Eon (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow


Hey, Walrus. I like what you’re doing here. Quick but very nice sketches. I’m enjoying these pencil sketches, so don’t rush into painting, please :smiley:


Hey Walrus ! I like your Patricia she’s so cute :love: :smiley:
Really nice work mate I like your style dude :thumbsup: Waiting for your next post man :arteest::arteest:


She kind of reminds me of Eris from Sinbad in style (which can only be a good thing)… very impressive sketches Michael…:thumbsup: As a personal preference i like the two large sketches in the center of the image most (maybe i like the one on the right a little more)… They capture a very nice feeling and just look plain great…


Ho hum, more Patricia sketches… though I like a larger percentage of them this time so that’s something. I’m really trying to get her to look Latina, with the lips and the heavy eyebrows, but I think more of that will read even better with the proper skin-tones.

icedeyes - y’know, I never saw that Sinbad, so I’ll have to take your word for it.

razz - no worries, I tend to sketch everything out pretty thoroughly before rushing into the painting step. I rely on decent sketches as the foundation for a good painting. I’ll just keep doodling away at the characters 'til I get them right.

Anyhow, if folks feel like giving feedback on faces, I’ve given them letter to make it easier to talk about them. Not like it’s a vote or anything, it just makes the conversations easier to follow! :slight_smile:



I can wait to see more of the designs you have for the way. Your Frant sketches are really good I also cant wait to see how you handle the light. Keep up the good work.


nice sketches Walrus!!!
Kind a prefer The “C” and “G” for their regards.
Though they got a little asian, Peru feeling in the anatomy of their faces.
Maybe N° 6 with a more small nose like thumb “A”(like that one too) could give a more latin feeling.
D,E and F seems a bit more like teeners to me.

Looking forward fot the suite!!!:beer:


c top fav, sweet innocent, dreamy, fragile, still kitty.

followed by f, a little less perky but very sweet as well.

thought i like the pointy nose of a a lot. the pointy nose makes her looks “smart” somehow ^^

keep up the great work mate :slight_smile: I always enjoy your development, now looking forward to your next episode ^^


hehe … yep … :stuck_out_tongue: … C n D look really sweet … d is more like … she’s pondering over smthin …

very good variation in expressions! :stuck_out_tongue:

btw … for a majority vote thing … C seems to be more promising! :love:

good luck dude! :thumbsup:


Well, folks seem to like version ‘C’ up above… well, so do I! In fact, before I read half these notes, I was already throwing together some of my favorites, all of which Okmer pointed out. (Thanks, Remko!) So here’s a version of her headf with the bones of ‘C’, some fo the more Latina features of ‘G’, and a small, slightly pointy nose.

I’m trying to throw it all together into a layout including the Frant and Olmy too. I know it’s not working yet, mostly they’re 3 seperate sketches not drawn together (well, four if you could Patricia’s body.) I still need to make them all work together better, but if you have any feedback on how to make that happen, as always, I’d love to hear it. Thanks!



Hi Mike.

Looking really nice I think. The Frant is really cool!:thumbsup:

This is the most correct (from the description of the book) version I have seen so far.

Personally I would consider covering up the actual shoulder because it gets really difficult to make the anatomy look sort of right on a figure like this.

Much like when people try to put more than two arms on a character (seldom look good if the character is naked).

  The characters are all great! But dos not seem to be standing/sitting on the same level here.

Is this inside the ship by the way?

Keep it comming :slight_smile:


I sure do hope you do an awesome job on this one like the “farewell Kiss” because the last one was a very special treat for me. I have studied it alot and must say congratulations on a most excellent job! Praticia is looking good in the last sketch and the frat is cool-funny looking! Can’t wait to see what you will produce this time man!


Hey mike!

Glad to see you up and running here… I was starting to get worried! Even before I looked at the last page, I’d decided that C and G were the best of the lot and you must have pre-read my mind…
I love the alien with the tiny square head. That’s the best part so far imho, lol. It’s hilarious! Right now when I’m looking at the sketch I’m trying to figure out what they’re talking about- I hope you’re going to give clues, as it’s looking kinda vague that way. But, hey, early days yet and your hands are mightily capable, so I guess I can trust in them. :smiley:

settles down in the couch in the corner to watch the ensuing artistic angst Nice place you’ve got here by the way…


Heya walrus - I’m mostly a lurker, because really I’ve nothing useful to say, and I learn a lot from reading – but I’ve been lurking around your stuff for quite awhile and I just wanted to pop in and give a show of support and express my interest in watching you create yet another beautiful inspiring piece. :slight_smile:

I’m so out of my league trying to do this as well, but it’s fun anyway!


Hey Walrus ! Excellent I like patricia and the Frant. Nice work as usual :thumbsup:
Waiting for your next one dude :beer:



Okay so far I’m interested. No I haven’t read the story yet. (Thinks a few seconds) No point making excuses i just haven’t.

You’ve got the character’s more or less flseshed out. Looking forward to seeing where you go next.



This frant is great!:scream:


I’m re-reading the book, deciding if I have time to make an entry. But reading the threads, enjoying watching others working on the same problem I am.

Of the threads, I’m moved to make my first comment in yours. Your drawings are wonderful, glad to see another fan of non-photo blue Prismacolors. Will your entry be hand-drawn? If I enter, mine will.

With your most recent character sketches for Patricia–you nailed her with F. Perfect. The rest–the composition thumbs, the aliens, really good work, really good process.


Here’s another redrawing of the charactes - hopefully they’re starting to fit together more? Things are still somewhat sketchy here and there but certain parts get “frozen” as they become approved, like Patricia’s face for example, cut and pasted from the earlier “approved” version.

I really would like to hear what people think about these layouts and how (or whether) you think the characters fit in there. What I’m trying to show is the scene where Patricia is in Olmy and the Frant’s ship and they first arrive at the massive Axis City. That’s why the city is so large in the composition, and why I’ve cheated the window so large, even though it’s described as a smaller ship. I’d really like to hear from people whether they work, which ones you like, and advice for making it work better.

I have a bad habit of separating characters from background to the point that they don’t really work together. I fear I’ve done it again here: The characters are in a ship so they have no relation to what’s behind them (aside from the ship dashboard.) But I really wanted to show both the human element (Patricia, Olmy) and also the scale of the Way and Nader City. Tough things to reconcile. Should I make the characters smaller? Should I kill the foreground, or the background? Or should I just toss it all and come up with a new layout? Help!

On to comments, briefly:
Per - Thanks for the notes! Hope the characters are sitting a little better now, what do you think?

conkrys - Thanks!

Theresa - Really glad to see you back! The alien is a Frant, described as having a thin head like a board. Guess he’s got skinny brains!

Runecaster - thanks for the support! Hope you have fun too.

Ernest - thanks for the first comment! Yep, love that blue prisma-color. I use the darker one, not the non-photo-blue, but it lightens when i scan it in. I will definitely hand-draw the characters before I color them. I haven’t decided about the background yet.

See you all later, and please leave your thoughts on the laoyouts and whther any of this works, I’m so unsure…



I think “g” the best…she has the awe-look standing before and outstanding and piece of artifact of mega scale.

Great work walrus…


Hard to tell because of the mediums you are using and the layouts are almost similar but I still think that 12 is visually pleasing so far,. Try to a do a black and white sketch or an all greyscale for the sake of getting the composition right. I think will help me get a better read. I usually see better that way. I hope I am not asking to much of ya. Still waiting to see how u will handle this subject!:thumbsup: