Eon (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow


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Latest Update: Final Image: Axis City Approach


And he’s e ntered the ring!

good luck in the challenge :slight_smile: (and congrats on the last one!)


Hi, all. After much delibiration, looks like I’m in.I’m thinking about illustrating the scene where Patricia, Olmy, and the Frant are fist approaching Axis City. I want a scene that shows the Way beyond the first 6 chambers, and especially Axis City, which I think would be really impressive. But I don’t just want a landscape shot, I want to have people in tehre too.

Of these, 1, 2 and 9 are my favorites so far. The big cylinder is Axis City, and the 3 shapes at the bottom are the characters. What do you think?



just letting you know that i will watch your work here :smiley:
good luck!


Hi Mike, I’m keeping my eyes nailed to your thread now I see You have entered the challenge. I consider it is a fairly good starting point, I myself am considering to portray the same characters but leaving from the third chamber. Good luck


Maybe I like sketch 1 the best.


The most famous walrus in cgtalk is here!:scream: Welcome aboard!! I like the 9th sketch too. Good luck to you!!



I’ll be joining you shortly, it’ll be fun to “work” together again. I’m sure you’e going to come up with another beautifully executed piece. Here’s hoping your level of polish and vision shine through again…

As far as your initial compositions, #1 seems to be the most dynamic of the bunch…

Looking forward to the struggle…



woweeeeeeeeeeeee!! :eek: very interesting concepts! cant wait to c it in full form!

cheers to dude! :beer: n good luck!:thumbsup:


Thanks, folks… Gonzalo, Ramixton, Ken, and everyone else, good to see you all here too!

Not much time to chat this morning, here’s a quick few sketches showing some slternate chapes for the Vanes of Axis City (anyone recall whether they’re part of Nader City or another part of Axis city?)




Hey walrus

I love your style but I have the feeling that this time you’ll go for a bit a different style :slight_smile:
anyway have fun, your pics are great to look at.


Hey walrus! I am interested to see what you come up with!:thumbsup:


Yop, Walrus, nice to see you getting in the ring, loved you master & slave entry!!!
Good luck and loads of fun to you Walrus!!!


Hallo Walrus :bounce:

gonna be fun to see what you come up with this time… and good luck


hey michael,its good to see u here mate:scream: ,i see u’ve started to progress here,i’d go for #9 for the dynamic composition.ahww i wish to start right now but i’m overpacked with works:sad:

keep it coming mike and i wish u luck!


Hi, all! Thanks for the comments!

cocoknight - yes, in fact I almost didn’t join this challenge because it was going to be too different from my usual stuff. Not that I’m not up to the Challnege, just that my main focus lately has been filling my portfolio with similar pieces to make it more consistent. That’s one reason i joined many recent Challenges: It gave me the opportunity to do more art to increase my portfolio. I suspect that if I do something really fitting for this one, it won’t quite fit my humorous art portfolio. But what the heck, I’ll do it anyhow. All my friends are here.
And I suspect that even in a different style, folks will still be able to recognize it as mine. :slight_smile:

Michael - don’t worry, there’s a bit longer than usual for this Challenge, and you work fast. You’ll have plenty of time. As for the thumbs, yes, I like #9 a lot too. I’m not hooked up to a scanner today but I did a version of it with the characters even smaller, which helps to emphasize the massiveness of Axis City. I like it. I have a tendency to always want to make the characters really large. I managed to get away from that last Challenge, but here I find myself doing it again, thinking that the characters are so important that they must be really alrge in the composition. They are important, but people will notice them and be able to read them even if they’re not taking up the entire page.

I’m on a business trip right now and have had lots of time in transit to sketch, but it’ll be a couple of days 'til I’m back at a flatbed scanner again, so no updates 'til them. Oh, well!



Well Walrus, hope you have a nice trip and can’t wait till you get back and see the sketches you have made during your traveling!!!
Big up Walrus!


Good luck man! I wait for great work again:thumbsup:


hiho mr dashow :slight_smile:

cool that you joined …im curious how you’ll approach this one. the sketches look promising so far :thumbsup:


Hi Michael!

Its some time I’ve been admiring your style. Your performance in “The Journey Begins” Challenge was a pure State-of-the-Art artistic experience.

We met earlier in the year with two consecutive Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine covers - April and May 2006 issues -. It’s now a pleasure to meet you again in an amazing contest full of unlimited spaces and temporal distortions… a top environment for two fantastic artists! :slight_smile:

Enjoy your ride and see you in the Arena! MM