Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


Here’s a quick comp showing where I am at the moment. I’ve still got a bunch more space ships to make but, well, the ones in the far distance won’t be getting much fine detail so it’s all looking achievable. My immediate needs are to keep building space ships. My engineers won’t be too happy because I want them all to look different.


Hey Mark,

ah, amazing to see this all together:) , I really like the look so far and especially the colors are working very well:thumbsup: …Now I’m curious to see if you can force your engineers to make all the ships you still want!

Happy modeling for you:wavey:



haha, Yay!! The fleet is launching! :bounce:

This is just amazing… and so fun to follow. Every detail works so well within the concept.
Glad you like the bubbles - maybe that’s how they communicate? Like as with smoke signals?


Hello mdavid, congratulations for your wonderfully funny work.
It’s so good to see a completely different approach to the expected.
I wish you the best of luck.


Hah! Awesome direction mate!


Hey Sabrina, thanks! I’m not too worried about assembling enough space ships. I’ve got plenty of time (famous last words) and the engineers are well stocked with vanilla slices

Hi Gunilla. Thanks for that. I love your idea about the aliens communicating with bubbles. Bubbles in a vacuum - I guess it would only take the tiniest amount of air to make a bubble in a vacuum so they could ‘say’ a lot before running out of puff

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comments a lot. I’m having a lot of fun pushing myself to do some illustration stuff I haven’t tried before. These challenges are brilliant opportunities for that kind of thing, I reckon.

Hey DaddyMack, many thanks. Great to have you drop by, especially if that means you’re on the mend. I was horrified to read what you’ve been through and it’s pretty clear I’m not the only one around here who wants to see you back. Look after yourself mate.


ha ha , love the last update… I was thinking Particia might need to be armed with a potato peeler


Hi, Mark, this is looking great! (Sorry I haven’t commented on it earlier! )
All those ships are going to be a lot of work, but likewise a lot of fun too! Might I humbly suggest one/somewith gigantic fins like some of the cool cars on your website? (Your 50’s-60s-ish-looking cars with the giant fins are my favorites!)

Anyhow, best of luck to you and your crack corps of engineers!



Side by Side comparisons So that you know who is doing

what in the illustration category of the eon challenge only.

Classifier followed by artists.

: Strong/Beautiful Foreground Potraits with EON elements in the background.

Movie Posters theme.

Characters in dramatic poses.

Characters have detailed skin,muscle and skeletal structures.

Marco Alejandro Castelan Morales

John Streider

Radu Bogdan Boeru

Tiberius Viris

Sacha angel diener

Niklas Frostgard

Michael van den bosch

sandra bott

michael dashow

nabil hamadi

alwyn talbot

timur kiryashov

damir g martin

Nathan L Bachelder

Daniel lu visi

Maurizio Manzieri

dale thomas

ego lataire

rune rask

guo jian

hugo araujo

: massive architectures,detailed cityscapes,plasma tubes,huge eon elements viewed in the distance in the style of grand space opera with miniscule,faceless,diminutive men ,women and all terrain machines reacting and responding to the environment.

Tiberius Virius

remko troost

tolgahan gungor

torsten wolber

nathaniel west

ramy badie

bryce smith

martin nielsen

emrah elmasli

mauricio alvarado kladt

prabath wijayantha

maciej frolow

nilesh ambekar

constantinos krystallis

greg kaperski

adrian fekete


marcin j. nikiforuk

james nelms

maurizio manzieri

jarek sznytzer

Derek wilson

Nazirull Safry Paijo

Daniel justin bird

dale thomas

erik linden

rune rask

david freeman

ori arad

markus graf

ali jalali

raffy encarnacion

alex kelly

: air ,sea atmosperics featuring natural elements of islands,skies blend into a grand sense of scale.Includes Tree elements.Gaia oriented.Mountain views and Spectacular chamber vistas. Sky atmospherics

lei huang

adrian baluta

gonzalo golpe

gunilla elam

jonathan colvin

guo jian

oscar jostedt

brian Slayton

: party scene with the character interacting and gossiping

Parties gathered at gate opening

Radu Bogdan Boeru


: wonderful sense of humor even black humor and caricature

Torsten Wolber

per trystad

mark david

: action packed conflict with eon elements in the backdrop and lots of machines,ships,cities and soldiers

thierry schiel

paul hume

: entire cities,planetary bodies,asteroids,weather systems,gates,singularities,flawships and space vehicles in awe inspiring perspectives with large scale explosions.Ships have beautiful designs.Space Atmospherics.

Dmitri G Michniouk

sacha angel

neville de souza

prabath wijayantha

greg kaperski

mona eriksson

attilla kurt

vladimir davidenko

paul b castillo

juha kamarainen

mauricio alvarado kladt

joel carlo

shawn andrews

matt benya

Derek Wilson

blaz porenta

oscar jostedt

pavel elagin

: detailed explanatory tutorials

sacha angel

matt benya


Thank you! Yes, a potato peeler might be perfect

Cheers Mike. Thanks for the suggestion for giant fins. Brilliant idea. I’ve started including a few in the latest additions to the armada

Thanks for the comparisons. It was interesting to see at a glance what approaches we’re taking. It must have taken you a while to put that information together!


Things have been quiet around here. Well that is if you ignore the shouting, slamming doors and breaking furniture. But after a while you find yourself ignoring things like that.

There seems to be some lingering discontent over the job description for the engineers. You see, the original job description said to come up with ‘a spaceship’. The slightly altered version says ‘hundreds of spaceships’. I don’t see what the fuss is about - after all, I’ve only changed a few words. But at least I can now show a bit more progress on the armada.


Oh dear… I tried to pick one as to be my favourite here - but no can do. The purple, speedy one… or the comfy one with the chair … or perhaps the green one with the baldachin? They are all terrific! :applause:

I’m impressed to see how you can make your team work so hard even if it’s weekend. Are you feeding them something special on Sundays?
… and a potato peeler, or smasher? would be excellent here. Patricia is probably never going anywhere without being prepared.


Oh dear… I tried to pick one as to be my favourite here - but no can do.

I’ll confess that I had absolutely no trouble picking out a favorite: I laughed aloud when my eyes alighted on the one with the comfy armchair in it. Glad we got to see it here, as in the composition its back will be towards us and we won’t be able to see much of the chair.

So we’ve got ships with umbrellas and aerials and hammocks… what about a ship with a laundry-line hanging from the front to one of the tail fins, and laundry hanging on it? Just seemed like it might fit… :slight_smile:

Great work so far, engineers! I see a bonus in store for you all!



Hahah, awesome. I like the green helicopter lookin one. The two tone fifties fin is a great touch.


And what a beautiful armada it is Mark!:applause:
It seems pretty obvious that your engineers do their best work under appalling conditions, lousy pay and crazy deadlines.
I thought only freelance illustrators and cartoonists could possibly put out good work under such conditions.
But now I must ad engineers to that list of stupendously courageous workers!

  Keep whipping them soar and red little engineer butts Mark. 

This project is sailing up as a dark horse in this competition.:thumbsup:


Hey Mark…

oooh, for me it’s the same as for Gunilla, just cannot decide which one I like the most!!! Great to see the armada growing with such unique and pleasant ships:thumbsup: , some day you must tell us about your secret to bring an averse crew of engineers to such good work:D …



Hi mdavid.I have compiled a latest update of the list,message me if you want them
and a list of reasons i have given to grin3d.Keep up the good work.


Thanks so much, Gunilla. Yes it’s true that the engineers get a special treat for working weekends (plus weekdays and mornings, evenings and nights). Whenever they pass out from exhaustion I leave a little envelope on their keyboard. Inside the envelope is the brief for their next spaceship. Okay, as rewards go it probably doesn’t compare with a gold watch, but hey, this is a cg challenge and the standards are high out there.

Hey Mike, thanks for your inspired idea of hanging out the laundry. I love it. Not only is it colorful - it’s also functional. The socks should dry quickly in a vacuum.

Cheers Soapy. I kind of like those tail fins too. Thanks again to Mike (Walrus) for suggesting them in an earlier post. The 50s produced such outrageous impractical and exuberant design. I mean, could you imagine proposing those big heavy tail fins for a production car these days? They’d be vetoed by the marketing, safety, engineering and finance departments before they ever got off the drawing board.

Hi Per! It’s great to see you back. I hope that means you’ve managed to see some progress in your other workload. I sure know what you mean about freelance cartoonists/illustrators having lousy work conditions - I did that for 10 years and often found myself working very long hours.

Thanks Sabrina. I’m really glad you like the space ships. No secret to getting the best out of the engineers: Just lock all the exits and keep winding the clocks back before it ever gets to the end of their shift

Thank you


Great new vehicles


Hey thanks Dan. Much appreciated mate