Eon (Illustration) Entry: Nathaniel West


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Latest Update: Final Image: Alexandria–The Second Chamber


Hello Everyone!

I feel like I’ve joined very late with all of this amazing artwork up already! I’m looking forward to working side by side with all of you, and I wish you all good luck!



Good luck Nathaniel! Love your work dude!:thumbsup:


Best of luck Nathaniel! Looking forward to your gorgeous art :slight_smile:


This is an initial concept. This isn’t one particular scene yet, but more of a mood piece based on what I’ve read so far from the book. Let me know what you think!


And I think it´s cool:) good luck!!I´ll be watching to your progress:thumbsup:


Thanks everyone! Beelow and Iridyse, it’s great to see you both in the challenge, and I look forward to seeing your work in the challenge. Thank you for the kind words GonzaloGolpe!

More concepts to come soon…since we have a long time to do this challenge, I was thinking maybe a matte painting would be fun to do!



looking really good for the 1st sketch nathan,i dig the brushwork:scream:


hehe, judged from how your portfolio looks like, a hellish nice piece can be expected :slight_smile: rock on mate, nice sketch :buttrock::beer:


Beautiful picture !
Final work~shall faultless Illustration
Good luck Nathaniel


nice sketch Nathaniel.Good luck:thumbsup:


Great comp and color,very good!:thumbsup:


hey this is great … I love your style … I was see your great work in sketch of week …
cheers …


Excellent start ! :bounce: I’ll follow your work with great interest ! :thumbsup:


very nice composition with cool color …keep it up…
best of luck.


nice sketch man.that reminds me one of the Sparth’s pieces


Like your sketch style. Nice colors too! If you feel like you joined late, if this could make you feel better… I have not finish the book yet :wink:
Looking forward to your nice stuff! Best chance to you Nathaniel! :slight_smile:


Really nice first sketch! It gives a great feel of dizzyness, very cool. Good luck with the next steps!


wow! this is a pretty good comp Nataniel! looking good man keep it up :thumbsup:


Nice concept/sketch, cool colors…

Lovely brushstrokes! :thumbsup: