Eon (Illustration) Entry: Nathaniel West


Ah, I like that last image, it’s got a cool “Sparth”-y feel to it. Whichever one you complete will be excellent, best of luck!


Hey Nathaniel,nice work.I love the overall composition.
All the best to you.



I’m back! Thanks to everyone for the kind words. I’ve carved out some time to hopefully finish this one. I’m sooo happy to be back with this, as I didn’t think I would get the chance to finish things up. I’m going to go with this image for times sake. Maybe another time for the other image…

But what I’m thinking with this one, is a reflective surface on the walls of the chamber, that doesn’t show the plasma tube, but gives that hint that it’s there. Let me know what you think!



excellent, you got a really nice painty quality.
great work, good luck man. :slight_smile:


I think this image is simply fantastic. Great atmosphere!

About the indirect presence of the plasma tube on the reflective chamber walls, I don’t know… It deppends from its Watt power… :slight_smile: Here as it is, it looks as the reflection of something from above. Maybe the light should be more linear on the walls, maybe in some way touch the architecture below inside the camera, some reflective buildings…


Hey great update! dig the reflective lighting, very cool, best of luck finishing:thumbsup:


Manzieri-Yes, it’s a fine line with the reflection (no pun intended) I’m hoping that the viewer will catch that the light reflection is from the plasma tube, and I may have to make it a thinner and more defined line to indicate that. I think you’ve brought up an interesting point, and I will make sure to define that light source!

Thanks for the comments everyone! I’ll be back with the finish soon (I hope)


Hi Nathaniel, great looking piece!

One thing, are you going to put back those foreground dudes? I kind of miss how they pushed the spatial distance of the image.

Great stuff nonetheless!



MarkyG–Thanks! Those foreground figures will be there in the end! They just disappeared for construction :slight_smile:


Great work! :thumbsup:

Well, everybody have already said it all, so just… :thumbsup:


This is already impressive! Waiting to see the next stage! good luck with finishing!:thumbsup:


I’ve detailed this out a bit more. I’ll be working on the travelers up front, and then tightening up some additional areas of interest.


Indeed, very beautiful peace!

Well done, Nathaniel :applause: ! I love the depth in it, yellow visa blue contrast works very good here!

Just keep going and get it finished! :slight_smile:


Wow, using just the reflection of the tube is such a great idea, i´m impressed.
Works a lot better with the people in front.


:eek: m dumbfounded! :eek:

that says it all i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

wishing u the very best of luck buddy!! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


Here’s my final image of Alexandria. I’ve added my own liberties to the scene, while following the basic concept of the original text. At this moment, the explorers are just coming upon the vast city before them…

This has been a lot of fun, and the work in these challenges gets better every time! Good luck everyone!



Whoooaa, Nathaniel, congratz on finishing mate!!!And not just a finish like that.I love the pic!!!Nice colors, great dynamic feeling and love those reflects on the wall and water,great idea!
Nice smooth formes on he platform too!
Good luck Nathaniel, although I doubt you need that!


congratulations dude! :scream::applause::arteest: awesome piece man! :eek: :bowdown:

good luck as always! :thumbsup: :beer:


Beautiful image dude!! I wish you good luck with this contest!:thumbsup:


Nice entry Nathan! Good luck!:thumbsup: