Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


Hey Mark,

ah, I see your engineers returned and worked on the 2-seater, nice adds to the design…and the armada is growing:thumbsup: !
And of course not to forget your Patricia, she really looks like someone not so easy to frighten and to impress:wise: …and obviously she’s not wasting time with thinking to much of trendy clothes!:smiley:

Keep up your great work here!



You really made a great job speeding up your engineers! The armada looks fantastic, congrats! Is the red ship for Patricia? She could perhaps need the umbrella to protect her skin. :slight_smile:
Love the dices :buttrock:


HA! Almost I hear the Wagner music from Apocalypse Now:scream:


Cool that you found a way to keep the engineers motivated:) After all, good crew is what you need for building that whole armada.

The new duck emblem looks good.

Keep it up Mark, can’ t wait to see how Patricia turns out…:thumbsup:


I like your style! nice to see a completely different take on things! After all these competitions really benefit ourselves (hopefully) so its nice to see a piece that your pleased with too!


hahaha, priceless design! love your work! :scream::buttrock::beer:


Many thanks Sabrina. I sure hadn’t forgotten Patricia - she makes her appearance right after this post. You’ll also notice why I didn’t paid too much attention to her clothes! She’s mostly hidden inside the 2-seater - travelling Business Class of course.

Cheers Gunilla. Yes I’m very relieved to have the engineers back. I was worried that without a team of high-powered engineers working around the clock I could end up with spaceships that didn’t look realistic.

Thanks! Yes that’s the effect I’m aiming for. Haha!

Cheers. Glad you like the duck. I still might give it a bit more attitude

Thank you. Yes, outer space is big enough for lots of illustration styles, I reckon

Many thanks!


This should reveal why Patricia’s clothes didn’t get a lot of attention - she’s mostly inside the spaceship. She’s managed to score a really good seat - Business Class. Experienced visitors to this thread will understand why that’s such a big deal - and she has the important responsibility of watching the speedometer. After all, she’s a real expert with numbers


sweet :slight_smile: well only thing i’d suggest is try slightly more almondshaped eyes on her to get that cateyes characteristics of her in a bit :slight_smile: great work on the shaders by the way :slight_smile:
keep on rocking! :beer::buttrock::wip:


hah:) … so nice its going…i like it.
its completely different from other works and this is why i love it.
Wish you the best


Splendid progress Mark!:thumbsup:
Sorry, but I was a little bit busy there fore while and had problems finding the time to participate in your wonderful journey to the potato and beyond.
Must have my secretary set of some quality time fore me, with this challenge in the future.:wise:

    And I’m so glad the engineer team is back again.

Maybe you should pay them more then penults in the future

You cold throw in a banana a month ore so. A bit of good will from the management is always welcome with the employees.

    I see fantastic new ships has left your production line lately. My favourite is the green one in the back.

Looks like the perfect way to see the stars in a ship like that.
And really genius cockpit lighting.

Patricia looks wonderful both in 2D and 3D! 

  Though I’m not entirely convinced she’s so happy with her seat.

By the look on her face I’d say she is sitting quite uncomfortable!

Keep up the good work Mark:bounce:


really beautiful work, mark! love how you’ve done their hair, and such cute designs of the ships! really nice work!


Hi Mark…

ah, and now if nearly missed the appearance of the main actress:scream: …not much to say, only: splendid, love how you make your characters:thumbsup: …and I agree with Per about her expression, maybe the seat is really not so comfortable like your engineers have told you:D …



Thank you. I’ll definitely have another look at the eyes. I’ve been trying to translate my cartoon style into 3D and my 2D style has very round eyes, but I’m aware of how that can look strange. A compromise might be needed here. Thanks for your suggestion

Thank you very much. I’m not expecting any awards with the approach I’m taking, but this is an illustration thing that I wanted to try out. It was a cool challenge and a cool forum so I thought, why not?

Hey Per, thanks matey. I hope your crazy workload isn’t wearing you down. Your thread was off to such a great start and I’m dying to see what you can come up with next. I’ll take your suggestion on board with increasing the engineers’ pay, but you know, the 5 peanuts each they are currently getting is already way over budget. Still, quality costs extra and I want nothing but the best here. But to throw in a banana might be too much. In Australia we got hit by a bad cyclone that wiped out most of our best banana growing areas and banana prices are still high over here.

Hey John, it’s great that impending fatherhood has not preventing you from dropping by. Thanks for the nice words mate

Thanks Sabrina. Well, if you AND Per think that way then I’ll just have to take another look at Patricia’s seating arrangements. If I find the slightest thing wrong then I have no choice but to fire some engineers. Yes I know that might sound tough but Patricia is important to the story. We need her to get to the Stone refreshed so she can figure out all that space-time stuff


I was pleased with my innocent bystander but figured he looked lonely. Once again showing an appalling lack of respect for plutonium-powered devices this guy has strung up his hammock for a grand and comfortable view of the armada


Oh yes! This little bystander will match the other perfectly! So relaxed and sweet - he could almost be lying there blowing bubbles.
Your Patricia is very convincing too. I disagree with Per and Sabie on this - to me her expression doesn’t reveal discomfort with the seat but rather focused attention on the important task laying ahead. Excellent :thumbsup:


Splendid Mark! It’s great to follow a creative mind in action.


Hey Mark,

ah, a great way to start in the Monday morning…discovering your latest creation:D , just splendid! I really love this little guy, a perfect completion for the other bystander:thumbsup: ! Be careful, they are so good that they might take away the attention from the armada…
Keep this wonderful updates coming:) …



Hmmm, maybe somebody in coach is copping a feel?

Great job on all the new parts. Those aliens are so stylin. Intergalatic lay-abouts! LOL


Thanks Gunilla. I love your idea about him blowing bubbles. That might just happen. With a nose like his I’m thinking a few bubbles might almost be inevitable

Thank you so much Steve. Although I must give credit to my engineering team and construction team, design team, design manager, project managers, vanilla slice supplier and consultants :wink:

Thank you Sabrina. You are absolutely right about the little guys taking over the scene. I mean, you stick one in and before you know it all his mates have joined him and they’re jumping up and down waving madly at the camera. It’s like a television crew trying to film an interview when there are kids in the background. Just try getting them to sit still - it can’t be done. So I’m taking your good advice on board and will be running strict controls on the alien populations.

Cheers Soapy. I’ll have to look into that possible transgression you refer to. If Patricia has been harassed in any way there will be hell to pay. This is a family forum