Eon (Illustration) Entry: Nathaniel West


Your second concept is much better-I like it.


Thanks everyone! I’m still not totally convinced about this latest composition. I think it would be nice to be lower down, and to feel the massive size of those mushroom structures. But then the higher angle allows us to see way into the distance. Any thoughts on this? Let me know what you think!


great architecture – this is coming together nicely :slight_smile:


Thanks Mark! Does anyone else have an opinion on whether to do a shot from high above the city, or down behind the travellers?


either way buddy! this is still magnifique! :bounce: :eek:


You definitely are Nemkos and Nilesh long lost brother as evidenced by your common
love of huge detailed cities.Keep up the good work.


Behind the travellers will give the piece a more dramatic feeling and you’ll keep more sky for the epic part of it.
Great sketch again mate!!!


Hi Nathaniel,

Beautiful roughs, man. I personally like the 3rd Pass the most… but pretty much everything youve put together so far looks great. Not much I can say other than keep up the great work - J


Here’s a piece I was messing around with, and I thought that maybe the overall mood might look nice. I may take this further and start introducing key elements from the book. Maybe I’ll apply this lighting to previous images of the city. Just playing around and looking for some additional inspiration. Let me know what you think!


I love your rocks :slight_smile:

Greetz, Markus


dude! dude! :eek: :eek: this concept rocks big time man! awesome colour shift … top level blue to bottom level brown! love it! :love:

damn! i cant help but drooool! :drool:

class work buddy! :thumbsup:


:applause: Great work…

Love your style of working - great atmosphere and use of colour

Looking forward to the next installment :bounce: :bounce:


Great work, I love the way you got the Atmospheric Haze up and running on the structures. I would like to see the complete version of this one !


Fascinating composition. I look forward to see detailed version.


really lovely mood, waiting for the add of the keyelements. dig your style, once again, looking forward to oyour next update, keep on rocking!


Last one, in my opinion, is the best one.
Atmospher is exellent, exellent arhitecture (and when you ad some details-wow)
Overall, i like that you ad nature-it’ s peacefull
I’ ll watch progres on this one

Good luck


[left]your sketches are really awesome, everything is there! good luck


I like your style, great concept, looking for more update and good luck.


going nice man, i loved the color looking forward of seeing the updates :smiley: my favorite one yet cant wait 2 c all that with details


Man! Another great concept, and when is this only concept, then I am very excited to see final. I am sure that will be rocking piece:D