Eon (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow


Hey, all. Here are some doodles of Ser Olmy. He has no nose… how does he smell? (answer - terrible!)

(If you’re not a native speaker of English and the above makes no sense, consider yourself lucky! :slight_smile: )

anyhow, I’m not totally happy with any of them yet. I like the design, but am not sure about the personality. I kind of like the center one: He reinds me of a cheerful Scott Bakula (The Enterprise Captain from the last Star Trek franchise.) I think what I need to do is figure out what actor I would think of as playing Olmy. I can’t decide… maybe a younder Ed Harris? Who do you see in the role?

Maurizio - Good to see you here! Is this your first Challenge? They’re a lot of fun, glad you’ll be taking part in it. I’ll definitely drop by your thread and post in it!

Tibor and Adrian - good to see you back again. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your work as well.



And here’s another page, mostly full of Frant sketches. Plus a lot of miscellany: My favorite sketches of Patricia so far, Axis City detail, and some outfits for Olmy (I’ve got pages of 'em, but they’re all simple, undetailed costume doodles like these.)

The thumbnail at the top is the one I mentioned earlier, a reworking of thumbnail #9 earlier, only with even smaller characters. I’ve had to change the bridge of Olmy’s craft in which he takes Patricia away: I ge tthe feeling in the book that it’s not all that large, but I wanted a big window to show the city through. Blame it on artistic liscense!



Spent some time tonight refining my favorite thumbnail layout so far. I’ve put Olmy ina seat and am trying to make it seem more like a ship’s bridge and less like an observation deck. I could add a top to the viewscreen, but that would close off the city too much and I’d like to keep it feeling huge. Any thoughts on these?

Sorry they’re so pixelly. I worked over the last JPGs I posted, not the PSDs, so I was working at about 200 pixels wide. i like really small thumbnails - it keeps you from getting too detailed and makes you focus on composition and value more - but this is a bit small even for me!


wheeee the Walrus we love is in ^^ just came to subscribe and wish you good luck. love your toonstyle and its a great add to this challenge. good to see ya round.

great character sketches, hehe, and love the thumbnails, instant cinematic feel ^^

godspeed and goodluck, and of course hav fun, go flight!


I like those patricia sketches! Those Aliens are hip to. I am so lame I bet those aliens have a name… sigh. Waiting to see more sketches dude!:thumbsup:


Yep! First Challenge, first dive!

Best, MM


However you might want to play catchup with Nilesh,Nemko,Nathaniel And Prabath as
their Axis City designs and detail are very well advanced at this early stage.


brrrhmmm - We’ve got three months left, I’m not too worried about it. :slight_smile:
It’s not like a race where the first person to finish is the winner. When I work on a painting, I find it more helpful to have a goot layout first before you even worry about the details.

Bryce - the aliens are the Frants… 'though it doesn’t even matter if you know their names as long as they loog good. :wink:

Dunno how much work I’ll get done this weekend. I need to start work on my Halloween costume! Maybe a sketch here or there. In the meantime, anyone have any thoughts about 11 versus 12?



I think i like no.1. It has the tube running one direction, and a character looking at the oposite direction. It creates some dynamic in the compostion. Glad you included that into your thumbnail study.

I like your concept sketches…

im subscribing fer sure…:slight_smile:


Yop,yop you’re back and indeed, you did a lot of doodling mate!!ha,ha, love those frant’s and Patricia in the left lower corner ,she’s great!!!
Looking forward of how’ll you put this all together!!
Good luck and all the fun Walrus, love your work!


Hello Mike,

Finally you decide yourself to enter in Eon and it’s great.
I like the sketch you did. I still didn’t receive the french version of the book (I will kill my library, lol ). It’s not important, I work better when I work lately.

Your study look good.
I didn’t still know the characters, so I can’t help you to say if they are accurate to the story.
That’s why I try to not see and participe for the moment to not influencate my original vision when I will read book ;-).

Make a good one ! I will come back at the end of the constest for a speedy Wip :wink:



Hi Michael!

Im glad you picked thumbnail 10… I personally liked 10 and 1 the best. For me its 12 right now, I like how the girls silhouette in the corner sits. Plus it helps direct your eye to the rest of the image… great flow. Looking forward to the next update! - J


Nice to see you around walrus :thumbsup: old chap :slight_smile:

Looks like a cartoon eon is going to appear soon? What about doing a trailer entry too? It can be 2D animation too Just an idea.



Nice sketches, I personnaly like the number 12. because you have more the feeling ot the Corridor. I think it mainly because you allmost see all of Axis city. In number 11 you have less the “cylindrical” feeling.

anyway will keep watching!


12 over 11. Hope to see something new from ya!:thumbsup:


Wow, lots of comments! Thanks for dropping by, everyone, and for posting.

Interesting to see so much support for #12. There are things I like about it - like being able to see the design for the front of the city - but actually, i found Trikke’s comment most interesting: “you allmost see all of Axis city.” That’s the main reason that I don’t like #12: Axis City is huge, 40 km long at least, and the thing I like about #11 is that it’s so large, it’s looming above the whole picture, too large to take in the whole thing at one time. That makes it feel larger to me.

Falcor - No, I don’t know how cartoony I’m going this time. I mean, I’m goign to try to play it relatively straight, not for laughts, but knowing me it’ll still end up being a little cartoony. We’ll see. I talked to a team about doing a trailer, but in the end, I’ve got a lot on my plate right now and don’t want anyone to have to depend on me if I have to abort partway through. I’ve never half-finished a challenge yet, but I don’t want to be letting others down in case I have to.

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Some doodles of Patricia. I still like the one from earlier, so I included it in the upper left. I like the ones on the left side more than the ones on the right. Not all of them are that great, but might as well share the good with the bad, it’s still just sketching stage…

I’d still like to hear what folks think about the 2 layouts last posted too, please.

Catch you all later…



An entering the ring is…Looking forward to seeing your work.

Your concept sounds good but I thought the whole point of seperate chambers was that the atmosphere is so thick you can’t see through to the next level. I might also be wrong but I do want to see this so…disregard what i just said.


Hey walrus. I really like your character sketches. :bounce:

You’re right about Patricia. The left version looks best.

Man, I can’t wait to see how this comes out. Really cool!


Buffichar - I’m guessing you haven’t completed the whole book yet, but my image takes place about halfway in, right when we’ve moved far beyond the 7 chambers. That’s when the book becomes far more interesting too, imho. :slight_smile:

Jedi-juice - thanks!