Eon (Illustration) Entry: Nazirull Safry Paijo


evwn though filled w notes, i really like the latest version of the 3d model, very dramatic angle


Nazirull… ur thread is amazing u did a great study in the in Eon in general an it shows ur final image is gonna be a great one it has a lot of potential and the city is looking great i couldn done it better :applause:
i got a question since u study all the chamber measure and all that i wasnt thinking of that and i did a test for the chamber 25000 meter radios and 30000 lenght right ? well the questions is does the render times increase if i use the measumentof Eon not just the chamber also the buildings ? are u using those measuments now? … hows the rendertime ? :wise: i think im gona have to get memory only 512 for now im using maya 7



crankbot - Thanks mate…i worked my a@@e off to get that angle…other people mightve done waaay better…:thumbsup:

- Thanks man! Yup…the measurement is spot on as in the book. Not so creative of me i guess. Well the render time doesnt vary much. I set the units up at meters so the figure s wont be so overwhelming so i just do a cylinder of 25000m radius and 30000 deep. Other things like chamfering a line to show a single storey window, i just punch in the value of 1.75m which will give you a 3.5m band - generic single storey height.

Ive finished rendering the base…at 4000 pixel wide…it took me 14 hours…well faster pc can do it faster of course…its not the scene that cause that, i kept everypoly to a minimal as i can go. Its just my slow pc.

Thats the reason im doing the finishing in photoshop…the old fashion way…LOL

Thanks for dropping by! :bounce:


Finish rendering the base…


I use the Z depth pass and use it as a mask in PS on the curve, hue, and contrast layer.
I want to give it depth by the play of brightness, color and contrast so i hope it’ll give enough depth and a feel of the scale.

The base also is set up in a midtonish color so its easy for me to use more saturated colors on other things like shiny metals and glowing things.

Thistledowners also rather flamboyant in terms of colors like lime green fabrics
and stainless steel teardrop seatings…i assume this is also applied on other things as well.

So i hope midtonish base will make these things pop out a bit…(how many times am i gonna say that?? duh)



[font=Times New Roman][size=3]Hey Nazirull, looking really good. I absolutely love the comp. Great depth to it. A suggestion would be to increase the depth in the image by fogging the far top right structures even more. At the moment the curving buildings in the background feel like they’re all at the same depth. IE the bottom disc on the right has a similar amount of fog as the top right ones do. If you separate them out a bit it would help give it more depth. I’m only talking about a little bit. Just enough for depth separation. Whatchya think?




Some updates on colors and environmentals…I found that putting everything blue makes the piece looks flat and boring…adding RED will give some drama into it. LOL…(yeah i know its a cheap trick but hey im a noobie, please mind me)

Tried out the processed Stone material, which according to the book has a distinct pattern into it, called widmeinster or something, look it up at Google and found some royalty-free ones and paste it on.

The scene where Takahashi had a tour aournd Thistledown with Patricia reminded me to the barcode-like ‘signboard’ where u can just read them by pointing a laser pointer-like device.

I overlayed the viewport screenie over the render to give some quick perspective guide. If you look hard at the bottom, you can see rectangles showing 1.8m tall human scale.



Thanks for the suggestion!:thumbsup: I does make a lot of difference!:applause:
What do u guys think about it now? :smiley:


Hi Nazirull, really like your compo there!
I like a bit less the red you’ve put in it.
Maybe some more darker colors couls be cool.In this way the light coming from above/upper right would get some more sense and your foreground will come out better I think.
Just suggestions ofcourse mate!
All the love and luck for you and all the ones you love in 2007!


Most significantly is the added foreground. I knew i had to put it soon or later.

The red sonja hsa gone…thanks OKMER for pointing that out fer me. :slight_smile:


thats a fine piece, nazirull. the perspective is grand, the colours are spot on, and i love the light contrast for where the character is standing, just right!!..should be a real stunner when done. can’t wait!!

best of luck, have a great start to 2007

2.5hrs to go here :).



Looking good, Nazirull! I think it looks better now that you’ve taken out all of the pink. The character on the right it really nicely sihouetted by the background. Not sure what (s)he’s standing on, but the composition certainly adds focus to that area.

But speaking of focus, one thing that you may want to consider are the wheres and whys of where you’re putting your msot saturated colors. With such an unsaturated palette throughout the entire piece, the eye can naturally get drawn to the contrasting areas of greatest saturation. In this case, I think they eye may automatically be lead to the flags on the left and the bar-code-traffic-signal in the center. This is great if that’s exactly the areas that you want your viewer to be focusing on. But if not, you could consider desaturating these areas and concentrating the most intense colors on where you do want a viewer to look… maybe the new character you’ve added? Or the people falling from the sky from your earlier concept?

Anyhow, just a thought. Good luck with it, and have a Happy New Year!



hey, that’s great work. Nice perspective, really dynamic. Hope to see this finished…


very interesting concept…good luck with the final rendering! :slight_smile:

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Color adjustment and background…thanks guys for the feedbacks…im a little busy, obviously the timing cant be better…


The clouds add the sense of vertigo…i hope


hmmm, i like the clouds much! you do get a sense of vertigo. the colour however has taken a rapid decline since you showed us the character placement. That was near perfect, with the odd tonal value out…This light blue i do not think is working… it has lost that grand sense of scale that was achieved in the previous version

sorry mate, prolly not what you wished to hear.



hey dude! i simply love the cloud cover! :eek: :love: very magical and distant! no other crits dude … me just waiting to c ur final update :bounce:

good luck mate! :thumbsup:


A very beautiful scene, a good place to spend some vacations:D waiting for the final scene =)


Another idea for the foreground…i think i have to wrap this thing up quick