Eon (Illustration) Entry: Nathaniel West


hi nathaniel ! i really like your design and your sketch :slight_smile:
good luck to you


getting even better mate,i love this composition better,the domed thing looks fine:)


I like that last one, but it feels like you’ve been a bit shy on the compo… make it epic man!

here’s a suggestion:


loving this new composition.



hi there,
nice work till here… i like it.I think this challenge is for adding more things to this book.
i like the second one.


I like the framing of this piece. reminds me somewhat of some the hudson river school of paintings (which is a good thing :)).

One thing you might want to think about is that these chambers are (from what i remember from my read through and reading these posts) is that the cities go all the way up and around the chambers, so that there are “upside down” buildings “above” you. maybe some hints of those dome-things or just some hints in the clouds/haze of somehting above the horizon…

the background and the sense of depth in this piece is really well done.


yet another master in the play :slight_smile: good luck Nathaniel! I’m signing in, hehe…


Thank you everyone for the nice words!

Matthias–Wow!!! You are amazing, and I love your version! Thank you so much for taking the time to do that. I looked at my second comp, and yes, I agree that it wasn’t epic enough. So I went with your advices, and I went ahead and did the 2.35 aspect ratio just as you did. It really is an aspect ratio for epic films, and thus epic scenes.

So here’s my quick attempt at doing something grander and hopefully a better composition. It’s pretty rough, but I hope to take it further soon. Let me know what you think folks! Thanks again!


No problem man, your scene is inspiring, and I saw that there didn’t need much more to make it totally great. Your new version is sure better, I think you should be more accurate on perspective though, looks like the extreme foreground plate is a bit off. (just check if the lines meet at a vanishing point on the horizon)

Also, I wouls suggest you put one more of those “mushrooms” between the big one on the right and all the ones in the background - would create more depth. Cause right now the extreme background seems detached from the rest of the pic.

Keep it up!


yeah m@ rox just got the eye :slight_smile: great update Nath, keep on going! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


To be honest, I feel that the structure on the version that m@ suggested looks better than the new one you posted, mainly because of the relative size and positioning of the characters, and the placement of the mushroom-shaped buildings. This is still looking awesome though, just something to consider.



wat else can i say buddy…m outta wows :frowning: :wink: :smiley: :D/ >:D<

cheers to mate! n good luck! :slight_smile:


Great sketch ! i love the mushroom like shape, and how it become a nice composition. did you place it above and below ground ? or is it circling ?you know, like in babylon 5. odd gravity, strange universe. i feel like entering a twilight zone in this challenge heheh :thumbsup:


nice mushrooms :slight_smile:


Agree with mv and maybe also open up the canvas a bit more to get even more in the epic feeling of the pic.
But i think this is really an awesome pic and concept,love it!!!
CAn"t wait for the update!!!


Very, very cool!
I dig the colours, very effective and a good choice for creating depth.
Still feels kinda narrow, c´mon, give us the big screen :slight_smile:
Definitely one of my favorites around. Way to go!


Nathaniel your image looks awesome, im sure whit the details you will get a stuning image…
I like much more the new concept, maybe adding more distant buildings background would look good but really you got a great image there… keep it up :thumbsup:


Wow I like how coming out this thread. Full of fresh ideas and tips to learn.
Thats why I love the CGchallenges:buttrock:


Outstanding! I really like your style
Best of luck.


really nice man !
tottally agree with mv.:wise: