Eon (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow


Great update as usual, Mike! As to the lamè cloth (Italian spelling) Mark has nailed it, IMHO (also on the fact that it looks great as it is).

I hear you on Olmy…had the same trouble with my Garry.One can only do that much with far characters. Although the final TIFF that will be uploaded in FTP will be way bigger than what we can see here (that’s my own consolation, at least)


So that’s you I saw in ImagineFX!

Great work, all of it :thumbsup:! I am not 2D person, in fact I can’t even sketch, but if my 3D will ever be half as good as your work - I will be O.K.

Best of luck!


Well, yeah, it’s true that we’ll all be uploading the full-res image… but I don’t expect the judges to go poring over most entries at 100% zoom. I wonder how they DO all view them? Print-outs, screen? In a forum like this where everything’s been resized to screen-res? Anyhow, I’m resigned to the fact that Olmy won’t get seen too much. But at least he’s there and you can tell it’s him: Stature, the picting, the fact that he has no nose.
(So how does he smell?)… :slight_smile:

Immediately after posting the lamé work in progress…
(It’s not that I didn’t know the proper Italian spelling, it’s just that I have no idea how to get the é in Windows. On a Mac, which is where I am now, it’s easy. Easé!) :slight_smile:

Anyhow, immediately after posting it, my wife Talia (aforementioned shawl model) and I looked at the post and decided it was too green. I added some more white spots to parts of it orienting upwards and it looks better already.

Marley, I don’t mean to be a tease with not showing the whole thing, I just tend to work by bouncing around different spots. I have older versions of the characters in the Axis City file, and only the far left corner of the background in the Characters’ file. I try to keep things distinct to save on space: Each file is a huge pile of layers, and it gets expensive keepign them all live in eavery file, so I separate things out into smaller working files. Now that the characters are pretty much done, I’ll flatten them and reincorporate them into the background file and post that soon… maybe even this year!

Not too much to do left:

  • Finish the detailing on the front of Axis City and decide what value to make the whole thing
  • Add the little spaceships
  • Add effects from the plasma tube.
  • Add Olmy’s ship interior (just windows and deco, nothing too compilcated
  • Smore brush-work in the background and other post effects…
    … and I think that’s it!

Oh, hey, one funny story - So I’m at a Christmas dinner with friends last week. One friend, Laura, has been silently following most of this thread. (Hi, Laura!) We were all sitting aorund, and she commented that she thopught it was going well, except Patricia’s hand seemed a bit “chubby,” not enough bones. She showed me her hands as an example, and then decided to show me another hand. “Hey, Sarah,” she called across the room, “hold up your hand!” Well, she’d forgotten that Sarah had been the model for those hands, by virtue of the fact that she just happened to be wearing a blue jumpsuit on Halloween. So Sarah holds up her hands… And they’re not as bony as Laura’s, and she realized that the hands I’ve painted look just like Sarah’s hands! :slight_smile: Anyhow, it’s subtle but I’ve now added more details like that to Patricia’s hands.

Sasha - NO, that was NOT me in the November ImagineFX!!! It was an interview with me, but that WASN’T my photo. (I don’t even know whose picture it was, but I would hate for people to think that was me. I look completely different that that, no offense to whomever’s photo it really is.)

That’s enough text, catch you all later, and thanks for the notes. Have a great New Years!



Making nice progress I see. I think that if you tone the green hue a bit you might get back the “silvery” look you were after, although I think you haven’t lost it completely.

Looking great, one of my favorites so far.


Thanks for the suggestion, SNoWs. I did exactly that and it came out pretty well.

Also added some detailing to the front sections of the cubes and “maltese cross” - again, using a 3D app to create a “kaleidascope-mapped” section of a sphere toadd details to that front round part. Added a few more lights… and there we go!
Way background - done!
Axis City - done!
Characters - done!

Now Olmy’s ship just needs some attention, and the little ships in the background. And I don’t know what I’m going to do with that reflection in the window… Is it a transparent material like glass that would have a reflection? Or is it some sort of ray shielding? Anyone have any suggestions on renderring that part of the pic?

Anyhow, on to deal with New Year’s stuff. In some parts of the world, some of you are already in 2007 - Hi, Marley! - but here I got a good 12 hours left. But none of them dedicated to working on this any more. More tomorrow, I suppose… Again, have a great New Year everyone!

signing off for '06…



(It’s not that I didn’t know the proper Italian spelling, it’s just that I have no idea how to get the é in Windows. On a Mac, which is where I am now, it’s easy. Easé!) :slight_smile:

Sorry, Mike, guess it came out different from what I intended, I meant it as a joke, saying that I was using a foreign spelling to avoid confusion with ‘lame’… :slight_smile:
A great New Year to you and yours! See you in 2007 ;-).


whew I am glad I am excused for my early morning babbling… Your updates are beautiful, have a great 2007 :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, Thaldir, your comment was taken with all the humor with which it was intended. I’m a pretty system-agnostic fellow, but I just happen to think that working with accented characters on Windows is lame… and I don’t mean lamé! :slight_smile:

Ivy - thanks and happy new year to you too!



This one has been and will be one of may fav’s through the contest! Your lighting details are really starting to make it pop and look fantastic. I just hope you keep ading more and more detail to the drive units and Axis City to help create its shear HUGE size.


Great to see the whole scene. It’s very impressive and very true to the book


Thanks folks. Here it is with a little more work, this time on the inside of the cockpit and the background spaceships.

Aurora, you’re right, perhaps the vanes could use a little more detail…

This is all I have for now…



Whoooops, helps when you upload the correct file…! :slight_smile:


I dig it,

you just have to now blend the 3d with the 2d so it all fits and maybe add some hues of color in different areas to detract from the almost completelly blue scene. Thats my only crit, but very cool perspective work none the less!



Wonderful Walrus!!!
Kind a agree with SEL and I’ll add that the Frant’s left arm seems a bit too long compared too his right arm.
one of my fav’s!!!
Love it.
Happy new year!


I have to admit, that i have this unique way of selecting my favourite sci-fi pieces.

If i can imagine sitting in a state of the art cinema with popcorn, and i see the image up on the big screen…if there is any potential for decent subwoofer action, I like the epiece just a little more than the rest hahaha.

Although it is likely that you have concieved axis nader to be a silent runner, i can image a deep rythmic engine sound effect, as that floats past…Ya this is playing with my imagination…I don’t know if this predominant colour is a bad thing, i think it helps to kepp the image tied together…i’d still wait till you have the viewing platform for the characters finished (some form of bridge command?) before i’s add anything, just yet.

amazing work mike :smiley:



Great work Michael… The only comment i have is that the lighting of the scene would make the faces of the characters appear light blueish (due to the tubelight)… Other than that, I love it…
I wish you a happy new year, health and hapiness…


Ha ha ha! So some of you think the scene is too monochromatic, and others think it isn’t monochromatic enough! Oh, well, no pleasing everyone! :slight_smile:

I appreciate the comments and opinions everyone! I might consider adding in more colors to the scene, but not a lot. I really was shooting for a pretty simple palette this time around. Bear described the scene as feeling underwater-ish. If I can add a few colors and keep that feeling, we’ll see how it looks. As for the characters’ faces, it’s true they tecnically should be more bluish, but then I’d lose all of my contrasting warms and I sure don’t have a lot of them to spare! I need to keep the focus somewhere…

As for the sub-woofer action, that could work… but then again, some strong, upwelling John Williams score could work too, eh, the string section rising up as we move from the front view of the city to the side and see how truly immense it is…? :grin:

But I don’t have too many more ideas for the command deck deck-orations… any ideas, anyone?

And yes, I’ll be doing some more paintwork over the top and hopefully blending it more, especially in the back where it’s looming out of the distance. But again, and suggestions on specific things I could be doing would be, as always, appreciated.
Thanks everyone!



It´s coming along very cool, Michael.:thumbsup:


I don’t know if this predominant colour is a bad thing

Thats a massive plague that comes from following the book. Patricia describes lighting in the way as being completely blue staurated as if underwater only alot brighter thanks to the size of the plasma tube in the Way. I think Walrus’s use of the blue hits perfect in keeping with the story.

Now for the Frant, its not just the length that gets me its the way it almost seems to pop out of Patricia that bothers me alittle.


a brass colour would be good for the Deck-orations…other wise if you still feel it would be empty, you could have a hoilographic schematic of nader or the shuttle pop up on the windows, but thats more artsy license than anything :).