Eon (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow


Hi walrus! First of all, congratulations on becoming a dad :smiley: I wish u and ur family all good and lots of joy. And secondly, congratulations on finishing ur piece! U made another great image for ur collection and Im happy to had an opportunity watching it being developed. Good luck also in the judging phase and I hope to see u in next challenges my friend!


VERY WELL DONE! Like your others works!:buttrock:


I’ve not followed this contest at all, but thought i’d have a peep at the entries this morning and there’s some stonking work about. This is just great, Michael! best of luck with the judging, i’m sure you’ll be well and truly in the mix…

But much more important than that, a big heartfelt congratulations on the birth of Zach!


congratulations, wounderful work :slight_smile: it’s been great watching it take shape. superb piece, your a real craftsman. This is a contender for sure!
very little contact with you on this challenge mate, sorry about that! more next time,
you rock ( as usual )


Hi Mike,

Congrats on your new born baby Mike!.. Now youve just got another greater inspiration for your artworks and everything!:thumbsup:



Thanks, folks! Yeah, it looks like I found something to occupy my time while we wait the long wait for the judging. And the little guy occupies ALL my time. We’re up every 2-3 hours all through the night to feed Zach, both of us taking turns. (But last night - or I should say, very early this morning - Talia was nursing and so I sat up and talked with her and sketched a new idea for a painting! :slight_smile: ) He’s a little guy and needs all the feeding he can get at this point. Eventually we’ll get to a point where we don’t have to feed him quite so often (won’t we?) But we’ll just have to see how much time I’ll have for extraneous artwork in the future. I’d like to do another Challenge, we’ll just have to see how things look when the next one’s announced…

Catch you all soon…!




First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on little Zach! He’s such a beautiful baby and you’ll have a wonderful time with him in years to come-- this is such a special time for yourself and Talia!! Fatherhood is a great gift and one that I’m sure you’ll take to like a walrus to water.

We need a picture of the little un with a wacom pen in his hand…come on…train 'em young…

On the other hand, congratulations on your great entry, I’ve actually not been on cgtalk for over a month! :o but I’m very impressed with how it’s turned out, all the best for the judging!!

Now back you go to sketching the mini mike…


My god…i havent been checking this thread…but


First n foremost of course to u and ur wife for the beautiful baby boy! (babies can just kill me u know…:stuck_out_tongue: ) Its wonderful to see ur delighted faces of u and ur wife and the baby…happy together…what a sight…no cg entry can match that fer sure… weeping

Secondly, is for the completion of the challenge…It has been great to follow ur progress altho i lost track to the ending of it coz i was stuck with piles and piles of chores at work. I did mine last minute too… but all came out well and we are all happy!

Congrats again man! Tell Zach i said hi! :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazing work! Congrats on becoming a dad! All the best mate!


Oh ,congrats for becoming a daddy!:smiley: :thumbsup: well-done, haha!


Huge congrats to you and your wife.

I dropped out of Eon early because of too much work. I’m glad I checked in on your thread to hear the good news. Congrats Mike, little ones are a great joy.



wow! :eek: thats awesome mike! baby zach is blessed with two loving parents :love: congratulations to u both! :scream::bounce::):applause:

my best wishes to u and ur family!

good luck with the judging too! :stuck_out_tongue: cheers bro! :beer:


Hey Mike,just came back from a long holiday & what do you know? Congrats on the little guy,he is the cutest thing.All the best to you & your family.



Hey Mike, congrats to you and your wife ! Your little Zach is so cute ! Bless you all !


Thanks for the kind wishes, everyone! We’re all doing well here - not getting the most sleep, but we’re managing okay. Zach’s doing great. He’s 7 weeks old today! He’s changing so much… He now weighs over 8 pounds, 2 more than he did 5 weeks ago. 2 pounds may not sound like much, but when you’re only 6 pounds, it’s a third again of your weight!

Anyhow, they should be announcing the winners sometime soon (?) so before everything around these threads here gets bustling again, I’ll leave you with a more recent pic of Zach, one of my favorites:




Lovely indeed!:slight_smile:

And once again, all the best to you three… and good luck with the jury, Walrus!


Priceless Micheal, just priceless!!!
Reminds of my little Lilou-Jane when she was born, and all I can wish you and your family is loads of warm and sweet love & health!
You won!


haha he´s watching to your avatar:D

so cute, good luck!!I wish Zach growes strong and healthy:thumbsup:


how cute ! haha

congratulations and best wishes :slight_smile:


Thanks, folks! He’s just this past few days started to smile, it’s really adorable… and quite amazing watching him grow. :love:Thanks for the kind wishes.