Eon (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow


Hi, very nice work … however I have few suggestions :wink:

I think you could raise the cloud layer a bit more to the center of the tube (higher) … the tube seems to be actually wider in diameter with so little space between “ground” and clouds.

I suppose you are still working on the interior, but anyway - the screens would look nicer with some content and the supporting archs could be a little worn out - they look too perfect.

Also I find those reflections (two white stripes across the whole glass bubble) a bit disturbing - maybe more opacity or blur would do the trick.

good luck


I don’t agree with hectic about the cloud layer. I reckon you’ve got it right. When you’re 25 km from the surface, and 24-and-a-bit km above the clouds too then they would look like, well like how you’ve done them. I think the confusion comes from the fact that it’s unlikely that anyone here has ever been that high above the ground, unless there are some astronauts in this forum. I tend to agree with hectic about the glare on the ‘glass’ though. It looks heaps better now you’ve reduced its opacity and curved it, but it still distracts me a bit.

As for your deck-orations, maybe you can stick a screen grab of the profile view of your Axis city straight out of your 3D program into one of those cool oval monitors. Tweak it a bit and you’d have a nice navigation panel guiding them home. But I can’t imagine too much complexity in a futuristic console. I would keep it fairly simple.

As always Mike, just my 2 cents. Cheers


Thanks, guys. Yeah, I really haven’t given much thought to the screens. I dunno about the side view of Axis City. Wheneever I see that on a screen in someone else’s image or TV show, I always think, “Oh, look, they reused their 3D model for one of their screens!” I don’t know if I want to be guilty of the same kind of recycling. I figure I’ll whip up some form of hi-tech graphics or something.
I definately need to add more deco to the inside of the cockpit, just haven’t got there yet.

Anyone have any more siggestions on the glare on the inside fo the window? I have no idea what it would looik like in real life, so I’m having trouble wrapping my head around what to do there.

Good points on the Frant, I see what I can do to fix that up, at least! :slight_smile:



i can only think to make it more transparent and soften them edges they don’t need to be as sharp as they are. I think someone already mentioned bluring them. they’ll look different once the small screens are up and working i think.



Maybe some simple and fonctional elements on the sides near the floor could be cool, for exemple, air rasteriser(air in and out systems,dont really know the right word in english),or some low tempered lights that should light up a bit the floor,(this could also permit you to bring in in a subtile way some secondary colors).Or cableholders with some cables running along the sides following the tunnel.A glassbreaker/Axe like you can find in busses in case of emergency.
a wallphone on the arcs with speakers,etc…

Maybe some kind of holographic screen following the rounded forms of the glass, lightly superposed in semi opacity on the glass with plans of the room.

Maybe the second ray of light(to the right) on the glass could be cool to make it hard edged on one side and smooth/soft edged on the other side to bring in even more maybe the feeling of reflecions on the glass.
Just my 2 cents…
Excuse me please, I’m very tired and my english must be horrible by now so I hope you understand me…Because I’m not sure I understand myself :grin:
Good night mate!
May ze forzzz be wiz you!!!


I vote leave the cloud layer how it is, and soften some of the window glare edges (but not all of 'em). For the screens, high tech graphics (ahem, “picts”) definatelly fit in with the story but they don’t have to be confined to monitors. Making any cockpit graphics glow green would be a good opportunity to justify the backlighting color on your characters.

What more do you have planned? It looks pretty close to finished to me.


well since frants are much into karaoke i could picture a holographic karako machine dispaying in front of patricia i can already hear the the happy frant say: now sing along with me, “iiiin the navyyyyy…” :scream: :wink: jk.

Nice progress, i agree with the crowd some elements to fill the spaces might help the piece. maybe some kinda seats, and in the front some kind of cockpit interior. since all 3 are illuminated warm, a kind of lightsource justifying that would help to get the (cold ambient litten)environment and the characters together. hope that point somehow is of help :slight_smile:

keep up the great work mate


hey buddy! awesome update man! :eek: amazing details with lights … cloth … expression n all! :eek: …

m dumbfounded :eek: … very eager to c the final draw! …

how about adding some lights in the interiors … ?? …

thats all i’ve got actually … other than that … AMAZING!

cheers mate! good luck for the challenge! :thumbup:


Really nice character designs!! and i love the cloth work of the jumpsuit!!

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Hi, all! Thanks for the notes. I’ve not had a lot of time to work this week, but I plan on finishing it up mostly this weekend. But like you pointed out, very little to do now. I haven’t posted it yet, but I made soem more adjustments on the Frant to try to get his arms looking the same size, and some more resuggested fixes to keep him distinct from Patricia.

Getting back to the FishEye Lens idea that Yoff been’s asking about, I worked on a test for it on my lunch break today. I don’t have all my most recent files here at work, so all the Axis City, character, spacehip and cockpit detailing looks like it’s taken a step or 2 backwards. don’t worry! This is just a test in the simplest way possible to get a fish-eye lens effect. No fancy (and frustrating) reflection or refraction this time around: I simply applied the background onto a hi-poly sphere and rendered it out!

So… opinions?



I like it, but its neither here nor there, but what it does do is create an opprtunity to do something with the deck i like how it seems to be lighter and i can visualize being able to paint different styles of paneling in accordance with the shape of the curve. that is a slight positive ^^. Neither one stands as a clear cut descision though…

if i had a choice id just continue as is.



Interesting. I’ve been staring at the two for a while and it wasn’t until I noticed (in the fish eye one) that a lovely curve has been introduced to the lower edge of the window glass, that’s when I decided that I prefer the fish eye one. I was looking for fish eye effect on Axis City but it was, as you say, subtle. But in how it affects the whole image I’m in favour


I’ve forgotten about the progress made already, you’ve already curved the deck haven’t you?..well that should be interesting, fishbowled.


Well, yeah, but I curved it in the opposite direction of the fish-eye lens effect. I doubt the two would go together: I’d have to redo that part of the deck, I think. But it’s at this point just a flat fill without any detailing, so that isn’t too much rework!

The place where the fish-eye sticks out the most to me is the front of the city, especially in teh distorted cubes and circular cross… too distorted, perhaps?


Ahah! I now see what you and Marley mean about the deck line. Silly me. As for the cubes and cross, yes I think they do look a bit too distorted now


I went ahead with the fish-eye lens render. To compensate for the distortion we talked about above, I ended up completely repainting the cubes and cross in the front - partially just a paint-over, and partially rerenderring a new dish in the front and then painting over that. Add to those the new curved cockpit floor, glare-lines on the windows, and contrails from the ships, and I think I ended up with a nice subtle curve to the entire piece that wasn’t there before. I must confess, I kinda like it!

Some other new things this version: The Frant’s arm anatomy improved (I made his right arm longer to match the other one) and I’ve added some subtle fogging on the Frant and Olmy to pull them apart from Patricia more. And I also did some paint-over work on the back of the city to emphasize certain parts and the glow and such.

But because I spent all my time today working on redoing the lens effect, no new progress to show on the viewscreens and such. Stay tuned tomorrow… :slight_smile:


p.s. Sorry for all the screwy posts below. NO, I wasn’t trying to artificially inflate my hit-count! I kept posting and CGTalk kept sending me an error message so I kept trying. I had no idea my submissions were actually going through!


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removing a redundant quadruple post.


removing a redundant quadruple post.


you’ve done great!!. it has worked ,and the characters really look at home more than they ever have. is there a tad more yellowish green for the edges of the way?, I think those colours have worked big time. like the inner glare on the windows too, the rear of the axis is certainly looking comfy ^^.

i’d be pleased with this progress!

(i have commented alot here, i hope i haven’t cluttered your thread with too much nonsense)