Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark Goldsworthy


Hey Mark,

This piece is look great, love the idea they are posing for a photo :thumbsup:



This is one amazing piece of ART!

Absolutely stunning idea of the photo-posing and the “united-front-flags”…
I love this stuff. Good structures and excellent weight visible on the texturing and the paint job.
In here you can really see the enormous scale of the place.
Very vivid lighting. Fabulous, quality work. :buttrock:


Mark, bloody good work!..I have to point out however that community interaction is a big part of how your pieces are judged…and seeing that perhaps your 10 posts are all in this thread, there is a distinct possibility that this could be (edit) penalized


3)Participate in the Community by critiquing other challenger’s works in the respective forums.

5)# Submit Work In Progress images, obtain feedback and give feedback to other challengers in the WIP challenge. Note: Failure to do so may result in penalties during final judging. Community interaction is a must!

this piece is too good to throw out!

it really doesn’t take that much effort. i’ve clocked in 40+ comments in my week and a bit of being on here and due to a glitch i can’t view all entrants, so there would have been more!.

anyways good luck!



Hey Mark,

Stunning so far. I like how you were able to keep the colors low key and just punched it up in some places to guide the eye. Excellent atmosphere as well. So I’m trying to think here what you can do to punch it up even more. Let’s see…

Captivating architecture…check
Population besides main characters…ok so here’s where I think you can improve your picture. Now I haven’t had the chance to read through the whole book so I may be wrong but I think a little bustle would really give that place some life.

And although many of us might not be able to match LightSovereigns 40+ posts a week, (0vo), he has a point about participating as best we can. You can start spilling your guts…starting with me :D. Ahem, are some of the new foreground elements such as the roads started as 3D elements as well?

Excellent work. I’m Looking forward to seeing this one done.


RE : Participation. I completely agree and feel very guilty now. Thanks for the kick! I will endeavor to participate more. Need to get use to the forums more I be thinking. Off I go…


Oh and be prepared to see “MarkyG” all over the place then hehe. Not really - well maybe.


ahehe, might be an exaggeration. i had about 53 when i started, im in to my nineties now…i didn’t account for comments in my thread…sorry mark, didn’t mean to come off as condiscending/sp?. just giving a heads up ^^.


Incredible work man! One of mine favorites, keep on rocking:thumbsup:


Haha, don’t feel guilty man, I don’t think they are judging this contest on forum participation. The last contest did have a community award that was awarded to people that give a lot of good feedback, but definitely start dishing out your opinion. Your a great artist and I bet you can offer a lot of people good advice.

Now get your ass back to work … pronto!! lol


Additional mid city detail added. I returned to the cooler colour scheme.
Still need to work on the peeps.

Good luck all!


Really good style. A little more lights for people and it will be just incredible work.

Well done, good luck !!!


The scale is what really makes this piece exceptional. Just wish I could make out more details of the characters…otherwise brilliant.


I love it!! :slight_smile: one thing that I did notice is the plasma beam seems a little small…i just imagine it bigger or is that just me…lol


I realised I had not put my intial line sketch up. It’s not much to see…


Thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone. It really spurs me on. Thank you.

Now I’m refining and balancing. Another update.

Added clouds, rivers and many colour adjustments. I wanted to get the feeling that there’s two cloud layers. Especially wanted to see the lower one curving up the side of the cylinder to sell the shape of it.

Merry Christmas one and all!

  • Oh I made the image bigger this time. Cheers.


superb work. my fav here right now.

:slight_smile: keep up the good work mate.


Hey Mark,

The clouds and rivers really pushed it. Excellent work. The only thing that seems to stand out now, is the patch just below the tree on the far right. It looks as though it needs a little attention. Maybe darken it up a bit similar to the tree?

I just gotta say your experience really shows through this piece. Congrats on a real gem of a piece.


Hi Mark,

Finaly we get to see a bigger version. The rivers on the right wall are a nice touch. I´d like to see a few more details, as the rivers, on the right side behind the trees to give it even more depth.
This piece is definitely my favourite this far and beside the above suggestion i have nothing to crit.
Keep it up!


Looks great, Mark - looks like you’re pretty much done aside from small tweaky details, and with plenty of time to spare. Happy holidays!



Thanks chaps!

@ Norberg & Rares. Great points! I’ll get to work on those regarding the right hand side details.

Along with sorting out the scientists.