Eon (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow


It all looks excellent Mike. Those slight changes have added a lot of polish to this image


wow buddy! :eek: i see the lens effect! :eek:
so very cool! :bounce: everything is beautifully captured! :eek:
no crits from me buddy … just waiting for da final showdown! :eek:

cheers to u mate! :beer:

n good luck as always! :thumbsup:


This is looking real nice mate. My only concern is with the lack of volume of the glass. I liked the sharp edges better, all it needed was a slight distortion so they wouldn’t be perfectly straight. Having a blurred reflection like it is now, suggests a porous surface and thus it would also affect the objects on the other side. Also, adding the reflection of the characters distorted to fit the curvature of the glass would bring it home IMHO.


looking great :slight_smile: can’t wait to see the final


Well, lots more work on the cockpit… Much nicer looking walls (though I still will add a few more details.) And I upgraded its navigation systems from the old round viewscreens to holographis data-displays. No you can see part of what’s cating the green light on them! (I’ll post a detail in a sec…)

SNoWs, I think you’ve got an excellent point about the glare and reflections in the glass. I should try some hard edges again. And I’ve been putting the reflections off because, frankly, I have no clue what their reflections would look like! Just fun-house-mirror distorted, or smeared all the way around the circumference fo the window? Looks like I have a week to fool around with it!

Anyhow, a solid amount of work for the day…



Here’s a close-up on them datascreens. It was stated in teh book that their written language isn’t the same as ours, so I made a new font for them. I just took an existing font - I forget which one - and cut and pasted letters together to make weird, half-breed, mutant children of various letters! :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah, and you can also see some of what I’ve been doing with the tail-end of Axis City, using a chalk brush to add some interesting detail and fog effects.


since you done much in 3d already you could easily make yourself a ref in 3d for the reflections, place 3 lowpoly or biped figures or whatever in a geometry that looks more or less like your cockpitglass, set that to be 100% reflective and render it - there goes “idea of reflection”. very cool screens by the way :slight_smile: keep on rocking mate!:beer::buttrock::wip:


cool work, solid rendering. Little touches to the background and you’re there!


yepaaaww! so cool datascreens. and the new end of axis rocking, lovley piece. you are the master!!!


Great update, Mike! The holo-screens are a great touch and I really like the added work on Axis City. I think their reflections will be quite deformed, my guess is elongated and out of proportion, but that’s just a guess, I’d say try a few distortions and go with whatever fits better in the image (artistic licence, right? :wink: ).


Excellent updates Mike, the Frants arm looks to me a bit like it is growing out of Patricias hip, I think it might be because of the shadow in the fold of her jumpsuit in the exact same area where the Frants arm is.


I like it better now but i have a slight suggestion/differentiation on the displays… to give them a more tv like effect, add some glow or scanline (thin)… just my opinion but i think that would make them look more “screenish”… And maybe more greenish since we all know the future will be commodores black and green screens:scream:…

Have fun and good luck…


Yap Mike,just excellent updates, no crits from me!!!Love it.
Maybe some reflections on the glass indeed.
Love to see the evolution in your thread!
Big up bro!


icedEyes - the funny thing is, they looked greener on my PC. Here in Mac-land (or at least on this partifular Mac) they appear very faded. But scanlines would be way too small to read at this distance. Even if they were tv-sets circa 1960 you wouldn’t see the scan-lines!

Ivy - You’re right - seeing the shole illustration together like this, it’s obvious I put the shadow on Patricia’s hip in the wrong place given the light source… but maybe the shadow is too dark too - i was trying to get the effect of the light from the Way throwong a shadow on her body from the arm. I’ll work on that some more, thanks for pointing it out.

Angel - darn, and I was hoping I was done with the 3D part! :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone else, too, for dropping by. Hope yours are all coming well too. One week left! (no pressure though…!) I’m really curious to get to the end, see how many people actually finish. I’m betting it will be a record low number. But then, people always surprise me in these things, specifically all the folks who sign on with one week left, complete an entry with no feedback from anyone in the threads, and then vanish again. They miss the best part about the challenges, imho.

(And the other people I don’t get are the ones who post in those threads “waaaow! How come I haven’t seen this thread before?” It’s because the person just posted everything from rough concept to Final Entry within 3 minutes of each other!)

Well, anyhow, to you, my real compatriots who stuck it out the whole time, I salute you! Good luck finishing up!



I’m really curious to get to the end, see how many people actually finish. I’m betting it will be a record low number. But then, people always surprise me in these things, specifically all the folks who sign on with one week left, complete an entry with no feedback from anyone in the threads, and then vanish again. They miss the best part about the challenges, imho.

Totally agree with you, interaction is by far the best part of the challenge (says the veteran… :wink: ).

To indulge your curiosity, as of now I counted 17 finished entries in the illustration forum.


Just looking at your reply to IcedEyes , I work on a *coughs really old 1.3 ghz , hardly any ram windows, surprised it does not blow up kind of pc… when I work in photo shop I switch back and forth on the proof set up between Mac and Windows. I don’t know anyone around me with a Mac , so wondering if that gives some idea as to what it really looks like in both , using the proof set up view on Photoshop that is… gack did that question make sense?

on a side note, I love the interaction of this, I was so shy to even enter this and try , but really glad I did, it is something I will never regret and have met a lot of talented and extremely nice and helpful people here :slight_smile:


Thaldir - I suspect there will be many more in the coming week! :wink:

Ivy - I do know what you’re asking, but don’t have an answer for you. I’m doing my main work on a PC and happen to sometimes wantder through the forums on my wife’s iBook. A better person to ask would be MarkDavis, who I know went through a much mroe serious color correction comparing Mac to PC. But even if just one one or the other, everyones’ monitors differ, so I’d say it’s hard to correct for all of them anyhow. What I’m seeing could have nothing to do with the OS, just the fact that they’re 2 different monitors!



Many more entries Mike? Wow, it already looks out standing in my opinion. It has been a real blast follwing your progress through out the challenge. I’ll be tuning in for the final mate.

Kick Ass


No, I meant that I think there will be many more people finishing their own Challenge entries in the coming week! :slight_smile:


Mike, thanks very much for sticking with this piece. its been an absolute education observing your progress. LOVE where this is now. the paneling looks very impressive. I do wish you had kept some of those circular panels, they provided a nice break in the uniform shape of the deck…They added variation. never the less, i bet your looking forward to the finish line now.



(agreed that interaction is the best part, good way of breaking the ice in meeting other artists)