Eon (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow


Yap, I totaly agree with you Micheal that the most exiting part of the contest is all the interacting between all these people, how like what they do and do what they like.Even if it isn’t always easy for those who dont master for 100% the english language or who don’t have the time to be online so much.
There is so much to learn here in these contests.
And not only drawing and painting.
Also how to interact,being constructif and learn from the critics of other artlovers, and that’s, I think the most important factor in the proces of upleveling your skills.
(Sorry my english for exemple ,it quit suc*s and it isn’t always easy to find the right words,ha,ha)

Anyway, me too I feel like your slowly heading towards the final of your pic and indeed it was a huge pleasure to see you working!No more crits I see, and just the final “WHOOOOO”!!!
Bow down from me!!!:beer:


Mike, i really love how this turned out. Again it´s a pleasure to see how you work.

For the picture: i think it could still use some structuring details on the axis and on the cockpit whereas the background by and large needs a lower contrast imo.
That would put the emphasis more on the group, ´cause right now those two focuses (is that even a word?) kind of struggle with each other.

But then again, maybe i just envy you about your progress and the picture.:scream:


Woo hoo! A very productive night indeed (which is good, given how few more there are!) Let’s see, what’s on tonight’s revision list?

I took off that strong shadow on Patricia’s right side and faded the Frant arm more, so that hopefully it won’t look as much like it’s sticking out of her (Thanks, Ivy!)

I added more detail to the back vanes of Axis City, and faded the background of the way more… not everywhere, but more on the right hand side behind the city where there’s the greatest contrast. It isn’t a lot, it’s subtle, but a slight improvement. (Thanks, Torsten!)

Made the data screens a bit more green on the left (thanks, icedEyes!)

And the big work: I threw together some quick models of the 3 characters and renderred out some refractions of them on a tube. (Thanks, Sacha!) I painted over those and so now I have some vaguely accurate reflections of the characters on the rounded glass. And i tightened up the reflection/sheen on the glass too. (Thanks Okmer and especially SNoWs!)

And I repositioned some of the ships in the background to not interfere with the shadows.

Not much left - still some small detailing needed in the cockpit, but after that… Well, just in time!

Love to hear you thoughts about the rteflections and other changes, either completed or ones that you think I still need to get to. Let me know… Thanks!



The updates are great, the arm looks a lot better now from what I can see without close up detail. Your Frant looks so fatherly and gentle it really nails how I felt about the Frant in the book.


something bugs me about the reflexions, first i thought they were not positioned correctly according to the rule: entry angle = exit angle
but now i’m not so sure…
maybe they need some more blur?

anyway, about one thing i’m pretty sure, if you add reflections you gotta do the whole programme, and that includes the floor and especially everything that shines like the data screnns and the pictos.

all other changes are kickass :thumbsup:

there’s something entirely different that also bugs me a bit, and it’s the colors of the near axis city, i think it would add a lot to the image if it had more color variations. i’d recomend adding some purple.

hehe, well, my own humble opinion, you’re probably too busy anyway :slight_smile:



The reflections kind of bother me too. If it were me I would just make them fainter (reduce their opacity) so they are only borderline visible. Because they seem correctly drawn, but are too noticeable in my opinion. Apart from that, all the new work is superb. This looks mightly close to being finished now


Hey Mike the new post looks great.the new details add a lot to the finishing touches.Looks great.



Lots more work tonight… and a good thing, too as I don’t have too many more nights to devote to this. so one way or another, it’s going to be done…!

I’ve added more cockpit details, and done a lot more brushwork in teh back of Axis City to really bring out the glow back there. I’ve refined all of the glare lines. And I both added more details to the reflection in the window as well as made them less obvious. I was unhappy with the few details you could see, how sketchy they were. it’s not like you can see them much now, but it works better. I also shifter around the Frant and Patricia’s reflections, to better fit the angles you were talking about, coCoKNIght.

And speaking of your suggestions, I have to confess that the idea of adding purple took me by surprise. I didn’t quite take it seriously at first, it seemed so out of left field. But I’ll give anything a try, and as you can see, I stuck a bit in there, on the bottom version posted above. Not too intense, but it’s there just enough to be noticeable. And it’s different… and surprisingly good looking. I still can’t decide which i like better, the original (top) scheme or new version (bottom) with purple. And it’s not helping that it’s pretty late here. So when in doubt: toss it out to the general masses to hopefully garner some useful insight.

Let me know what you think, folks! Not just on the colros ('though that would be a big help) but also any last touches. Only one I can see at the moment is a signature missing from the corner, which is always my last step in a painting…



Definitely go with the purple, Mike (says the man who couldn’t paint without).And yes, time for that ‘very last touch’ I think. WELL DONE!! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


The reflections look the part now mike. hmm, have you tried the purple without the colour affecting the interior?..

again i find myself favouring eitherway.

The interior is fantastic…

one thing, do you use masking?. everything looks so crisp. I very rarely use them as i haven’t found a way to save them for next use (they seem to disappear when photoshop is closed)…

anyways, look forward to the final destination.

been a priviledge catching this developement.

And a big thanks for the help you’ve given me aswell!.


edit* hhm it seems we have an extended deadline, im not sure wether to be happy about this or not.


Yap, you’re right Marley, 21 days left…That will allow us to bring in some more strokes,ha,ha!
Hi micheal!Personaly I think something feels strange about the elements you’ve brought in on the arcs of the cockpit,something bothers the perspective now i think.
For me it’s definitely the purple one.I find it gives even more a nice feeling on the fish eye.
Amazing now the backpart of the engine and the reflectoins on the window!
Personaly I think one of the strokes of light/reflection on the window could have a more hard edge.
And maybe the first arc and the metal part of the cockpit near the ground(near us)could use a bit of light falling on it from the outside as its exposed to the light of the beam normaly.
Hope my englsh is clear,:shrug:
Anyway your image is awesome always and each time I come in a bit more!!!Keep on rocking mate!!!:beer:


Hey Michael,

Love what you have done with the place, an amazing image indeed. :thumbsup:

cheers Mark


I have to agree with that. looks like those details aren’t in perspective.
…and of course i’d like to see more color fluctuations and more purple :stuck_out_tongue: on the fron cap sides of the axis city elements.

a price is already yours anyway :buttrock:

edit: by the way, i like what you did to the reflections.


I think the purple brings more curvature to the background and that’s a good thing


Hi walrus! Its been quite a while since I last poped in ur thread. I see u did a great progress and it really is at the point of finishing and last touches. I see why r u confused about purple color. It looks nice, really nice. But It also makes that corner down there a bit too dark if u ask me. So what I suggest is, put purple under the fence coz it gives that depth feeling and nice atmospheric touch, but reduce it on the metal fence.
And one another thing that I just noticed and I must say it quite bothers me… those round shapes that hold that glass tube together (I hope u know what am I talking about) seems to be a bit off perspective. Actually they look like if they were rotated in the upper part, but it just doesnt make any sence. If they r flat, than the upper part doesnt work, and if they arent, than the joint part isnt ok. If I complicated too much, let me know and I’ll overpaint u :slight_smile:
Best regards and lots and lots of succes on finishing that piece!


Looking great Mike! I like details a lot. And in that last update (I am not sure if I have problem with monitor colors) I don´t see any different. I like both, hehe:thumbsup: Finish it at time mate!


Bravo! You’ve outdone yourself! I vote for the purple too. One thing that’s bugging me though. The reflections of the characters look to me to be too far forward and, too wide. Patrica’s most noteably. The reflection is butt up against that strucual support, but she’s standing away’s back from it.
Have you cleared space for a new boxx?


They extended the deadline after we’ve all been working to finish this week? :roll:
Well, I’m still planning on finishing this week. I’m dying to get back to drawing something funny, enough with this serious SF junk. :grin:

Marley - Good point, I’ll see how it looks with less purple in the interior. I don’t use masking, but then, I don’t paint all on one layer either. At any given time, I’m working in 12-20 layers, occasionally merged and flattened. Once upon a time, Axis City was dozens of layers, as was the Way. They’ve long since been flattened down to one. And then I add paintovers (sometimes) to fuzzy up those edges, like I did in the back of the city. But all the work I did yesterday on the cocpit was another dozen layers, which is why it looks so sharp.

Okmer - thanks! I think i see what you’re saying. You’re likely right about more light on the arc. I may just avoid more light on the far right part of the cockpit side, because I really don’t want to draw the eye to that. But let me give it a try.

cocoKnight - Sorry pal, you already got all the purple you’re getting! :slight_smile: (I tried but didn’t like it that intense.)

Blaz - I see what you’re saying about the cockpit side - the “fence” and agree that I could take the purple down some. As far as how specifically to fix the curves on the top of the cockpit, I confess I’m not quite following your suggestion. If you have any time (and we have tons more time now!) I would greatly appreciate a paint-over or a sketch or something explaining better, 'cause I’m not quite following your post. Thanks!!

And to everyone else who just stopped by to say hi or drop other comments, thanks again for your support!



Oops, Bill, you snuck in a good reply while I was typing my last post. Good point about the reflections. I’ll have to do something about that. Thanks!



yet another impressive entry from you Micheal :wink: