Eon (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow


Hi, everyone! Thanks for the messages. Sorry I haven’t been around in many days to comment on anyone else’s threads here at the end, but you know how it is with artists: Finish up with one project and it’s on to another one. And I’ve been involved with a very exciting new project these past few days:

On January 27th, my son Zach Dashow was born!
His mother and he and I all got back from the hospital yesterday, and are very excited to be all together in our home. So I just wanted to drop in to let folks know. Sorry I haven’t been able to post anything, add any C&C, or respond to anyone’s messages, but you all understand. Hope the rest of you are all having an okay time finishing up your entries, good luck everyone, and catch you all much later!




Congratulations to the both of you. It’s a major project you’re taking on. Good luck!


Congratulations! This is the ‘real’ Challenge…

Happy to hear mother and baby are doing fine, all the very best to the whole family!


Congratulations daddy!
You look soooooo happy :slight_smile: I wish you all the best!
When I’m grown-up, I wanna be a walrus too!



Whoooo, indeed you look so happy!!all the best for you and your family and congratulations to you both with this proberly most happy thing that can happen to you!NOw that’s a great final!!!
love, love, love!!!yesss,yes,yessss!!!


Now that should make clear who´s the winner in this challenge…
CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!! All the best!


Congrats… This is better than any challenge (and more difficult)…:thumbsup:


Hello Mike!
First I congats you cuz U now are Most HappyMan))) I wish you and to your family a lot of Happieness, a lot of Fun and alot of Health)))
I think that is very exiting feelings))))

thats great that you did it! I was worried that u didnt finished ! I love your Image a lot) Also this great composition make this image much interesting! I wanna Congrats you cuz you did really great Job!
Your Image one of the best ) I know it !
Good Luck and Good Luck in Judgement! )))


Man, you the Winner!!! Congraz to all of you! I wish you and your family the best! cheerz


Two finished artworks in the same thread, mate! And you made it without breaking any rule! Congrats!:beer:


I’m not even gona comment on your entry anymore Michael, this is so much more important. Congratulations on a healthy boy. This is great news.


Wow, these artworks are wonderful, both of them! :thumbsup: You are now participating in much greater challenge than you ever did probably. Good luck with it - you will need it!:scream:

And if you think there where too many viewers on your thread - it’s because I was here very often, watching and learning from you, it was a great pleasure following your progress! Sorry, I couldn’t give you any constructive critique (I am too new to this things yet).


Congratulations, Michael! Wow, finishing two long-term projects in just a couple of days, that’s amazing! :smiley: hehehe

You and your wife are the big winners, hooray! :smiley:


Just scrolling through the finished Illustration entries and thought I’d drop a note here. I actually came across your entry a couple of weeks back, and was really impressed by it. It’s a beautiful painting. One of my favourites in the challenge.

I was curious about some of the earlier WIP stuff you posted, specifically the shots of the city against a wire-frame cylinder background. I was wondering how you made the wire-frame. Was it a 3D model? Or is it a feature in another painting software program? It looked like a very useful tool in setting up a scene like that.

Anyway, best of luck! (and congratulations on the baby!)


Hi, all! Thanks for dropping in with your kind words and congratulations… oh, and for the notes about the Challenge entry, too! :slight_smile: Yes, this certainly is a big new Challenge… and it feels like I haven’t slept for… Eons!
Ha ha. No, actually, Zach’s sleeping relatively well - wakes every couple of housr for feedings, of course, but the time inbetween them is quiet and restful.

Anyhow, understandably, I haven’t been online as much as usual to compliment and ocngratulate everyone on finishing their entries and all that. So congrats, all! For those of you who finished, bask in the warm feeling of having completed a whole painting in 4 months (or 4 days, apparently, from some of the last-minute entries) and be happy that it’s the emptiest playing field in years - so [i]everyone[/i[ has a good shot at it! :slight_smile:

fifty3dragons - Everything outside the cockpit window was at least started in 3D. The Way was a simple cylinder with a geo-sattellite map applied to it, and then heavily painted over. So yeah, there’s real 3-D in there. In 3DSMax, there’s a one-button toggle for making any texture a wireframe instead of a regular filled texture. So I had a simple wire-frame texture I could apply to any 3D object that would make it render out its wires instead of a map. I used that for some of the full-size renders that you saw early on.

That’s all for now. Back to baby…!



Oh men! CONGRATS!!! Thats one fine boy you got there :] Just bou hem some Wacom A6 tablet and hees gone look sooooo cutte wit it :smiley:

Seriously - no other project is like this one - best of luck… you sooo gona need it :wink:


Wow, Mike! You sure know how to impress! Some (late) congratulations from me too. What a hectic time it must have been for you these last months. I can’t improve on the very clever and thoughtful collection of comments on your new ‘work-in-progress’ (okay, I couldn’t resist that one) except to say that it truly is delightful news and I wish you and your family all the best.

Thanks for posting the pics.


needless to say i love your work, i always did and that has never changed. more than all i want to tank you for all the support and help in my thread, and not only that you are a kick ass artist, you also are a great and dear friend to me. so best of luck on the finals, rock on and talk to you soon my friend! :beer::buttrock::arteest:
edit ^^ enjoy your daddy job and more than all congrats :slight_smile:


Congrats! Glad to see that your child was born. Damn just 5 months ago I had mine and was talking about and now in present day I find out that you have your child. My does time fly! Is this it for walrus for future contests? Good luck with your entry by the way!:thumbsup:


Mike, that second piece of yours rocks!!..It is so life like, i have no idea how you did it. HAHA (i am leaving myself wide open for attack for that one i’m sure)

A hearty congratulations my friend, im sure many things in life have been re arranged and prioritized, i hope we get to challenge you in future projects still!.

Awesome and thanks for sharing your photos!