Eon (Illustration) Entry: Nazirull Safry Paijo


Ok…got bunch of time today so jump on this and finally got some concept hanging building in and some mood and color study.

Hope to detail it soon.

Thanks guys!


Ok i know what you guys might think…that im Walrus, MarkyG and beelow’s rip off. If you think this is so, say it.

Looking back at the entries, I think I have a bit of this and that from those guys.

I have no means to copy other peoples work of anysort though, they might looks the same as mine, but we are reading from the same book.

Its hard. Trying to do it late and be original.


Some thoughts put on composition


Some things might not be clear so i labelled them.


Mike, Remko - Thanks for pointing out the leaning golf tee…I have changed the composition i think. Im putting it too, somewhere at upper left or upper right.

When i was modelling, I think like thistledown architect, putting things. First you install the cables, then the counterbalance cum foundation. After that, Buildings are erected.


well planned so far. great work. i want to see more! :smiley:


An update on the counterbalance. It doesnt only act as counterbalance to the building but as a foundation on which the building is erected.

I looks like a crane because (i made this one up) the cable provides the most efficient way to transport building material to the construction site.

Perhaps there is a construction dock at the chamber cap where the frame and all preliminaries is planned and built, then transported to the location via the cable. Like a ship dock.

Then on, the crane becomes a part of the building itself as the building is built.

This can make processed Stone material possible to be used for the building project and transported to the site.

I have to be careful not to put too much lights as Thistledown is not populated. Perhaps the military has occupy some areas and so there are lights on these location.

Thanks Slav for dropping by!


An update…i just thought that I’ll be eternally flipping until the last day of submission.

Yeap…i think the building flow starts from the cable level…The cable (Again, i made this up) acts as an affective circulation tube, which has been there since the erection of the cables itself.
Its suitable for those who desire an alternative apart of the Plasma Tube.

There will be openings on the cables that will allow transporter to exit and land on the Arrival Level. Then decent down towards more exclusive areas.

There are Balconies for those who like some tubelights tan.

I have change the curvature of the building coz the previous one blocks too much of the view. With this new one, I think i have more opportunity to show more of the chamber floor. I think its more graceful too.

I hope to achieve better ‘grace’ in form , if i get what Greg means accurately.



More updates on the hanging buildings…Tilt it according to the cable tilt and chamber floor curves and copied some around to make it busy. I think I wont have enough time to model different buidlings. I’ll model one and try to put it in a way it’ll appear different.

Got to start on the chamber floor already.

Thanks guys!

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all!


Really cool looking building concepts so far, Nazirull! Good luck putting them all together.
Have a happy and productive holiday season! :slight_smile:



I dont feel good about putting the thistledown flower together. Just thought i can make the name and the architecture similar.

I think that there is a connection between the name Thistledown, which is Britain’s fave and the men wearing kilt-like skirt.

Hmmm…And the Naderites movement started somewhere in Western Europe.

o well…


Found this on the net.
Just thought its eeriely related.

Just turn it upsidedown…:smiley:


Populating the chamber with hung buildings and some tee shape towers.

The thistledown flower shaped building i had earlier looks too gimicky so i think i skip that…

Adjusted the camera to have some grand balcony foreground to show scale.

I dunno if i want to do a populated Thistledown or post-exodus Thistledown. It would be nice to show some people fashion since i have some architecture already.

Depends on how much time i have.


Just to see how my model under the tube light… :slight_smile:

Now onto detailing…


This is some color test. Im not gonna do the final ones in 3d…im just gonna use it for models and perspectives…

I need my compositing to be intuitive…with my inferior machine, i dont think i have the time to come up with hi-def 3d rendering in time for the dateline…

So here goes…


Some updates…


yo Nazirull! wishing u and ur family a very merry christmas! :bounce: :love:

cheers! :beer:

> OH MAN! :eek: i saw ur updates mate! holy cow! :eek: u work blew my mind mate! cant wait to da details! the colour pass in ur earlier updates really rock! keep em comin buddy! :bounce:


Looking good! I really like your work on those color tests.

Compositionally, I really like the 3rd post back (#94) more than the more recent two. The landscape view really lets you take in more of the… well, landscape! It also shows off the curving perspective in the background better. In the most recent post, perhaps the camera depth is a bit too skewed: we’re simultaneously looking up at the more rectilinear buildings and looking down at those circular buildings all in a very short space. For me, it makes the round buildings look titled towards the camera.

(If you do go with #94, though, you could still consider doing some tweaking with the layout. You’ve got the balcony 1/3 (or so) from the left side of the page. It might help balance the image more to have the large central hanging building closer to 1/3 of the way from the right side of the page… Anyhow, just an idea.)

Good luck with your composition. Hurry, though: You have less than 3 weeks to nail the composition and finish and submit the entire piece! (No pressure, though! :slight_smile: )



Thanks for the commment, mike. I do wanted to leave that building 1/3 the the right. But I feel like showing more of the chamber floor and its stuff. Its not showing much at the viewport now though. Im planning to add it in PS. I agree though with the circles being strange…I admit that i was just randomly copying the thing around. Have to check that.

The human scale on the right is probably someone floating like what Takahashi and Patricia did in Olmy’s apartment. I assume that they have use that somewhere else.

The balcony on the left is gonna be populated with Thistledowners and hopefully will bring the eye to the right towards the chamber floor (hopefully there will be something there).

Its kinna strange. I think its has come to me, men wearing kilt-like skirt, thistledown as a name (indeed is a britannia flower if im not mistaken?) and golf-tee shaped buildings, flamboyancy in colors and form (althought not so evident in my piece),
kinna have me thinking St.Andrews, where golf came from…ok im sure it is just me.

Merry Xmas to you to Neville!


Had a scare this morning due to the disconnection to international sites…due to the taiwanese earthquake…I thought my Challenge is over…but now thank to all those hardworking people…its back with us now…