Eon (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow


Congrats on all that is going on in your life Mike, I do hope you get the time to finish this, it is fantastic work.


LOL, but why should he? It’s clearly stated in the book that the only thing the Frant is wearing is the shoulder wrap…


No constructive feedback here…

Just to wish ya Merry Xmas and happy holidays mate!


Thanks for the notes, folks. No time to comment myself now, just wanted to update you on the character work: Olmy and Patricia much closer to inished. Bye, and happy holidays!



I know that Mathias has a set of custom brushes that he uses and they are downloadable at Conceptart.org. I think a bit of tracing and and taking bits of of photos should help, with the building of custom brushes. I am still trying to learn the art of speedpaint myself. You may want to ask Mathias himself though. He does relatively well at speedpainting. I hope to see you get this done. Good luck with this entry!:thumbsup:


do you have the link beelow? I searched around concept art and found a PS brush thread , but nothing there that would help for buildings.


Sorry, I haven’t been checking back more often in this great thread!
Just browsed through all of your pages again and I must really put my personal preference on what you did in No 16!
This is very epic and has the best composition from the whole bunch of layout sketches you did! I mean it! It’s basically just small things that lead to that: the slight vignette on the left bottom showing some ground; character placement and alignment of certain lines. Plus, the rough value separation here has great depth. Jeez, there even is something really nice about Patricia’s pose here with the strong shadow on her leg- in opposition to your other sketches.

Hm…sorry, it’s pretty weak of me to crit at this late point where you have already dived into the image quite a lot.
I just felt I had to give my opinion nontheless… :slight_smile:

Ah yes, another thing: I haven’t seen you experimenting with color palettes that much. Have you tried other combinations? I feel there could be some improvement…

Merry Xmas!!


Ivy00- Here it is! Just click the link and download. I think they are for PS CS though.


Sorry Micheal, for posting this in your thread. You may find these brushes useful. I hope to see some more progress in this image! Good luck!:thumbsup:


Thanks, Bryce! No need to apologize, I did specifically put out a call to folks for exactly those kinds of brushes. My only beef is that I had to register for ConceptArt.org to get them, and someone has already taken the name ‘Walrus’ but isn’t using it at all. >:( (But for all I know, it was me long ago! But it doesn’t seem to ahve any of my e-mail addresses… :shrug:)
Anyhow, I hope I’ll find those helpful - now I just have to figure out how to use them (not install them, just what to do with them all.) Fortunately, this month’s issue of ImagineFX also included Vyle’s brush sets (I love his work, he’s my hero!)

Hideyoshi - Glad you like rough sketch #16, as that’s the one others liked too and the one I finally ended up using as the babsis for my illustration! As for color tests, sure I tried out different things. You can see some of my color tests in post #121, and everyone “voted” on their favorites on the next 20 posts or so in this thread. Everyone liked the greenish-blue ones, and I stuck with them because Bear specifically described this part of the Way as being lit as though the scene were underwater. But if you have any specific color suggestions that I could use to make my peice better now, with 3 weeks left in the Challenge, I’d be happy to hear them…

Element - good point. It’s hard to see in the latest post because of how I cropped it, but I took your advice and shortened the Frant’s arm.

Lots more comments, but I’ll just offer a blanket “thanks” to everyone else, so I can use what limited time I have today before Christmas Eve dinner to paint some more. Bye!



Sorry mike but i have to agree with hideyoshi there…I think apart of the vignette, it is the slight spherical lens effect that u got there. It is quite sublime (at least for photographic people like us) that bent pic is due to the vastness of a subject. In this case it is the vastness of the axis city.

Sorry again mike…shouldve told you earlier.

p/s: Thanks bryce for the link! will be useful to me! (if i know how to use it LOL)
and thanks mike for letting us do it here! :smiley:

edit: thanking Bryce… :slight_smile:


So how did this turn out? Did you abandon it due to lack of time?


hey Mike! wishing u and ur family a very merry christmas! :bounce: :love:

cheers dude! :beer:

> outstanding colour combinations buddy! simply outstanding! :smiley: :applause:


Hey Walrus! A master work on girls clothes, all those wrinkles and light are really convincing. But I have a problem with her face, it seems really flat. Like if she was pushed against a window with her cheek. I guess that the problem lies in the warm light from her right, which ends really suddenly and than the dark part makes a hard edge on her face. Keep up the great work and once again, great clothes!


Blaz - Thanks for the note! Hmm, you may be right about that. The forehead is looking more rounded because it’s a softer transition. Guess I’ll have to work on that a bit more. (I think i may also need a shadow to the left of her nose!) Back to work…!

Yoff (and Nazirull) - I abandoned it more from lack of good results. I spent about a week on it and got nothing I was happy with. At a certain point, just needed to move on. (So, yeah, I guess time factors in there too.) But if you or anyone has an idea how I can achieve the effect after I’ve started renderring, I’d love to hear suggestions. The 2 that came to me were photoshop’s Spherize filter, or even projecting the Way and the City part of the painting onto a curved surface in 3D and outputting that.

NWiz - Thanks, and a happy holidays to you too!


Hi! From what I see, the shadow of nose is not necessary. I honestly hope u dont mind I quickly painted over ur image, just to show how do I see the whole thing.

Best regards!


hi mike, hope the paintover helped, have merry xmas and wonderful holidays :slight_smile:


Wow, not one but TWO paintovers (In case it wasn’t clear in the post above, Angel sent one as well.) It’s like more Christmas presents! Thanks, guys, they both look great! Between Blaz’s suggestions on face shading and Sacha’s advice on face andlge and head size, I think I’m going to get this one nailed. Cool!

Thanks, both of you! You rock! :thumbsup:



Great job on the wrinkles. I find complex cloth to be one of the most difficult things to work on in both 2d and 3d. Nice work!


Taking a little time off of the character work to start put some details on Axis City. When I started, I thought this would just be a matter of doing a lot of paint-over with custom techno-brushes. However, I suspect that they work better with more straight-on kinds of shots. Here, I’m trying to wrap everything around the city’s cylinder. What I’ve ended up doing is mapping a lot of repeating textures onto the model (mapped to either cylindrical UWV coordinates or applied as a face map to each polygon face individually.) I render them out as black and white maps, load them in as selections, and fill the selections in new Layers. Then I scribble out what I don’t need with the eraser. I need to do a lot more detailing, and some handpainting as well, but it’s a start…



It looks great , and very helpful for you to post how you went about the steps so far :slight_smile: