Eon (Illustration) Entry: Nazirull Safry Paijo


I love the atmosphere! This is really coming a long way. I like the arched building crossing over the cables. I didn’t see it that way in my head. I’m going to have to think about this a little more :slight_smile:


Thanks man!


I would imagine that the buildings hung along the cables would be having the golf-tee shape as well.

I drew some patterns on the arched structure to add to the ‘grace’ Greg described on the book…i know its a chap way to do it but i try not to do it too much since i kinna like that idea. I can use it abit as the white stone and metal interaction.



I like it! Having the golf-teebuildings up there by the cables makes them look like they are hanging, which in turn reminds me of the hanging chandelier buildings described in the book, also. The 2 towers on the right - i know they’re just in there for scale, but what about turnign them into one golf tee building (and then sprinkling a few more around the lower city?) Anyhow, time to start refining it all, no?
Good luck!



Some preliminary lineart…


A more refined lineart…i can say that im kinna happy with the composition.

Thanks Mike for the advice. I think your idea is great…i need some intermediate scale building somewhere in the midground as a link between big and small.

Yep…as u guys have guessed it…thats Takahashi and Patricia out from the truck from at some egde of the service road.

I know it looks kinna too high for a service road but i think the chamber is huge enough to fit more variety of structures than my composition can show.

Besides, Thistledown is where the architect has ‘complete freedom’.


p/s: Mike, yep its time to refine things (im not so good at that btw)


A description of whats in the pic…i know its not that clear so here it is…


I’m very interested in how organic your hanging buildings are starting to look. I never pictured them like this, but it does add a different level. Makes me think of brain cells with nerve extension. Perhaps they did connect in this way, giving the buildings and residents better abilities to communicate. That has been one of the areas I’ve been struggling with, how would the people who live in the hanging buildings get around the chamber. If you figure the amount of volume available, a lot of people could easily have lived there, and as such would have needed to move around. I’ve not come up with a good answer yet.

Anyway, good job. Looking forward to more.


very well-plan , and great research + reference , and every piece of your sketch look cool! keep goin ! good luck!


EdTheRenderman - Im intrigued by ur comment about it being organic. It is actually not intended to be that organic as in brain nerve cells though. Im trying to capture the the gracefulness that greg has said in his novel. Im struggling to come up with a unique if not different type of architecture to show this ‘grace’.

Walrus earlier had mentioned that this hung building is similar to the ones in the second chamber, where the chamber is full with huge 4 kilometer high upsidedown chandeliers.

Its gonna be interesting to play around with this one.

Thanks for dropping by!

monsitj -
Thanks man! Im looking forward to see ur progress!


An alternate composition. Im thinking to add some human element. Takahashi and Patricia will be on the foreground and Thistledown will be on the mid and back.

I hope to achieve a contrast of civilization, the difference between the foreground, the human element and the alien thistledown element.

I think as the guys in the society is flamboyant enough to wear skirts and shoeless, i think the architecture should go side by side.

Im to read back about the Geshen and the Naderites and how are they socially.


a late good luck and good going from me Nazirul!:thumbsup:


I hit a wall…im running out of composition and story option…

I looked back at all of my submission and kinna liked this one that ive sent earlier.

I’ll try to make something out of it.

Sergio man, thanks for the encouragement. I’ll do my best.


My attempt…

Patricia should be on the low lit platform at the bottom of the composition.

The red dots are Russians landing…as Patricia witnessed it, right before Olmy and Frants found her.

Thanks guys!


very effective approach combining 3D with 2D, good compositions!
hope you can finish it in time!

good luck!


Composition is strong now tighten from here! Good luck!:thumbsup:


Added some golf-tee structures at the midground…the high golf-tee structure that was supposed to go up to the chambers atmosphere doesnt really fall nicely into the composition though…have more thoughts on that later…

Im exploring the possibilities of having patterns like those diagonals at the corners of the hanging buildings…

I hope i can achieve enough contrast so we can see the paratroopers in red…

Later guys!


[b]Oo…goodie! :applause:

Hideyoshi - [/b]Thanks mate! It takes some getting used to at work to learn to work seamlessly between 3d and 2d. Still there are lots to learn!:smiley:

I hope we all can finish this on time!:smiley:

beelow - I must give credit to you…coz ure amongst the first to come up with thistledown sketches and ideas…i was inspired…I’ll try my best to make good of this one…:smiley:

Thanks guys!:smiley:


Looking good, Nazirull! I like the final layout that you’ve decided upon, and the nice warm/cool contrast between the blue environment and the falling troopers. I think the tee-shaped building on the right is a good idea, but the main body of it feels a bit out of perspective from the rest of the peice, like it’s leaning a bit too much to the left.

Good luck with it!



whoo, such a great compositions you got here.Love 56 and 66.
Agree with Walrus fhe building maybe leaning a bit oo much to the left.
Really looking forward for your next steps!