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Hi guys…im in…

This is the chamber, without the caps. I tried it with the caps, it looks too short. Maybe for this one, i try it without the cap.

U can see blue ticks on the lower left, which is the human scale compared to the 50km diameter of the chamber.

This has been done in a 3d package so it is the actual scale.

U can see the dividing seams on the chamber which has a distance of 30km between them.



very interesting concept dude! really wanna c where this goes!

cheers to u mate! n good luck! :stuck_out_tongue:


Another shot at the concept. Im trying to catch the sense of scale in the chambers.

Here is the animated gif…i LOVE sharing the way i work with others. :slight_smile:

The image should be self-explainatory, but i’ll explain it anyway.

This is a view looking up to the cap of the chamber (Which chamber im not sure). Just to portray the sense of scale into it. Ive read somewhere, where the cap and the chamber wall met, sometimes there is an arc for those u wants to travel from chamber to chamber via land. And there is also the plasma tube, running through an opening on the cap. And some elevator tubes running on the cap, the angle is slightly slanted to cancel the spinning of the Stone.

Also there is VOTL flying to and fro between chambers near the plasme too.


Gee thanks! :thumbsup:


The two chambers in your images look huge, you really get a good sense of the size… :eek:
A good start, and good luck to you.:thumbsup:


Again, playing with scale and textures, the chamber cap might have that arc in a different location and ive read that the wall cap is 'near vertical, meaning the cap is thinner at the center than the perimeter. dam-like construction.


deleted…double post I swear i clicked ‘submit’ once…


this is sensational dude!:eek: way to go!:applause:

everything is totally in motion! so fast! :eek:

damn! good luck to u mate! :wink: :thumbsup:


Gee thanks man.:slight_smile: I’ll try to polish this concept before moving on to the next stage. So far the only thing im concern is to which chamber does this belong?

Hmm…Think of that later…



This is the chamber cap section. The connection between the transfer level and the rotating dock is unresolved.

Or i think, the rotating dock stops rotating and snaps to the elevator opening
to receive cargo. And the rotates again to
any approaching OTV.


Probably the view from the plasma tube looking down to the chamber floor. the dots at the center of the screen is the human scale. clouds casting shadows on the floor. Diameter of the dock is 100m. We are looking 25km down.


Here is a simple animation of the chamber mechanics.

This hopefully shows that the orientation or slant of the elevator shaft wont affect or cancel out any forces acting on it, coz the Stone revolve at around 7min, while it takes 10min tto get from the floor to the dock near the axis. That means while youre in that elevator going up to the dock, the Stone is going to make a little more than one revolution.


Overlayed is Google Earth image, eye altitude at 30km, and the straight white line is 30km long.

That is Manhattan. Yup…its huge.


Another scale study, the line length is 30km.


Im stopping at chapter six to reflect on what ive read so far, so much can be told on a composition. :slight_smile:

Trail of dust left by the truck with Lanier and Patricia on it…moving passing control towers and fencing towards the twenty meter wide arch tunnel opening to chamber two, alexandria.

Each chamber has been blasted out, leaving many iron, nickle exposed, with widmanstatten pattern showing.

The floor of chamber one is sandy and dusty with patches of green, as they climd up from the valley to reach the tunnel.

The glow from the plasma tube is ever presence.

The dust takes time to settle as there is little wind in chamber one.


As you’ve used color to describe distance, I would like to see some glow from the plasma tube to give a ‘destination’ for the truck.

I think many of us are struggling with the scale of the chambers, whether as entrants or just readers. Your posts with the GoogleEarth images to get the sense of scale is a stroke of genius. Thanks for that!


Hi there! I like a lot this last image. I´ll be watching to the development dude! good luck!!:bounce:


I hope my sketch will try to say it some to u guys. I try to talk less and let my sketch to talk for itself, as much as it can…hope it works.


“Humans built the Stone, Patricia. People from Earth.”
She stared at him, then tried to grin.
“Built it twelve hundred years ago. At least, it’s about twelve hundred years old.”
“Oh,” she said. ”Pull the other one.”
“No, I’m serious.”

This is the moment Lanier break the news to Patricia. The beginning of a mind-boggling puzzle for her…