Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark Goldsworthy


With elaborated angles, a dark but well established chromatic… What can I say? It’s wonderful. Keep up the good work and good luck!



This realy is an amazing image! It just oooozes ‘epic’. :thumbsup:


strong work to its last single poly, you kick ass nailed it. congrats on this fantastic work and best of luck on the final! keep on rocking!:beer::buttrock:


Thanks man! It was a great challenge to be involved in and the wonderful comments from all the above really do mean a lot.

There’s so many great pieces of art in these threads, it’s super inspiring. Good luck to all!



Congratulations on the 3th place. :applause: Bravo! :thumbsup:


fantastic! well deserved!

see you in the next one,


yup yup :stuck_out_tongue: well deserved indeed!:applause: :bounce: congratulations buddy! :scream: :bounce: :buttrock: :applause:

amazing work as always! speaks very well for itself! :eek:

looking forward to meeting u guys in the next challenge! :bounce:

god bless ya bro! :love:

take care!


A great image, dude. Congrats!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Congratulations on a magnificent work and a well deserved placement!

See you next time! :wink:


So great work!So deserved prize!Congratz buddy!!


probably my Fav work in this challenge. I just love the feeling it gives me. Majestic. Congratilarions! Well deserved.


Awseome, congrats, a tip of the hat to ya’. What are you going to be painting next?!?!


Great work, Mark, and congrats on winning. Beautiful piece (as I’ve already told you! :slight_smile: )


Hey thanks everyone for the feedback and support. I was really suprised to see I had made 3rd place. A great honor!

Lots of fun seeing everyone’s work come together. Can’t wait till the next time.



I hoped that you will be the winner, cause I liked your work very much. Maybe next time. Anyway, congratulations 4 your second runner prize and keep the good work true!


Of all the entries I have seen (including all the categories, and winners or not) yours is the more I like, for its atmosphere and evocation. I think it’s the entry that approaches more to the book.


another very strong image that deserves to be among the winners is urs! Im glad judges saw that as well so congratulations on ur great entry :slight_smile: Hope to see u in next challenges as well!


Hey Mark,

Very impressive image:bounce: :bounce: , Great job and congrats on you placing.


Congrats Mark! I´m deeply impressed by your entry and I really thought you would place first. Hope to see you in the next challenge.


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