Eon (Illustration) Entry: Nazirull Safry Paijo


This trio needs no introduction anymore… :slight_smile:


Here it is


So you finish it,congrats!An original and interesting image. Good luck with this contest!:thumbsup:


Love tose cercles Nazirull,I want to have one,ha,ha!!REally nice image you finished with.Congratz!


Thanks all…but too bad…i cant upload it to the FTP…I cant even connect to the ftp site …tried for hours now…sigh


nwiz25 - Thanks man! I gave it a last stint…managed to squeeze in Olmy, Frantz and Patricia…(it was rushed…so mind the quality…gimme another month, it wont be any different…LOL)

Manzieri - Thanks man! Actually I spend most of the time thinking abt the background…the foreground as u can see constantly changing. I wanted to leave it as it is but i think by adding some foreground to it will frame up the whole thing pretty nicely…Thanks for the kind words!

- Thanks man! Glad to finish finally! Good luck to u too!

OKMER - U can have it all!! I have no need of it anymore…LOL…Thanks man!


:cry: damn man! :cry: did u try again?? pls try again buddy! pls pls … u’ll certainly stand a chance! ur work is outstanding! :buttrock: i hope things work out for u :cry:

god bless ya with all the luck that u deserve!

take care dude! thanx a million for all the encouraging comments in my thread! :love: u rock!


Oh, my…! In my opinion you were just a step away from delivering a great image full of atmosphere!!!
Have a nice time and see you here around!:wavey:

(new text after having seen the Entries page)

You are in, buddy! I hadn’t understood! :beer:
The work is very beautiful even though you had the wish to try several foregrounds.
Crossing the fingers for you. All the very best!


nwiz25 - Thanks man!

Manzieri - Yep im in…lucky! Thanks man!


Yep…the challenge is not finished…i think im sending this over for Expose 5 consideration. Few adjustments…I think i have to repaint the paratroopers and give it some SSS…I’ll try my best with the characters…


Very cool! I’ve been away for a while and lost track of what was going on with your work!

I take it that you were contacted by Ballistic also sense you mentioned Expose 5. Are you worried about sending something to be published without getting full releases? When I read the Challenge instructions, I vertage about publishing for commerical use which worries me. I’ve sent an email to CGSociety to try to get a feel for this, but have not heard back yet. What is your take?

Again, great work!


Ed - Thanks for dropping by again n again! :slight_smile:

Im not too worried abt that stuff…from what i understand the art belongs to me, as long as i attach together with its description, ‘inspired by greg bear’s Eon’, I would come out ok…or would i?

Here is another take on the paratroopers…trying to clean out stuff…post-challenge thing…


I like the more defined Paratroopers in the foreground. Really helps the viewer understand what is happening, even if they haven’t read the book!

Yah, you may want to take a look a the “Instructions” again. At the very bottom there is a statement that reads, “As a derivate work you can not use your work in any commercial manner without gaining written permission from Greg Bear.” I worry about this clause even with everything else that is said about us owning the work. I don’t have a problem asking for the permission, I just want to make sure that all bases are covered.

BTW - I’m still waiting for a response back from CGSociety on this. Would you have an Idea on how to send the questions to? I just sent it to their general question email.


Yeah i know that clause…i dont have prob asking permisssions…although i know that i own the work…its strange i know.

im gonna check that thread again later…

Thanks for dropping by…i hope i can show u more detail soon! :thumbsup:

EDIT: Well, ive read the entire FAQ thread, most enquiries about the copyright thing went unanswered. I guess im just stuck. 50% of my art is mine and another 50% is Greg bear’s. Even if the art doesnt give a closes hint of it being insipred by Eon, we entered the ‘Eon challenge’ and by entering mean we agreed to all the terms.

Like u said Ed, the first paragraph of the clause says one thing, and the next paragraph says the total opposite. That explains the participant figures in the challenge this time.

Its useless now. Just learn an important lesson.
Now how can i contact Greg?


I wouldn’t worry about submitting for Exposè.

We are allowed to use the Eon pieces for personal promotion, and that is what Exposè does.
BTW Ballistic Media has the rights of first print for the challenges’ entries so giving them (through Ballistic Publishing) the right to accept or decline will ‘free’ the piece for other submissions, IMHO (similar publications, Spectrum or so).

Given that Ballistic was born from the CGSociety and the two cooperate closely I really can’t see Ballistic proposing us to do something against the rules.


Thats a good take on this whole copyright fiasco.

Regardless, I already email Greg abt it…just to be safe. I hope he will reply or else im not sending, unless some CGS veteran come and convince me to do otherwise.

Thanks for dropping in Thaldir! :thumbsup:


Some updates…i think the main building has to be detailed out…too much flat edges…not so good for composition…:slight_smile:


Good updates! :thumbsup:

And you’re welcome.:slight_smile:


Time to end it…Im finally stuck with this… i dont want to touch it anymore …it had become worse everytime i do. Ok …im waiting for Greg’s reply/permission…and submit this for Expose 5 consideration…

Thanks all…


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