Eon (Illustration) Entry: MAURICIO ALVARADO KLADT


I wil be out for 9 days, so I return on 6th of December.


Side by Side comparisons So that you know who is doing

what in the illustration category of the eon challenge only.

Classifier followed by artists.

: Strong/Beautiful Foreground Potraits with EON elements in the background.

Movie Posters theme.

Characters in dramatic poses.

Characters have detailed skin,muscle and skeletal structures.

Marco Alejandro Castelan Morales

John Streider

Radu Bogdan Boeru

Tiberius Viris

Sacha angel diener

Niklas Frostgard

Michael van den bosch

sandra bott

michael dashow

nabil hamadi

alwyn talbot

timur kiryashov

damir g martin

Nathan L Bachelder

Daniel lu visi

Maurizio Manzieri

dale thomas

ego lataire

rune rask

guo jian

hugo araujo

: massive architectures,detailed cityscapes,plasma tubes,huge eon elements viewed in the distance in the style of grand space opera with miniscule,faceless,diminutive men ,women and all terrain machines reacting and responding to the environment.

Tiberius Virius

remko troost

tolgahan gungor

torsten wolber

nathaniel west

ramy badie

bryce smith

martin nielsen

emrah elmasli

mauricio alvarado kladt

prabath wijayantha

maciej frolow

nilesh ambekar

constantinos krystallis

greg kaperski

adrian fekete


marcin j. nikiforuk

james nelms

maurizio manzieri

jarek sznytzer

Derek wilson

Nazirull Safry Paijo

Daniel justin bird

dale thomas

erik linden

rune rask

david freeman

ori arad

markus graf

ali jalali

raffy encarnacion

alex kelly

: air ,sea atmosperics featuring natural elements of islands,skies blend into a grand sense of scale.Includes Tree elements.Gaia oriented.Mountain views and Spectacular chamber vistas. Sky atmospherics

adrian baluta

gonzalo golpe

gunilla elam

jonathan colvin

guo jian

oscar jostedt

brian Slayton

: party scene with the character interacting and gossiping

Parties gathered at gate opening

Radu Bogdan Boeru


: wonderful sense of humor even black humor and caricature

Torsten Wolber

per trystad

mark david

: action packed conflict with eon elements in the backdrop and lots of machines,ships,cities and soldiers

thierry schiel

paul hume

: entire cities,planetary bodies,asteroids,weather systems,gates,singularities,flawships and space vehicles in awe inspiring perspectives with large scale explosions.Ships have beautiful designs.Space Atmospherics.

Dmitri G Michniouk

sacha angel

neville de souza

prabath wijayantha

greg kaperski

mona eriksson

attilla kurt

vladimir davidenko

paul b castillo

juha kamarainen

mauricio alvarado kladt

joel carlo

shawn andrews

matt benya

Derek Wilson

blaz porenta

oscar jostedt

pavel elagin

: detailed explanatory tutorials

sacha angel

matt benya



Hi Mauricio, Some great images here. I love this one! The size of the structures in the background are massive compared to the buildings in the foreground…great.

To be true to the story of Eon…Was wondering where is the Plasma tube and maybe the scene needs to show the curve of the chamber…just a thought. :slight_smile:


a few changes, the ship is closer to the platfom, the ambience light more natural.
Still in Low Res.


I like the new ship addition. I see you removed the blur effect from the distant ships, I think you should add it back in, it created a lot of depth. Overall, it looks brilliant.


Still working on elements.


more details, water reflexions, etc.


Awesome, awesome. The only thing which pops out to me is the little dudes shadow appears to the going in the wrong direction.

Fantastic work.


working on final details.


adding more details.


Whooohaaa,wow that really gotta be hard if you’re living on the otherside of town and you’re out of fuel,ha,ha.
Such a great pic!!Cpngratulations man!
MAybe try some blur in the forground to upgrade a bit more the dept feeling,whatte ya think?
Excellent work mate


I like thise disc cities very much, it makes a great backdrop for the scene and the little cargo ship in the front is a very good distraction and focus point, making it contrast sharply in the first images with the surroudings draws more attention to it as opposed to the later images where it seems to blend too much with the surroundings…

Just two comments for consideration:

  1. The central tube is too close to the lower city ‘horizon’ line… it fits TOO perfectly with the lower city buildings, perhaps a slight slant would set it appart and use it as a break or difition in the composition and not make it look too ‘parallel’.

  2. The three main vertical buildings with the antennae/spikes looks too alike… even though it might fit the ‘theme’ of the neighbourhood which is very likely and proper, it seems too much like rotated clones. I feel they need some striking detail that sets them apart some. This ‘clone’ effects works perfectly for the disc cities in the background but the foreground needs more distinction.

Just my personal observations that I think would make a great art work even greater :slight_smile:


Thank you, I really apreciate your comments, I will thik about it.



still adding elements, the structure inside the chamber, etc.


more details.


hey dude! wishing u and ur family a very merry christmas! :bounce: :love:

cheers! :beer:

> wowweeeeeeeee! :eek: :eek: awesome depth man! love the haze work! :love: each update is packed with details! :applause: good work mate! keep em comin! :thumbsup:


From MEXICO CITY I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new 2007.

mauricio (ICHOMA)


This is it.
My Final concept of Alexandria 2nd.Chamber) and its Bridge


Ok this is it. My final image.

… ¨flat white concrete structures, resembling thick building foundations. Beyond the parkland, a narrow lake or river about a kilometer across ran east and west completely around the chamber.

The bridge pointed toward a city.

It could have been Los Angeles on a very clear day, or any other modern terrestrial city, except for the surreal exaggeration. It was bigger, more ambitious and ordered, more architecturally mature. And scattered throughout the city, like bumpers on a pinball board, were the biggest structures she had ever seen in her life. Easily four kilometers tall, they resembled upright chandeliers made of concrete, glass and shining steel. Each facet of the nearest chandelier-structure was as large as entire buildings in between. The chandelier resemblance increased as she looked up and saw them suspended from the chamber floor overhead. Across the two layers of atmosphere, fifty kilometers away, the city became beautifully unreal, like a model behind dusty glass in a museum… ¨