Eon (Illustration) Entry: MAURICIO ALVARADO KLADT


Ok this is it. My final image.

… ¨flat white concrete structures, resembling thick building foundations. Beyond the parkland, a narrow lake or river about a kilometer across ran east and west completely around the chamber.

The bridge pointed toward a city.

It could have been Los Angeles on a very clear day, or any other modern terrestrial city, except for the surreal exaggeration. It was bigger, more ambitious and ordered, more architecturally mature. And scattered throughout the city, like bumpers on a pinball board, were the biggest structures she had ever seen in her life. Easily four kilometers tall, they resembled upright chandeliers made of concrete, glass and shining steel. Each facet of the nearest chandelier-structure was as large as entire buildings in between. The chandelier resemblance increased as she looked up and saw them suspended from the chamber floor overhead. Across the two layers of atmosphere, fifty kilometers away, the city became beautifully unreal, like a model behind dusty glass in a museum… ¨


Some body can HELP ME!!
I am trying since the morning to upload my final image in FTP, and I think I did it, but when I push the refressh button it says that I have not up load nothing.

What can I do.???


Don’t know if you’ve read my answer to your post, but Mibus has asked that anyone still having FTP upload problems e-mail him.

His post is the second to last on the FAQ thread :


Hope this helps.


I have just read the pos from Mobius, I also uploading my final image again, so I wil wait and then look for it, hope no fing inithing.



i really enjoy your image…its fun to look at :slight_smile: lots of details to see!! keep up the good work!

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Hi, Mauricio!

Has your problem with the final FTP upload been solved? I dearly hope it has…


Vaya, es bueno encontrar otro mexicano por aqui, saluos y buena suerte


im with Tiziano! … i hope ur FTP upload was successful … u worked really hard for it :frowning:

i wish u good luck my friend! god bless ya!


Me gusta mucho tu imagen. Muy original :slight_smile: Buena suerte con la decisión final!:thumbsup:


Thank you all for the comments.

also I wish good luck to everubody on the final judging.

Regards from ICHOMA


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