Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark Goldsworthy


The sense of scale, lighting and athmosphere are really amazing…

Not really a constructive comment, I know…but the image just blew me away.


Amazing piece Mark. I’d like to see a darkening of values on the middleground structure on the lower left in order to make the holes punch out to the ground far below. It tends to smear together a little right now which works against the sense of altitude.


It’s a fave for sure!

Totally amazing piece so far!


pfft ,wrong challenge mate, “spectacular” was last year :P…by crikey, each update just gives this more life, i feel as if a could gently float through the entire image. I wish i had a mountain bike to ride those highways, i truly do!. Yea this piece is definately up there in terms of fan favourites for sure :D…
Agreed with rares and i think thats the only real crit of value left. i could perhaps say maybe those wee mountains under the clouds could do with some dusting of light, but that is a nitpick…

yea, your 99% done i thinky!.

congratulations on creating a stunner, and most likely a winner.



Amazing :applause:

Very good entry, just one thing, maybe if you close all 4 corners with dark colors the composition could be improve, you only close the bottom right and top left, botton left part of the composition is a bit empty… but just personal opinion, anyway, breathtaking image, I really like how my eyes are lead to the focal point.

Looking forward on this for sure, keep it up!


Very good one wel done!Congrats!:thumbsup:


It looks just…great. :slight_smile: Definetely one of my favs!


hey man! wishing u and ur family a very merry christmas! :bounce: :love:

 cheers! :beer:

> good grief mate! very dramatic concept! the shadows of the characters on the highway really add to the overall image detail :scream: … the little things sure make a lot of difference! n this is just it! wow! :eek: good on ya mate! keep em comin! :thumbsup:


Wow! Amazing work!


Hey Marc I love the styling in your painting.Can`t wait to see the finished result.All the best to you.



It´s coming along very very cool. One of my favs:applause:


Beautifull atmosphere! And i love the photo pose too! Realy nice composition. Cant wait to see a little more detail on those structures! :thumbsup:


I really enjoy the backdrop alot. Great style. I hope you see this through its completion!



Now this one really expresses well the huge and giant thing about the chambers!great,great work!
Can’t wait your final details!Happy new year mate!


Happy new year and thanks for the great comments!

I have a couple of evenings to finish 'her up before I’m away from the computer for a couple of weeks, eek!

Good luck everyone.



master work
happy new year


happy new year dude!

holy cow! :eek: i can imagine seeing the hi - res version oozing with details! :eek: u’ve paid a lot of attention to everything! superb dude! just superb! :applause:

good luck dude! :thumbsup:


Very cool.


My fav. one. just that.
Keep going.


Hello! Well I think I’m finally finished with this piece. I have decided to finish here otherwise I’ll be noodling for days! The only thing left to do is upload.

Quick Question :

When one submits the final image is it full res or do I just upload the 120k jpg?

Anyway thanks for the fantastic feedback and comments. I wish everyone the best luck.