been a pleasure !


Hey Neville. :wavey: Thanks for the uplifting words, mate. They are very appreciated.

As for your final…WOW!! :eek: I think we have a prize winner here. Definitely one of the most impressive entries! Best wishes and good luck with the final judging! :beer:


One of the winning entries my friend:thumbsup:


Hey Neville,

Thats one fine image you did.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: . I really like the color and the style of the image, has a definite fantasy/dream type feel to it. Great job on this and good luck.


Beautiful! One of the top entries for sure. Best of luck with the judging!


Hi there! I must thank u first for all positive energy that u gave to all of our threads. And than congratulations for ur marvelous entry! It is sure one of the finest here and I wish u all the best and good luck! Hope to see u in next challenges as well buddy :slight_smile:


Great to see this all together. Very spectacular! Love the colour.

Thumbs up from me!



This looks Sweet…!
All the best :slight_smile:



JeffZugale : thanx a lot my friend!

prabath : good to c u again buddy! thanx a whole bunch for all what u said!

NathanielWest : thanx a lot bro for ur vote! means a lot to me!

Greatto : its still and always been a pleasure meeting fine artists and a friend like u Timur! thanx for everything! i kno we’ll meet once again for yet another awesome challenge! cheers bro!

Suirebit : thanx for dropping by buddy! wishing u the very best of luck!

DWquiff : thanx a lot for ur kind words my friend! good luck as always!

OmeN2501 : yup yup buddy! lookin forward to the next challenge! n best of all meeting everyone once again! this sure has been a roller coaster ride!

chenzan : the same goes to u buddy! very happy to c u here! good luck to u!

TheFirstAngel :
the respect and admiration i have for u is immense Sacha! as i mentioned earlier … this challenge gave me the best … > friends < …
feels like smthins missing now … coz everyone is back to their daily routine work … ( even me :frowning: ) i’m really looking forward to the next challenge so that we can all get back to the good ol rat race one more time and have some serious fun! missin u all very much! good luck bro! i’ll never forget this …

SEL : hehehe … u got company buddy … im a crazy fella for colours too :stuck_out_tongue: … thanx a lot dude for dropping by! good luck to u as always!

ThE-ShiFT :
very good to c u man! thanx for all what u said … but best of all … for taking time to c my work! … means a lot to me buddy! good luck to u! take care!

Slav : its an honour my friend! … thanx a million for including me in ur 5 list … god bless ya bro! in fact … each and every entry has a story to tell … be it pictures or sound … the talents showcased here in this challenge is simply amazing! :eek:

zweiDee : thanx for dropping by my friend! i wish u good luck!

Neubius : very very happy and honoured to kno that my work is stil ur favourite :love: god bless ya buddy! n good luck!

Jedi-Juice : hey bro! thanx a lot for ur kind words! :love: im still really sorry that u cudnt make it … :frowning: … u worked very hard for it all … i had to say smthin hoping it’ll shed some light … but i still and always will believe … that there is the next best thing for people like u … god bless u bro! take care!
alvin-cgi : thanx a million for ur kind wishes my friend! :love: god bless!

mmoir : very glad to c u dude! im very happy as well as to what u see in my work! … i wish the best for u as well! take care buddy!

vmulligan : thanx a heap my friend for all what u said! :love: i wish u good luck as well!

NinjaA55N :
im very happy and always ready to help! its been a pleasure to the very end …making a lot of friends and helping each other wenever we fell down … its been an unforgettable experience, smthin thats very special to me! n thats meeting all of u! thanx a lot for everything! n good luck as always! take care my friend! looking forward to seeing u as well in the next challenge!

MarkyG : my best wishes to u too bro! thanx a whole bunch! god bless!

harshdesign : thanx a lot for dropping by dude! take care!

missin u all very much :cry:


It’s official, there is nobody left on this website that hasn’t congratulated you :smiley: hahaha!

yaa, congratz on a great final piece mate (for a second time)

take care, neville



thanx again Marley!! very happy to c u again! :bounce:
on the other hand … me missin everyone buddy! :cry: … hope to c u all once again! …

do take care my friend!

god bless ya! :love:


Next time dude!cheer up and see you on the XXI, I hope,hehe:thumbsup:


hehe :stuck_out_tongue: hey bro! very happy to c ya! :love: :scream:

yup yup count me in … im there for da next challenge :stuck_out_tongue: :thumbsup::scream:

very anxious to c u all! :cry: :love:

god bless ya bro! take care!


Hey buddy, thanks a bunch again for your entusiasm you shared with us all!!

Along with Mareks work i still like your pic the most. Very impressive and so well executed.

Take care, bro, see you around.


YOOOO BROOOO!!!For me you’re the absolute winner, your good soul,your love, your work,your art, your sharing, your words, your support, your YOU!!!I’m watching towards being along your side again in the next challenge!!!
Love to you and your family Neville!!!