Eon (Illustration) Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


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Hi all ! miss you all old friend , let’s have fun , but this challenge is a lot different from the previous , so I have to pick up a novel and read . agrggggg . too lazy !
good luck all


Best of luck monsitj! Can’t wait to see some amazing work from you! :slight_smile:


Good luck Monsit, Im sure well see an another amazing image from you :scream:


hehe welcome nuts bro! have fun and best luck, great to have you here too! let it rock mate! ^^:beer::scream::buttrock:


another freakin crazy challenger:Dgood luck mate~though u might not need it:scream:all the best bro


Well there’s a lot of info about the story in the ‘inspiration’ section so you might just leave the book alone…
Good to have you in man, looking forward to see what you come up with, have fun! :slight_smile:


So, the Master returns to kick everyones’ butts yet again… :smiley:


Best of luck with the reading Monsit - I’m sure you come up with something sparkling! :slight_smile:


Hey Monsit, good to know you’re in man, we’re bound to see some great stuff again on this thread! Good luck and enjoy:)


heyaaaa :smiley: great to see you here also :smiley: have fun and good luck


Woot… i’ll be watching your progress! Loved your space opera entry… i’m sure i’ll love your work for EON… will be learning lots from your thread again… cheers :thumbsup:


I’m getting concerned looking at your portfolio!:bowdown: Best of luck to you tho! :smiley:


sf is your turf …welcome and hf :thumbsup:


Enjoy the challenge. Good to see you again. :thumbsup:


Hello monsijt. Nice to see you here. I’m not sure to do the challenge but I’m sure to go back here (to your thread) often.

Good luck.


Was just looking through your portfolio, man you have some great stuff, no wonder you get to have that little trophy under your sig! I expect to see great things happen in this thread!


Welcome back, Monsitj 5d again!:thumbsup:


hallo Monsit and nice to see you around…and of course good luck :bounce:


Hi Monsitj,have fun man,and again expecting something really neat from you.
I havent got time to read the entire book,instead,I went trough little research on the net,and with some help of cg inspiration section for this challenge,very helpfull to get you started!!

Seeya :slight_smile: