Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark Goldsworthy


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Latest Update: Final Image: Thistledown City Final



Hello. My first post as I loved EON and thought it would be fun to do this challenge.

First rough concept for the Thistledown city. Basic Maya models and sketching over the top. Lots to do and not much time in the day!



best of luck then and have much fun. nice start so far, welcome on the stone ^^ let it rock! :beer::buttrock::wip:


This piece is incredible, You manage to provide so much size and scale to the chamber that it blows my mond. I’ll deff be watching this one ALOT! Good luck and good working!


Really wonderful layout - great sense of scale! Looking forward to seeing how this all moces together more. Good luck!



Hey Mark,

your first concept is a real eyecatcher:thumbsup: , I like the composition and I hope you’ll find the time to show us more soon:) !




Nice composition, I’m looking forward to seeing this one flesh out.

A comment that others have made in other threads is that each chamber is 30km wide by 50km diameter (or something like that) so it’s not an extended cylinder shape like Rama. I guess it’s kind of hard to get that layout look but it’s probably applicable to this image.


Thanks for the encouraging comments. More work this weekend!


Very nice start! I like it, what way you go, 3D or 2D?
Good luck!


I like the forced perspective! The compo is really pleasing to my eyes. I am looking foward to more progress on this book!:thumbsup:


Worked on the building shapes both large and small. Started on the cylinders far wall. I need to add in the “golf tee” type buildings next.


I love the depth! Great! Good luck to you :thumbsup:


i like this one…:thumbsup:


I agree with Nazirull - I like this one too :slight_smile: Awesome perspective… :thumbsup:


Hello everyone.

I’ve been spending time looking at all the other work here. It’s really inspirational stuff. Fantastic!

Anyway, I’ve done a rough colour pass. I want to make the city look more shiny as it’s looking too dull and old right now. Next time I get to sit down I’ll try to add it in.
I still need to incorporate the golf tee’s.
Jumping around a bit with the creation.

Going to sleep now!



Wow, looks like I need to lay off the sharping a bit. Seems like the uploaded images get sharpened?


jup and the shitty jpg compression does the rest to swallow details. i ran into this a few times as well. either way, dont worry bout it this time, your piece looks awesome. love the colorplay of your mood you brought in, good values,very nice atmospherical work, great work on light and mood, as welll as the shaders. great work, looking forward to your next up0date. Keep on rocking! :beer::buttrock::wip:


OMG! Mark this so amazing! the mood is just fantastic mate! :eek: :eek: :eek:

awesome colour treatment! :applause:

wanna c more buddy! :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers! :beer: n good luck to u! :thumbsup:


Looking good, Mark. nice colors, and interesting choice of using trees as a frame to the piece. Something I really liked from your first post which unfortunately hasn’t survived are those large, vertical, curving structured, which offered a nice counterpoint to the horizontal parts of the city and also echoed the curve of the Stone’s interior. It was also something we don’t see every day, where I feel like this new piece is a little more bland by comparison. Just my opinion, but either way, good luck with it!



That is great. It looks like a final piece already. It will be perfect when you make the city more shiny, because that is exactly what one who sees will be marveled at.

Good luck!