Eon (Illustration) Entry: MAURICIO ALVARADO KLADT


Very interesting structures… this last one is the best I think… I would like a mild diversity in the colours of the towers and buildings. just slightly so it can have more interest… but I am sure it is way to early to think of such things. anyway keep it up.


I definately like the most recent version the most, it feels less “brycey” if you know what I mean.


another color proof, and I integrate the chandeliers buildings.


a change in the point of view


Wow very cool work!!! :thumbsup: Really like the colours, textures and the composition is more interesting than the previous versions. I can’t wait to see what more your gonna do!! Good luck!!!:eek:


sometimes makes a world of difference! I like this one much better than the earlier 3D renders. Though I have to say I really liked the line art.

Perhaps you can try having more light spilling out of the tube onto the nearby structures?


testing sky and colors


more color testing


more color pass


I like the colors of this last one a lot. But I also really like the camera angle of the one three back - post #47 - because it could give you a good opportunity to show the curving wall in the background, and really make it feel like it’s a city in the Stone, not just any old science fiction city.
Good luck with it!



holy cow!

looks fantastic.


i agree with walrus, #47 angle could make a stronger image for my opinion. the new colors are great though and a very unique builiding design!
keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Changing light and color angle


This is great!! I like post #47 much more though. The angle is dynamic, and the lighting is very nice. It’s much more graphic and I’m really drawn to that one. Nonetheless, they all look good, and I look forward to seeing the finish!


I have to dis-agree. I most liked #49 for its warm greens tieing the water to the sky and the more subtle set-off of the flying city-blobs. Turning the camera angle does not accomplich anything valuable. It puts the tube at a bad angle, like its pouring its contents out. In the ‘straight’ cam. angle, it read more like a passage through the picture. Opinion, just an opinion.


Very nice looking scene, this going to be fantastic, I like design very much. Good luck and keep working!:slight_smile:


vas muy bien, estaria bueno que probaras otros encuadres.
busca un encuadre más interesante…y has más evidente la sensación de profundidad… Suerte


The angle is the same, but the textures are different, another experiment.


holy cow! :eek: this is turning to be really good! :eek:

love the lens flare man! :love: u certainly changed the entire colour tone! very very cool indeed! :eek:

cheers dude! :beer: keep em comin! :thumbsup:


now working in the details and light.