Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark Goldsworthy


Mark, I really enjoy the progress of your work, and of course I am delait of yor final imge.
good luck!


very stunning peice!! one of my favs!! i love the style…keep up the good work!! :slight_smile:

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hey mark, do you mean for this thread or via FTP?. I know once you are asked to submit your address fro the submition of the final image, there are precise instructions, as full a resolution as possible, rgb tiff which is zipped, no less than 300dpi…Hard to miss!!

as for the “Final” for W.I.P thread, that i only submitted a 1000px image to try and keep with the small upload size limit throughout (150kb from memory)…Be interesting to see if that can be different…

EDIT* have just seen your full version and it is quite adequate, let me asure you :P. hahaha

Mark i’ve only seen the small version, but big congratz on getting it finished…I was actually quite relieved once i crossed the finish line, so can imagine you must feel the same…i LOVE those white wisp of low cloud angled against the cylander…very realistic but surreal!. I was listening to one of my favourite tracks by “future sound of london” called “everyone on the world is doing something without me” this piece has a similar sense of haunting atmosphere.




Thanks man, it was late last night/morning and I wasn’t totally ready to click on that submit button because of my foggy head hehe. Thank you for the instructions.

I love FSOL - I know that track very well. Very insperational indeed.



Final image story and background :

I wanted to explore the grand space of the cylinder. I was fascinated by the Thistledown City and really loved the descriptions of its discovery through Patricia’s eyes.
I thought an interesting twist would be to see all three countries scientists represented together in a hopeful image of discovery. One where they stand together and have their picture taken in front of this massive city that stretches out beyond. You know maybe they can work together on this one.


Very, very happy to see you cross the finishing line. :slight_smile:

A very intense entry, well done!:thumbsup:


congrats mark thats a wonderful image ! really a contender.

good luck.



Hey,congrats on finishing the challenge.It really looks great.I love the abstract look in some parts of it.Allthe best



Congratz to Final man! I must say that you are my favorit in this challenge, Good luck with judging:thumbsup:


congratulations mate! :applause::buttrock: freakin awesome details! :eek: very realist feel to it! :eek: one of my favs :love:

wishing u da very best man! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


With elaborated angles, a dark but well established chromatic… What can I say? It’s wonderful. Keep up the good work and good luck!



This realy is an amazing image! It just oooozes ‘epic’. :thumbsup:


strong work to its last single poly, you kick ass nailed it. congrats on this fantastic work and best of luck on the final! keep on rocking!:beer::buttrock:


Thanks man! It was a great challenge to be involved in and the wonderful comments from all the above really do mean a lot.

There’s so many great pieces of art in these threads, it’s super inspiring. Good luck to all!



Congratulations on the 3th place. :applause: Bravo! :thumbsup:


fantastic! well deserved!

see you in the next one,


yup yup :stuck_out_tongue: well deserved indeed!:applause: :bounce: congratulations buddy! :scream: :bounce: :buttrock: :applause:

amazing work as always! speaks very well for itself! :eek:

looking forward to meeting u guys in the next challenge! :bounce:

god bless ya bro! :love:

take care!


A great image, dude. Congrats!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Congratulations on a magnificent work and a well deserved placement!

See you next time! :wink:


So great work!So deserved prize!Congratz buddy!!