Eon (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow


hey buddy! :bounce: amazing update!:eek: great work on the reflections and details! :eek: :bounce:

on the other hand … i tried a lil smthin … i hope its ok … surely u can make it much better … here it is … =)

wat do u think buddy? … if these lights look ok … then u can enhance them hell of a lot more :slight_smile:

cant wait to c the final piece man! :eek: god bless ya! n good luck! :thumbsup:


hehe… sorry buddy. When it comes to explanations in english, Im quite weak :slight_smile: ok… so I made a quick ugly skethc just to show u what bothers me. It seems to me that u have an Echer effect going on in ur image. There r two ways how those curves should go over the cockpit (no.1 and no.2 sketch) but in ur case I see a mix of both. correct me if Im wrong, but thats just the way I see it.


hey Mike!!

yes yes … i agree with NinjaA55N … i c it too … yikes … :eek: i totally missed that one :eek:

da sketch explains it very well indeed!

operation fix up! :wip:


Blaz: it’s not an error, these futuristic materials/constructions are designed to hurt the eyes :scream:


coco is right, half of the book they talking about multi-dimensional materials and space-time-effects far to sophisticated for us earthlings.

So i thinks it´s a … a…yes, a hint, an innuendo that walrus has in mind.


well, it seems I didnt quite get there yet where this is explained :stuck_out_tongue: hehe sorry for missleading :slight_smile:


Yay, it’s paint-over city! (I love this part of the Challenge!)

Neville - neat idea, thanks for your suggestion fo the lights. They look cool. I can’t decide whether they draw too much attention to the lower right. But then, I don’t have to put a light there, I guess.

Blaz - Thanks for the sketch. I see where your confusion lies, I was just hoping you’d have been able to explain how to fix it! But I guess that’s hard if you don’t quite know where I was going with it in the first place. I had been thinking of it as sketch #1, like so:

Now the question is what do I do to make it look more like that. Hmm, any ideas, anyone?



Yes let the detail define the orientation. In the desired scetch you have little lines running perpendicular to the curvature. In you picture you have some other details, and these do not define the orientation correctly…


Draw lines that imply that perspective. My 2 cents. I initially read it that way. Also what came to mind is to thin that curvature up a bit at the top of the arch to give it another perspective going up, a Z axis I guess. Painting is coming together nicely!:thumbsup:


put the details into perspective aswell. have those black dots aimed at a vanishing point and the detail around them doing the same…

edit hi beelow :wise:


Well, all of those details were intended to get smaller in the distance… it was just so subtle, no one but me could tell! So here’s a new version. No hexes, the emphasis is all on shapes that flow down the length of the ship. I also redid some fo the lighting to show more of the sides of the arcs, and to show how the light from outside and from the datascreens are hitting them, as recommended. And I also took some of the blue tint away from the far right.

And lastly, I took Bill’s advice and shifted Patricia and the Frant’s reflections to the left more. Haven’t got to thinking about the interior lights yet, but hey, this is enough for one night… or more specifically, one really early morning.

Better, maybe? (I hope?)
Time for bed…



Just great :thumbsup:


It looks fantastic Mike. No crits/suggestions from me (which is why I’ve been so silent around here lately). The new reflections look excellent


Thanks, guys! (And actually, Marley, you’re doing pretty well all in all. Some folks just vanish after they’ve completed their entries!)

Relooking at this again this morning, I realized part of what’s wrong with the arc overhead - it’s too well lit. I think making it darker on the top parts will help reinforce that it’s facing downwards, not outwards. It shouldn’t be receiving as much light as it is. don’t know why I didn’t see that before. (Slaps forehead.) Well, maybe because it was 3am…! :slight_smile:


Hi Michael,

If you’re talking about the lighting on the arches supporting the “glass” over the walkway, it seems to me that with the primary light source being the plasma tube, that the underside of them would be lit only by bounce light off the floor of the walkway - unless of course you’ve got lights in the walkway somewhere. So if you’re going from the plasma tube, you’d have a bright edge light on the upper arc of the support, with greater contrast between the parts facing the walkway and the part facing up toward the city.

Heh, but then, we all gotta cheat our lights on images of this scale about this story, because if we didn’t the thing would look weird to us earthbound humans. Technically the plasma tube would have to seem nearly sunlight-bright, so it would be pretty much blinding! In my image I’m totally cheating because I’m lighting ground stuff from a “low sun” angle instead of from “noon” as things in the Way would actually be lit…

This image looks fabulous, though. I think it’s one of the best in the Challenge.



the sense of scale is immense!

love your characters. You don’t seem to need the extra time at all :slight_smile:


Well, we have had 3 and a half months already to work on this, which is certainly a generous amount of time to finish a single painting! :slight_smile:
Anyhow, thanks!


It looks like you’re just a step from finishing. You did an incredible piece. I like it. It’s my newest desktop wallpaper (please don’t copyright this :thumbsup:). Love it entirely. Good luck dude!



Now it looks just right. It was all about the perspective :slight_smile: keep it going man, plenty of time, just watch out not to overdo it. But maybe those lights in lower right corner wasnt so bad idea. If u’ll gonna make them there, be carefull to let them very subtle, just to enrich the empty part. So they wont take too much attention and pull the viewers eye off the great diagonale that u have from lower left to upper right corner. Ah, what am I saying… u sure know all this already :slight_smile: Good luck!


I see others mentioning the sense of scale and I think that’s a good point. Yours seems to me be one of only a small group of entries which not only has been very true to the book - it’s clear that you’ve read it - but it also captures the impression of being inside an object of that (almost) unimaginable scale. That’s got to be good when it comes to judging. Good on you Mike. Still no crits from me, just wishing you luck as take the last steps towards the finish. I can’t wait to see the hi-res final