Eon (Illustration) Entry: Nazirull Safry Paijo


I wouldn’t worry about submitting for Exposè.

We are allowed to use the Eon pieces for personal promotion, and that is what Exposè does.
BTW Ballistic Media has the rights of first print for the challenges’ entries so giving them (through Ballistic Publishing) the right to accept or decline will ‘free’ the piece for other submissions, IMHO (similar publications, Spectrum or so).

Given that Ballistic was born from the CGSociety and the two cooperate closely I really can’t see Ballistic proposing us to do something against the rules.


Thats a good take on this whole copyright fiasco.

Regardless, I already email Greg abt it…just to be safe. I hope he will reply or else im not sending, unless some CGS veteran come and convince me to do otherwise.

Thanks for dropping in Thaldir! :thumbsup:


Some updates…i think the main building has to be detailed out…too much flat edges…not so good for composition…:slight_smile:


Good updates! :thumbsup:

And you’re welcome.:slight_smile:


Time to end it…Im finally stuck with this… i dont want to touch it anymore …it had become worse everytime i do. Ok …im waiting for Greg’s reply/permission…and submit this for Expose 5 consideration…

Thanks all…


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