Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark Goldsworthy


Superb…this is how the interior of a hollowed asteroid should look like…


:scream: I really love the subtle blues and oranges in your latest Thistledown concept, but I would show a bit more of the plasma tube going towards the top left of the image, just to remove the single point of light as it looks like your looking at the sun at the moment.
I do really love the lighting in your chamber, because it reminds me of a sunny winters day which is the sort of feeling I would imagine you would get from the plasma tubes.:thumbsup:
Good luck.:smiley:


hey, I love this! keep it up man :slight_smile:


Hey Great atmosphere in this one! looking forward to the next update:thumbsup:


Looks beautiful. I love the way you using the colors to create this striking atmosphere. And the details like building on lower ground is awesome…:thumbsup:


OH great work! one of my favs!:thumbsup:


great update man! keep em comming.



excellent work so far !
really impressive concepts and great sense of scale !

keep up the good work mate


Thistledown looks gorgeous :scream: hehe. truly beautifull serene ambience, i was plodding on the side lines with this comp but i feel inspired to join on the fun!.

I like it as it is, but it would be interesting to see how can cram in more detail without drowning it!.

good luck ^^



I started to add back in some curved verticals tonight. Just a quickie update. Good luck everyone!


works well, also, great tubelight rendering. keep em coming, rock on :slight_smile: :beer::wip:


Simply superb…this one screams eon…

Foreground proposal from me if i may, Some emotions going on…a triangle between Americans, Russians and Chinese… probably have them standing and sorta giving each other looks…i dunno man ure the artist…you figure it out… hehehehhe



Looks beautiful and gives sense of the huge scale of the chamber. Way to go:thumbsup:

Maybe there should be something going on in the foreground though. Or if it’s the time when people still lived in Thistledown, city life somehow showing.

Waiting for more…


looks great!

love the atmospheric feeling and the colors!

will keep watching



Wow, not much time to work on this the last week. I did start work on some foreground focus stuff -Namely the roadways.

Nazirull’s idea of having the countries represented really appeals to me. So I plan on having people with flags on the roadway as if they’re coming upon the city for the first time. We’ll see!


Excellent composition and atmosphere… :applause:


ONE OF THE BEST WORK THAT I HAVE SEEN HERE AROUND! great colours and lights.The sense on BIG scale is perfect!:thumbsup:


Told cha so this one is good…i like this one the most…

This is so easy on the eyes…Amazing.

Glad u like the idea…I guess it’ll just add human drama…on top of architectural and physical ones…

Great…be waiting fer more.:thumbsup:


wow!:thumbsup: One of my favorites!


OH my oh my this just blew me away…superb work