Eon (Illustration) Entry: Nathaniel West


I’ve made some changes based on all of your comments. I added a couple of other domed structures receding into the background, and I brought the figures closer to us. It really makes me feel like I’m right there with them. The one thing I haven’t figured out in this comp is the fact that the whole scened is in a big cylinder. I want to show that indication of that, but I’m not sure that this is the perfect angle to do so. Maybe another pass…maybe I will mess around with another chamber too. Thanks again everyone for your comments!


really nice work man, i dont have any thing to sey just wohoooow:thumbsup: keep it up


really really cool , i like your last post, i´m all on edge of the next!


I like the new update. Nice styles of the Buildings. Fresh Stuff! Keep on going :thumbsup:


Good luck man! Fantastic start:thumbsup:


Great job on that concept man, can’t crit, just amazed!:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Looking great.Nice take on the theme.Keep an eye out for this one.


excellent, great compostition and design. will be watching very closely!



nice concept …i liked 2nd one . keep it up…
my wishes for u …


It´s coming along very cool, Nathaniel!go for it!!:scream:


Here’s a REALLY quick shot of the city. I’ve started to indicate some curved forms in the background…maybe I will put structures on them to indicate the curve of the city as it goes up the side of the cylinder. I’ve gotten rid of the travellers in this one too. Please let me know what you think, and thanks so much for the feedback thus far!


ı think,we thought same thing :slight_smile:


Tolga–Yes! I noticed you had a similar ‘mushroom’ thing going, but for the 6th chamber I think it was? In the description of the 2nd chamber, those tall structures are described as pinball bumpers. I think I might evolve the shapes though, just to try something different.


Excellent sketch Nathaniel!!!Whooohooo.Indeed curving up on the sides could be more like in the book.
I still feel the canvas a bit narrow personnally.
You’ll bring in other things in the foreground later on?


I feel that the spectacular scene! very good~


absolutely mystifying! :eek: damn man! the glare on the river is freakin awesome! the environment … colour … haze … wow! :eek:

cheers buddy! :beer: n good luck to u!:thumbsup:


Very nice start. Definately a contentious piece. I’ll be watching this one.


Hey Nathaniel!

I’m just amazed to see your last update! Good way to integrate the cylindric shape according to the book description:thumbsup: …The general coloring of this one is very pleasant and so far I don’t miss the travellers in this composition…Can’t wait to see your progress:) !




i am thinking of doing the 2nd chamber too:Dman i must say that ur concept here looks pretty solid,keep it this direction,i liking the overall composition as well as the color choice:thumbsup:


I think your concept is geting better with every new submision…:slight_smile: keep on